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And Then There Were Three

Change is slow, but it can happen.

The next morning Liberty’s mother arrived, bereaved by what little information she had of her daughters trials, but too happy to see she was alive, she embrace both her daughter and, though reluctantly, her new husband.

The day was spent celebrating the newly wed couple in their private apartment, which was in a new building Aric had chosen to be his seat of power.

Plans were already in motion to dismantle his father’s tower of pain and raise it to the ground.

Henry was granted permission to turn Alfie and a ceremony was held for them not long after his love awoke into his new life.

Two days after their impromptu wedding ceremony a notice was sent out officially announcing the new Lord and Lady of the Northwest Territory.

While some of the lesser lords agreed with Lady Leanor that a former human was not a proper wife for a High Lord, they’d heard of Aric’s actions that led to the death of his father and chose to keep their opinions to themselves.

After Lady Leanor decided having some contact, and thereby influence, with her children was better than being exiled again, she made the appropriate apologies to both Aric and Liberty.

Emily returned to rule in Moses Lake claiming that the newly wed couples were starting to make her feel sick, but they all knew she missed her lover. In time, she too asked for and was granted permission to turn him.

Three months into their reign, Liberty fell ill only to discover she was expecting her first child.

Aric was overjoyed at the news, but Liberty simply sobbed.

“What if...” she sniffed, looking at her husband with fear clouded eyes.

“This child is yours and mine,” Aric told her, “it couldn’t have happened until after you were turned, and by then my father was dead.

"We will rise him or her to be just as strong and compassionate as its mother.”

“And as kind and caring as its father,” Liberty added, hope blooming once more in her heart.

Over time both vampires and humans grew to accept and revere the new Lord and Lady as their changes were open, honest and fair in comparison to how Lord Lothaire and his ilk had run things.

The Northwest Territory thrived under their care and soon so did their son.

True to their vows, they raised Henry to be strong and caring, knowing that one day he would learn of their story and find out what it had taken for a vampire prince and a human woman to find each other in a world much different from the one he was raised in.

Until then, the young lord was loved by his mother and father who never forgot their promises to each other.

As the story comes to a close my dear readers, you'll be happy to know that Aric is up to three thousand and forty-eight happy moments of his promise.

The End

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