The Alpha King's Daughter

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One Year Ago

I was traveling through the kingdom undetected when I first set eyes on her.

My profession, if you would call it that, had me traveling the world many times over.

She was my latest mark.

I hid in brush of the forest, camouflaged by it's density.

Her green eyes were wide with innocence and joy.

What kind of monster would put out a hit on a child?

I reminded myself, this wasn't any ordinary child.

This was the sole child of Damon and Lilliana Adair.

The innocent, green eyed beauty with a large bounty on her head would someday rule the largest Lycan Kingdom in existence.

Unless I finished the job I was hired to complete.

"A very rich monster." My wolf Hades, reminded me.

Her green eyes sparkled under the bright afternoon sun, her plush lips turning up in a smile as she gazed at a woman nearly identical to herself.

The woman was clearly her mother, sporting the same raven hair and emerald eyes.

The two of them talked to one another, small giggles leaving their lips.

The young girl was oblivious to her surroundings. Danger had most likely never crossed her innocent mind before.

It felt almost a shame to end the life of someone so innocent.

"Innocence does not last long in this world." Hades growled, "Nonetheless, there is something different about the child."

I remained absolutely still, my eyes roaming the little princess I had been paid to kill.

She held the same beauty all Royal's seemed to possess. Her emerald eyes and raven hair stood out against her porcelain skin.

In my experience, only those rotten inside were given outward beauty. A mask to cover the rotten, festering mess their soul had become.

Was this child rotten? Perhaps I was simply taken back by the sheer beauty she possessed.

"You know that isn't the case." Hades murmured, "Innocent or not, she must die."

I had long ago shed the last of my remorse for any of my targets. Human's and Lycan's were nearly the same in my eyes. Both had crimson blood, and neither wanted to die.

My inner turmoil was paused when a set of emerald eyes gazed into the forest, directly where I was standing.

The teenage girl continued talking to her mother, but the mother's eyes were on me.

I knew she could not see me, that I was confident. Something had pulled her eyes to the forest. Her curiosity would soon be snuffed out along with her daughter's life.

"Go and find your father for me, Arabella." The woman smiled down at her daughter, nudging her shoulder patiently.

I ground my teeth together in annoyance.

"I know you're out there." The woman turned her full attention to the place I stood, "I can feel you watching us."

I stood frozen in place. As much as I wanted to move, the woman's green eyes captivated me. An exact replica of her eyes were present on her daughter.

"Come out now, and no harm will come to you." The woman's voice was strong and fearless. I wondered if her daughter held those qualities.

If only she knew my reason for being here.

"How?" Hades murmured, "She can't see us."

"Let us indulge her." I replied, feeling Hade's caution.

I stepped from my place in the forest, stepping into the light as the woman with emerald eyes gazed at my revealed form.

The woman met my eyes and gazed at me with an intensity only a mother could have.

I watched as confusion and caution painted her features. So long I had been used to the gazes of lust, desire, and even terror. This was something new.

"What is your reason for being here?" The woman's emerald eyes narrowed, and for a moment I was blasted into a memory.


It had been an extremely long day. One of the longest I've had in quite some time.

I had just finished taking care of a very wealthy politician. The old man held such terror and confusion on his face.

The old man had come to terms with his death, but he refused to die ignorant of who paid for his death.

"Your son gives you his regards."

Realization flashed in his glassy eyes before I pulled the trigger.

Gun's were a human's weapon, but they were useful at times.

The young man had paid for his own father's death. The son had fell into hard times, and owed one of the largest gangs a great deal of money.

The son's choice was simple.

His life, or his father's.

I was not as experienced in my profession as I am now.

It had taken me much too long to see that the gang had taken an interest in me and my services.

"I am not a guard dog." I growled at the large Italian man.

He sat at a large desk, his eyes glassy as though he were already dead.

I left the man's office, not giving thought to the fact that I could have been followed.

That night there was an attempt on my life. To say I enjoyed my next move would be a great understatement.

I slaughtered the three gang members that had followed me, and retraced my steps back to the leader.

It was far too easy to kill off the leader's posted guards, to tear their throats out with my bare hands.

The thrill of the fight was intoxicating, and I lived for the hunt. I could hear the leader scrambling in his office, knowing he had finally picked the one fight he would lose.

Once the leader had died at my hands, I went back for the politician's son.

Unfortunately I wouldn't get paid if I murdered the son but I didn't care.

I felt as though it was simply justice.

The ignorant little human was born into luxury, blessed with the gift of a caring father.

He paid for his own blood's life, and he too would pay with his own.

His father had died with honor, but his son died like a pussy.

Tears fell from the son's face as he begged for his life. It was humorous how he pleaded with a monster, begging to stir some form of compassion within me.

I let the son die slowly, painfully.

After spending the rest of the day covering my tracks and cleaning up the mess, I was in need of a strong drink.

I hopped in my car and sped from town, eager to leave this shitty city behind me.

I stopped driving when the sun retreated into the clouds, and the brilliant moon had risen to take it's place.

I found myself entering one of the local pubs, ordering bottle of my favorite brand of Whiskey.

"How in the hell are you going to pay for that?" Hades growled, "You killed the person who was supposed to pay us."

I rolled my eyes at my angry wolf, "I have money."

"Enough for the bottle and one night at a hotel, what next?" Hades growled.

"We find a new target." I replied, unbothered.

Hade's was simply looking to pick a fight. He had enjoyed the hunt and kill just as much as I had. If I was a monster, that made him one as well.

I pulled out a cellphone from my jacket, deciding to destroy it once I was finished with the call.

He picked up the phone after one ring.

"Thanatos, you are calling late." The grisly voice with a thick accent spoke first.

Thanatos was what my employers had named me. They felt it good for my image. Fuck my image.

"I need another job." I kept my words clipped. You never know who could be listening.

While my eyes were locked on the amber liquid in my glass, my ears were scanning the deserted bar.

"We just gave you a job." The gruff man replied.

A low growl rumbled through my chest as I took another drink, "The pussy is dead. He double crossed me."

I lied, but my profession was built on lies.

There was silence on the other end for a few moments and I waited patiently. Patience was something I had quickly learned with this job. If you wanted something done, patience could be your savior or downfall.

"I have something." The gruff voice was serious, laced with curiosity and caution.

"Give it to me." I snapped.

"The employer wishes to meet in person." The gruff man replied, "Can you be in Molai tomorrow night?"

"I'll be there." I nodded.

Another pause. "When you get to Molai, go to Spike. He will be there at midnight."

The call was ended abruptly. Admittedly, the case caught my attention.

I found myself in Molai quickly. A flight and a long car ride later, I was standing in front of "Spike".

"Spike" was one of those older bars, placed in the worst part of the city.

Very few human's were out tonight. Those that were out, lingered and slumped against the brick buildings down the road. Drugs had become a big thing with humans. Lycan's did not have that affliction.

I pulled the hood of my long coat over my head. My identity was something I kept to myself. Any Lycan of influence would easily recognize the birthmark that stained my neck.

A symbol.

I entered the bar and noticed it completely empty. There wasn't a single employee in sight.

"This is either a trap, or a very rich employer." Hades grumbled, scanning the room.

A figure shrouded in black sat at the very back of the bar. I could feel a set of eyes on me, but couldn't make out any noticeable features.

"You are Thanatos." The hooded figure in the back of the bar called out.

It was a man. A man plagued with anger.

"Yes." I kept my words to a minimum.

"I hear you are good at what you do." The man sounded as though he were talking to himself. "There is someone I need taken out of the picture."

"How much?" I asked.

The man paused, "One hundred million."

This caught the attention of both Hades and I. It wasn't the money that called to us.

Whose life was worth this much?

Someone extremely important. The most important target I have ever had.

"Name them." I nodded.

The hooded figure hesitated for a moment, as if debating on sealing his victim's fate.

"Arabella Adair." The name rolled from the man's mouth. A cesspool of emotions spewed from the hooded figure's mouth along with that famous name.

I was ignorant as to who Arabella was. However, only an ignorant fool wouldn't know the name 'Adair'.

The Royal family Adair had ruled for hundreds of years, securing the largest and strongest Kingdom the world has ever seen.

"With patience and timing, we can do this." Hades was confident in my head, and I agreed.

With that much money, we could simply disappear. Vanish from sight.

"Deal." I nodded, turning my back as I planned to leave the bar.

"Wait." The hooded figure called out, "I'll add another fifty million if you can do something else for me."

I froze in place.

"Name it." I snapped.

"If you see a golden necklace, fashioned to look like branches, take it." The man's voice grew raspy. "It has a single emerald hanging from the middle."

"A necklace?" I couldn't help but inquire. Quite a lot of money for a necklace.

"It is important. As is the person I've named." The man replied.

"I will contact you through Dispatch when the job is done." I repeated the line I have hundreds of times, and left the bar.

End Flashback

The raven haired woman gazed at me quietly, her eyes narrowing.

There was no way I could tell her I was hired to kill her daughter. Better branded a spy than an assassin.

"I am watching." I held my accent from my words. The raven haired woman held knowledge in her eyes. I was sure she would discover my identity.

The woman's emerald eyes flickered over my form, then flickered back to where her daughter had run off.

Intrigue and curiosity rushed through me as I watched her lift a delicate hand to the golden necklace she was wearing.

A necklace fashioned to look like branches, with a single emerald hanging from the center.

Her green eyes widened with some silent knowledge as her gaze flickered from me to the spot her daughter once stood at.

"Leave now, and I'll tell none you were here." She demanded, her hand still placed on the golden necklace.

Her voice was free of fear, but held strong with Royal blood and a mother's love.

"We will not get a second chance." Hades murmured in my head, but he too was at an impasse.

Something was different about this child. Something that caused even I to halt in my tracks.

I turned to leave, heading back into the forest when the woman's words solidified my decision.

"Goodbye, Viktor." The woman's words were quiet as she gazed at the forest I had walked into.
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