The Alpha King's Daughter

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My stomach dropped when each of the men came forward, and I could see the gleam of gunmetal in their hands.

I felt like time slowed just for a moment and I wondered what my Dad was doing. I wondered what he would think when I never came home that night.

A small scream left my lips when the backdoor to the club slammed open with a loud bang. The metal door crashed against the bricks of the building at the force.

Viktor ran out of the club, his golden eyes searching his surroundings rapidly.

"Just in time." Aela sounded relieved.

He locked eyes with me and the aura radiating from him made me shrink closer to the chain link fence. He was beyond furious.

"That's not normal." Aela was stunned, even she could feel the power rolling from him.

He leaped forward and grabbed me by the wrist, his leather gloves scorched my ice cold skin. I stumbled as he yanked me behind him and faced the men coming our way.

I was sure they could feel the aura of power radiating off of him. I wasn't sure if they were human's or rogues, but judging from the gun's they seemed human.

They hesitated for a moment, glancing between eachother and Viktor's towering figure.

They must have not been very smart, as they continued coming forward.

"Viktor." His name left my lips in a scared whimper. I wasn't only scared for my safety, I worried about his as well. In a motion that was calculated and slow, Viktor removed the leather gloves that he constantly wore. He flexed his fingers, eyeing up his targets.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion as the men stepped forward and one began to raise his gun.

Viktor moved faster than any Lycan I had ever seen. In an instant he was in front of the man who had lifted his gun. Viktor grabbed the man's arm just as a shot rang out into the night.

"What the fuck?" Aela sounded stunned, "How did he move so fast?"

I stood, gaping at the man who had been hired as my body guard.

The man's gun was pointed to the sky as Viktor snapped the bone in his arm with one hand. The crack of bone breaking was as loud as the bullet that pierced the air.

Things seemed to happen all at once. The man with the broken arm opened his mouth to scream, but Viktor was much faster. His claws raked across the mans throat, spewing blood like a busted pipe.

One man down.

The other men rushed forward, guns drawn and raised.

I kept myself flush against the chain link fence and gaped in horror as I stared down the barrel of a gun.

Viktor spun on his toes and grabbed the other man with one arm. He yanked the man's arm behind his back, and the gun clattered to the ground. Viktor wasted no time toying with his victims. He looked like a blunt instrument with deadly consequences.

While one man had his arm twisted behind his back, Viktor used his other hand to grab another man by the throat and kicked in the back of his leg. Another sickening crack echoed down the poorly lit alley, and another throat was torn out. Viktor dropped the dying man like trash and ripped the others throat out as well.

Three men down.

I watched in horror and wondered where the hell my Dad found this man. I had been through training for an entire year and had never seen someone fight with the ferocity Viktor had. He not only fought for my life, he enjoyed the kill. His face was an emotionless mask, but I could see and feel the fire burning deep in his eyes.

I had seen countless Lycan's fight over the years, and each followed a specific technique or used certain moves. Viktor was different. He had an animalistic way of killing that was foreign even for Lycan's. He followed no rules, no style, no technique. He used brute strength and speed to end his victim's life in the most painful way possible.

Even with all of these facts in mind; Why did I still feel safe around him?

was it because his god-like looks lulled me into a false sense of security, or maybe because I trusted my Dad's decision completely.

Viktor turned to the last man who was much smaller than his companions. This man was smarter than his friends. He turned to run, but he had waited a moment too late. Viktor grabbed the man by the back of his neck and slammed him to the ground.

I wanted to turn my head. I really did, but my eyes were glued to the man lying on the ground. His eyes seemed to glow in the moonlight as the inevitability of his death dawned on him.

It wasn't the blood I hated, nor the gore of killing. What I hated the most about death was the look in the victim's eyes when realization set in. No one truly accepts the end of their life, not until their staring it in the face. The realization that crosses their vision is both astounding and heartbreaking. The moment they truly understand life as they know it is over.

Viktor shoved his claws into the man's chest with a sickening tearing sound and ripped his heart from his chest. My eyes were locked on the bloody organ as Viktor crushed it in his hand and threw it to the ground.

Four men down.

"He doesn't even look like he tried that hard." Aela pointed out. She wasn't as stunned by death as I was.

I sucked in a sharp breath, and I hadn't realized I had been holding it this entire time.

I stared at Viktor's profile, unsure what to say and feel. I should be petrified right now, I should be scarred from seeing four men brutally murdered. The fact that they had come here to kill me didn't change a thing.

Viktor wiped the fresh blood from his hands on one of the men's shirt, and slipped his leather gloves back on.

I stood motionless as Viktor turned to me. His eyes were still blazing, but there was a certain cautiousness to the way he looked at me. Like a lion watching a startled deer.

He approached me slowly, and I watched his every move. His eyes still had small golden flecks swirling within them, and his hair had some splatters of blood within it.

As much as I wanted to take a step back and run away, I couldn't. Something in his gaze rooted me to the spot and filled me with a strange sense of safely.

I could feel myself slipping, and I desperately didn't want to break down in tears. More was expected of me, and I was determined to hold myself together.

Viktor was only a few feet away from me now, and I felt myself move forward. Flashes of blood and lifeless eyes ran through my head as I collided with Viktors chest.

I wasn't thinking about his aversion to being touched, I didn't care in that moment. I just needed some form of comfort, of security to get me through these next few moments.

I felt my face slam into his chest, and I wrapped my arms around him for dear life. The itchy fabric of his long sleeve shirt rubbed against my skin, and I could feel the sticky blood that had seeped into his clothes. The smell of fresh blood stung my nose, but Viktor's scent was also mingled in the putrid smell.

"This feels nice." Aela murmured, "And strangely familiar."

I wasn't sure what to expect as I clung to Viktor, and I visibly jumped as his large arms came gently around my back.

Viktor stood silently, his clothed arms resting against my back as I took the time I needed to compose myself. A few deep breaths of his scent and the warmth from his body eased the fear that I had been feeling. I wasn't afraid anymore, but I was completely exhausted.

I pulled away from Viktor and let out a shaky sigh. I couldn't stop my eyes as they ran over the four dead men in the alley.

"Don't look at them, Arabella." Aela murmured.

"Don't look." Viktor spoke, his voice deep and rough. I felt myself shiver, only this time it wasn't from the cold. He stepped in front of my line of sight and blocked the dead bodies from my view.

"They aren't the first dead body I've seen." The words came from my lips before I could think them through. I was surprised at how strong my voice sounded, almost like an Alpha. There was sadness in my voice, but also longing and a strange sense of conviction.

My eyes met Viktor's and I didn't argue when his gloved hand grasped my arm and led me down the alley. He turned his body, blocking any view of the dead men I may have. If only he knew the damage had been done. I had seen each of their eyes, and the light that had left them.

Call me soft hearted, or needlessly kind, but death wasn't something I relished in. Death was a necessity when ruling a Kingdom, but a ruler never enjoyed death.

"Viktor seems to enjoy it." Aela's voice was quiet in my head. She too was lost in her own thoughts.

Viktor walked me out onto the main road and pulled out a cellphone. After sending a quick text, his gaze returned to my own. I could feel his eyes searching me, looking for any traces of something but apparently coming up short.

I had become much too skilled at shoving all the bad stuff deep down. The only problem with that is the bad stuff returned in the form of nightmares.

A darkened car pulled up next to us and I jumped as the driver's window came down. Viktor's eyes never left my own, and something flashed in their depths as he registered my fear.

The man in the driver's seat said something to Viktor in a language I didn't understand. Something short. The words were very guttural and strange, reminding me of Viktor's hint of an accent.

Viktor opened the back door for me and motioned for me to get in.

A familiar face flashed in my mind and I felt disgusting. How could I have not thought of her?

"Caroline! We need to go back for Caroline!" The words left my lips in a rush, and my eyes scanned the street wildly.

"Arabella, we need to leave. There could be more of them." Aela tried to sooth me, but I blocked her out.

Viktor shook his head 'No', but I wasn't listening. My eyes were locked on Caroline's car sitting down the street, right out front of the club. It was in the same spot we had parked in when we arrived.

My feet ran forward on their own and I was yanked off the ground.

Viktor had his gloved hands wrapped around my biceps and held me back.

"What are you doing?" I yelled at him, fighting against his iron grip on me. "Let me go, Viktor!"

"Stop fighting him, Bella! More could be on their way." Aela growled.

I kicked my legs as he walked back to the car, and my chest was heaving.

"We can't just leave her!" I screamed. "She could be hurt!"

Viktor showed no sign of remorse as he forced me into the vehicle and climbed in the other side.

I clawed at the door handle like a child, letting out an angry screech as it wouldn't open.

"Go." Viktor snapped at the driver, his accent sounded much more prominent when he was pissed.

I couldn't care less at the moment. I had gone from comforted to absolutely pissed off and afraid.

This was probably one of my biggest problems, the loyalty I felt towards the people I loved. There were no lengths I wouldn't go to for them. Caroline was one of those people. As annoying and self absorbed as she can be, she was family.

I was rigid and cold the entire drive. My hands were clasped tightly over my mouth and I refused to look at Viktor.

I gnawed on the inside of my cheek, on my tongue, on my lip. Anything to keep the tears from falling. I refused to cry in front of Viktor or anyone else. I was stubborn that way.

Crying around other's had always made me feel uncomfortable, something I received from my Dad.

I had no idea we made it home until Viktor set a black jacket in my lap. I looked down at it in confusion, but understanding rushed through me when Viktor pointed to my exposed skin. He wasn't worried about the dress I was wearing, but the fact that I was covered in dry blood. There was no way that would go unnoticed. I slipped the jacket on and zipped it up, thankful it was many sizes too big.

We stepped from the car and Viktor gave the driver a curt nod before he took off. The jacket hung much lower than my dress, but provided no warmth against my cold skin. I felt completely numb with fear and worry.

I was lucky to make it to my bedroom without having to talk to anyone. It was almost midnight and most of the servants had already gone home for the night.

Viktor stood in my room silently as I slipped the large jacket from my body. I could feel his eyes on me, but I was too pissed off to look at him.

I jumped and a startled squeak left my lips as I heard the ringtone on my phone go off. Completely forgetting about my phone that had been stuffed in the only pocket of the dress.

Caroline's name glowed brightly on the phone and I fumbled to answer the call.

"Caroline?" My voice came out in a rush, "Caroline can you hear me?"

"Arabella? Thank goddess you're okay!" Caroline's voice emerged from the phone and I felt relief flood through me. The connection wasn't too good, and her voice sounded clipped and filled with static, but that didn't matter. Caroline was alive.

"Where are you? What happened?" I asked in a rush, refusing to take a breath.

"Someone pulled me from the floor and drug me out the front doors. I'm safe, Arabella." Her voice cut in and out, but I could make out what she said. I let out a long sigh of relief and felt my legs give out. My bottom landed on the soft material of my bed.

"What the hell happened, Caroline?" I sighed.

"I don't know, Arabella. I was talking to these guys and they knew I hung around you a lot. Somehow they saw you. Even with the mask on, they knew who you were." Caroline sounded shaky, "On the bright side, the guy who saved me is super cute."

"Now is not the time for that, Caroline." I huffed, wondering how she could be her typical self so soon. "Don't tell anyone what happened or the fact that I was there. I need to be the one to tell Dad."

"You're actually going to tell him?" Caroline sounded afraid and shocked.

"I have to, Caroline!" I sputtered, "Someone tried to kill me. They came there looking for me."

"Okay, okay. I won't tell anyone." Caroline let out a shaky breath.

We finished the call and I turned my attention back to Viktor.

While I was relieved about Caroline being safe, I was still pissed at him. I understood that only I was his responsibility, but that didn't change the things I had seen tonight.

I stormed up to Viktor, my anger taking control. Aela retreated to the back of my mind, watching silently at the enormous tantrum I was about to have.

"What the fuck was that, Viktor?" I growled up at him. My body was trembling with every emotion I refused to process at this moment.

Viktor looked down at me, and I could see his black mask move as his lips twitched.

"What are you, Viktor?" I snapped, "Who are you?"

My anger felt like lava in my veins and actively worked to warm the chill that had settled in my bones.

His obsidian eyes watched me in silence, and he shook his head 'No'. I wasn't having any of that. While I knew he didn't respond to my anger, I didn't care.

I was scared, confused, angry, attracted, comforted, and traumatized. I didn't know where to begin and where to end.

"No normal Lycan fights like that." I growled, pressing my finger against his hard chest. I knew I was much shorter than him, but none of that mattered.

I growled, "I'll find out, Viktor. You think you can hide it but I will find out."

I felt my back slam against the wall as Viktor's covered face was inches from my own.

He glared down at me, his obsidian eyes flecked with gold. I glared back, trying to match his intensity. His gloved hands were on either side of my head.

"Arabella." His deep voice growled my name, and made me even more confused. The way my name sounded in his mouth, coupled by his slight accent was intoxicating. My rage mingled with excitement and longing, adding to my confusion. I didn't know whether to rip his mask off and kiss him, or threaten him some more. His dark eyes burned into my own, and I could see the flicker of something similar in his own eyes.

"Viktor." I growled back, silently challenging him. I was tired of always being kept in the dark. First my Uncle and my Dad, and now Viktor. I felt like a sheltered little school girl and not a future Alpha Queen. All I knew was Viktor had three choices right now.

1. Kiss me.

2. Tell me who the hell he was.

3. Leave me alone so I could figure it out myself.

We glared at eachother for what felt like minutes, having a silent argument that left neither of us satisfied. Viktor was the first to give in. He closed his eyes and let out a sharp sigh. When he opened his eyes, they were looking away from me. His hands dropped from the wall and he took a few steps back.

He made his decision.

I was on my own.

He gave me one last glance, that same flicker in the back of his eyes, before he turned and went into his room.

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