The Alpha King's Daughter

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I laid awake until one or two in the morning wrestling with my own nerves.

I was in a battle with myself on what I was about to do. My mind had been made up, but that didn't stop my conscience from arguing with me.

My idea was downright stupid, and if Viktor wasn't my bodyguard I was sure he'd end my life the second he found out what I did.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Aela asked me.

I rolled my eyes at her, "You were all for it hours ago."

"I'm still all for it. However, I'm not interested in dying yet. I refuse to let you die a virgin." Aela shook her head and I scoffed.

"I'm going through with this. Hopefully we live to tell the tale." I shrugged.

I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible, knowing his hearing could definitely extend to my room as well.

I tiptoed across my floor like my life depended on it. I was wearing nothing but a tank-top and a pair of panties, but I didn't want to risk throwing on some clothes this late in the night. Any little sound could be my downfall.

I gripped the handle of the adjoining door tightly, wincing at any little sound it made while I opened it.

My heart was beating erratically, and I felt an irrational fear that my heartbeat alone would wake him up.

I tried to stifle the excitement and fear that coursed through me. Aela was feeling the same way. Both of us were bursting at the seams with excitement yet completely soaked in fear.

I could just make out the Viktor sized lump on the giant bed and tiptoed over to it quietly. I somehow managed to make it across the entire room without making a single sound.

I stood a mere feet away looking down at Viktor. His body was facing my own, but the blanket was pulled up and around him tightly.

The excitement spread down my spine and nestled in between my legs. Gathering what courage I had left, I reached my shaking fingers out to grab the blanket that kept his face hidden from my own.

The second my fingers made contact with the blanket, a startled scream left my throat.

I was lifted as though I weighed nothing and flipped over so my back was on the bed.

I could see Viktor's dark figure looming over me, but I couldn't make out any features.

I kept completely still as his hand reached out and flicked the lamp on.

"Shit." Aela groaned, "You're on your own."

I felt her retreat into the back of my mind and I scoffed, "Gee thanks. Just remember, if I die so do you!"

Viktor had me pinned to the bed, his torso firmly between my legs. One of his gloved hands gripped both of mine above my head. I was completely trapped.

I let out a sound of frustration when I saw his mask firmly in place.

His hair was tousled from lying in the bed, but he looked incredible.

I let my eyes roam down to what he was wearing. His typical leather gloves, a long sleeve shirt, and a pair of slacks. A frown formed on my face when I realized he was fully dressed.

Some how he knew I was coming.

His dark eyes gazed down on me in absolute fury. I could see the golden specks floating around in his eyes as his wolf wanted to surface.

I was completely and utterly at a loss for words.

Before I could find the courage to say anything, Viktor's dark rage-filled eyes flickered down to my body.

My nipples had hardened and strained against the thin fabric of my tank-top, while the bottom of my shirt had risen up exposing my stomach. My thighs were completely exposed due to the pair of panties I had on. His torso rested in between my legs, giving him a good view of my covered pussy.

I had most definitely not come prepared.

As his eyes ravaged every part of my body they landed on, I could feel something else happening in between my legs. It first started out as warmth, but quickly began burning out of control under his gaze.

I watched, completely absorbed, as he lifted his gloved hand and let his finger trace down my neck.

I took in a sharp breath when his cold glove made contact with my flaming skin.

He let his finger trail down my neck slowly. There was no hesitation when his fingers ran over my hardened nipple. He grasped it in his fingers and squeezed gently, pulling it at the same time.

He alternated from squeezing and pulling my hardened nipple to taking my entire breast in his hand. In that moment all thoughts about finding my mate had left my mind. I wanted all of him, and I was willing to give all of myself in return.

His golden eyes were glued to what he was doing and I basked in the erotic sensations that traveled down my body under his touch.

I couldn't hold back the quiet moan that left my lips nor the way I pressed my breasts harder against his gloved hand.

I could feel pressure building in my pussy along with a wetness I had not anticipated.

My face ignited in flames as the scent of my arousal filled the room. I could tell when the scent hit Viktor, the gold in his eyes rushed to the surface, encompassing his entire iris.

A low growl erupted from his throat and I watched as he closed his eyes in concentration, his hand retreating from my sensitive nipples.

A huff of frustration, rejection, arousal and longing left my lips when his eyes opened and they were once again their typical obsidian color.

Using his abnormal speed, he climbed off of me and was across the room before I could process what happened.

I pulled myself off of his bed quietly. If I thought I was at a loss for words before, I was clueless.

The smell of my arousal filled the room and I silently cursed him for pulling away. If only he had known how far I was willing to let him go.

Something about Viktor taking control and using my body for his own pleasure nearly sent me over the edge.

Both Viktor and I were losing at my own game.

Viktor kept his eyes away from my body as I walked back to my own room. The thought of him being forced to smell my arousal sent a familiar smugness through me.

I retreated back to my room and flopped down on the bed with a frustrated groan.

The pressure still lingered in my pussy, and now it craved Viktor more than ever.

I laid on top of my comforter and slipped a hand into my damp panties, the image of Viktor immediately coming to mind.

I couldn't get his face, scent, or body from my mind as my finger ran the length of my dampened slit.

I brought some of the moisture up to my clit and began to rub in small circles.

I couldn't help the moan that escaped my parted lips as I pictured Viktor taking me in his own bed. Feeling particularly reckless, I let his name slip through my parted lips in a breathless moan.

The adjoining door slammed open and I nearly jumped from the bed.

I ripped my hand from my panties and stared in absolute shock as Viktor stood in the doorway.

His eyes were nearly gold, and he looked both tempted and fucking furious.

I hadn't given the fact that he could hear me a single thought. All I cared about was relieving the pressure building in my pussy. I wanted to feel his hands roam the length of my body, and I cared less whether he kept the gloves on or not.

I felt myself jump from the bed as he stomped towards me. I wasn't close enough nor fast enough to run into the bathroom.

He had me stranded against the far wall as he stopped up to me.

His gloved hands shoved me against the wall and another jolt of excitement erupted from in between my legs.

I should be scared. I should be absolutely terrified, but I wasn't. The ferocity in Viktor only made him more alluring and added to the wetness that seeped from my lips.

He had barged back into my room after obviously hearing me moan his name, and I refused to let him escape this time.

His fists were against the wall on either side of my head as he visibly fought his wolf's urges.

"Viktor." I let his name roll off my tongue slowly, refusing to let him resist the temptation, "Please."

I watched with peaked interest as his eyes closed, and a low growl rumbled in his chest.

"Your father." Those were the only two words that left his covered lips. His deep voice coupled with the slight accept only added to the irresistable arousal that was washing over me.

All common sense had left me, and I let my palm rest against his chest. Even through the long sleeve shirt, I could feel how hard and chiseled he was.

"Who cares what he thinks." I practically purred. I could feel the wetness seeping through my panties and the throb that echoed through my pussy, begging to be satiated.

Viktor's growl emerged from his covered mouth, loud and demanding. I felt a shiver run through me as I gazed at him with lust clouded eyes.

"What would he think if I fucked his little tease of a daughter?" The first real sentence I heard came from Viktor. His accent was much more prominent giving his deep voice a rough guttural sound.

I could feel his control waver and I decided to say something that I knew would send him over.

"Why don't you fuck me and we can find out." I put all of the allure and desire I could into my words. I wanted him to know how badly I craved his touch.

I lifted my hand and wrapped it around his gloved wrist. I was shocked when he didn't resist.

I placed his hand against my breast and pushed it hard against me.

With a feral growl, he slammed me against the wall again. And with blinding speed he trapped both of my hands above my head with one of his own.

The obsidian in his gaze was completely over taken with violently bright shades of gold.

His eyes and hand attacked my covered breasts greedily, and I moaned under his touch.

I squirmed my hips as his gloved hand traveled down my stomach.

He let his finger press against my clit through my underwear and I grounded myself against it.

His golden eyes were focused on my face when his hand slipped my underwear to the side.

He rubbed the length of my slit, glancing down at the wetness present on his gloves.

Another guttural growl tore through him and he slipped a finger inside of me. He gave me no time to adjust as he began thrusting his finger in and out of my pussy.

Wet sounds coupled with my breathless moans filled the room. His thumb rubbed circles on my damp clit and I threw my head back as the pressure began to build.

"Look at me." He growled. I turned my eyes to his own and let him watch as he brought me closer to the edge.

His tousled hair looked delectable, and my fingers twitched under his grasp. I wanted to thread my fingers through his hair while I rode out my orgasm on his fingers.

His thumb quickened it's pace and I stared into his eyes as another moan ripped through me. Pain and pleasure mixed as his finger slammed in and out of me. Each sensation mixed until I was feeling something completely new.

The pressure in my pussy finally reached it's breaking point and I grounded myself against his hand as my orgasm rocked me. His eyes hadn't left my own the entire time, and I watched him relish in what he could do to my willing body.

My legs felt like jello once I had finished, and his glove was slick with my juices.

Just as my legs wobbled, I felt his gloved hand's grasp my waist and lift me. I didn't argue as he set me down on the bed and pulled the covers back.

Viktor turned to leave my room, but gave me one last glance. Whatever I caught flickering in his gaze seemed much closer, almost within reach.

I had clearly given him the signal to take my virginity and body for his own, and yet he refused. He pleasured me, put me in bed and simply left. I couldn't understand the thoughts behind his actions. I laid in bed until early morning, wondering what the hell I let happen. And most importantly, why I was more than willing to let it happen again.

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