The Alpha King's Daughter

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By some stroke of insanity or luck, the Alpha King hired me on as his daughter's body guard.

To say I was torn would be an understatement.

I had been hired and lured into killing the little Princess due to the large bounty on her head, only to find out the little thing is my mate.

Her father, the world renowned Alpha King, knowingly hired his daughter's hired assassin as her body guard.

Either the Alpha King was much smarter (or ignorant) than I anticipated, or he truly put that much stock in the power of the mate-bond.

My internal turmoil had ended once I locked eyes with the little green eyed Princess.

I had met the Alpha King early in the morning, and he escorted me to her bedroom.

"Do not leave her alone even for a moment." The Alpha King told me sternly.

The black mask on my face was rather irritating, but preferable to the alternative. My identity was one that needed to stay in the dark, lest I wanted to be sucked back into the malicious game the Royal's enjoyed playing.

The Alpha King knocked on his daughter's bedroom door and opened it when a light, "Come in" sounded from the other side.

The voice was soft and whimsical. Without needing to be told, I knew it was the voice of the emerald eyed Princess.

She was laying on her bed, a book sprawled out before her. Her raven hair ran down her shoulder like a sea of obsidian silk.

I watched in enamored silence as her small nose twitched, undoubtedly registering the foreign scent in the room.

Her head lifted and her eyes locked with her father, nearly stopping my heart in the process.

It had been quite some time since I looked into her entrancing eyes. Like two rounded emeralds, they glistened with innocence and intelligence.

I kept my gaze absent of emotion as her glistening eyes trailed over me stubbornly.

After some words between her and her father, the Alpha King left to attend to business.

Her sweet scent filled the room. A cacophony of creamy vanilla swirled around in my brain. What I thought was a simple scent battered me with it's complexity. Warm notes of vanilla mixed with creamy sweetness was nearly irresistable.

My past had made me an expert at hiding my emotions, and this time was no different.

"So, are you unable to speak?" Her soft voice was tinged with curiosity.

I pursed my lips, debating on whether or not I should answer.

"No." The word fell from my lips on it's own.

"Are you a warrior?" She mused, her eyes swimming with unspoken curiosity.

"No." My lips twitched.

Life would have been much simpler for the two of us if I had been a mere warrior.

"Is that all you can say? No?" Her voice had lost that curious edge and now was tinged with irritation.

"No." I replied.

It was clear when the little Princess filled with agitation at my one worded answer.

I watched in silence as she approached me.

"She's a curious little thing, isn't she?" Hades sounded amused.

I growled, "Curiosity is dangerous for someone so innocent, especially when they are a Royal."

"You are correct." Hades sighed, "But she is quite intoxicating, isn't she?"

"Very much so." I murmured in agreement.

Hades and I watched in dumbfounded shock as her little hand reached for our face, a slight tremble taking over her fingers.

I could tell my speed surprised her as I wrapped my hand around her little wrist, "No." Fell from my mouth for the last time.

I let myself stare into her emerald eyes for just a moment, envisioning how things could have been if not tainted by our situation in life.

Once I had gotten my fill of the possibilities of a false life, I let her wrist go and watched as it fell lifelessly to her side.

I wondered if the little Princess was put out, already tired of her silent body guard.

If only I had known the torment this innocent Princess was capable of.

I had learned rather quickly that Princess Arabella had a wild side. Even then, her wild side was tainted by the air of innocence that surrounded her.

I found myself enamored with the little Princess as she stole a muffin from the kitchens.

"She is Princess, couldn't she simply take what she wanted?" Hades sounded confused.

I nodded, "She should, but this Kingdom is different. They are kind and respectful to those under them."

"Strange." Hades frowned, lost in thought.

It was humerus how Princess Arabella attempted to sneak around the kitchens. If things had been different, I might have showed her how to successfully go without being seen.

An older woman with skin the color of fresh espresso glanced at the little Princess, a smirk forming on her lips as she watched her take a muffin.

I couldn't hold back as my hand lifted and wiped the trace amount of chocolate from her porcelain face. The way her face flushed and turned pink reminded me of the blooming roses in their gardens. I imagined her skin as soft as one of the petals.

"She is turning us sentimental." Hades growled.

"Is this normal?" I frowned.

"I'm beginning to believe the Alpha King was right about the power of a mate-bond." Hades huffed, but he too was feeling attached to the little princess.

Once Princess Arabella finished her muffin, I met her golden eyed friend.

Staying silent and out of the way was part of the job, but that also allowed me access to many conversations.

Shannon, the golden eyed girl was called, seemed extremely close with the Princess.

While my instincts told me she was no threat, something about her intense gaze was unsettling.

"Afraid of a child." Hades scoffed.

I growled at the nerve of my wolf, "If you look closely there is no fear. Only a fool would miss the intelligence in her gaze."

My first day went as planned, only hitting a snag when the Princess wanted to go to a local coffee shop.

I couldn't contain the rage and jealousy of Hades as a young man approached our Princess.

Later on in the night, the little Princess was shaking with anger. She demanded to know why I had chased the boy away, a question I did not particularly want to answer.

Yet again she made an attempt on removing the mask that concealed my face.

I was forced to retreat before I said something I could not take back.

"Forced to retreat by a little girl." Hades growled.

I grimaced, "And what would you have me do?"

"You already know the answer to that." Hades growled, placing an image of the Princess under dressed and sighing beneath my touch.

I went to sleep that night dreaming of things that could never be. This Kingdom was already changing me. Into what, I was still unsure.

That night the sound of a gasp ripped me from my sleep. The smell of blood was quick to register in my mind and I acted without thinking.

A look of shock painted the Princess's face as I tore down the bathroom door that concealed her from me.

I worked meticulously to clean her bleeding foot, whilst ignoring the obvious lack of clothes she had on.

I left the bathroom so she could put some clothes on, holding back an intoxicated Hades the entire way.

Wolves were slaves to their urges, while the human side held more control.

That being said, I hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to hold the two of us back.

"Look down, Viktor." Her emerald eyes darkened teasingly.

An aura of power surrounded her, much like her father's. I could taste the dare on my tongue, sending Hades into a rampage.

For the first time in my life, I gave in.

My eyes trailed down her milky skin, lingering on her breasts and exposed thighs. The thin material of her tank top strained against her chest, begging to be pulled free.

The little Princess had won this round.

The next few weeks, things had gone rather smoothly.

Secrets and hidden meanings lingered in the air, even in a Kingdom as strong as this one.

The Princess was not as clueless as I had initially thought. She suspected and dug for the truth where she could.

While Shannon had proven herself helpful on multiple occasions, I held no fondness for her other friend.

The annoying little blonde, Caroline seemed to enjoy pushing the Princess's buttons.

Many times I would argue with Hades, who wanted nothing more than to toss the little girl by her hair.

Things had completely changed the night Princess Arabella decided to sneak into my room.

I had anticipated her decision, an adorable look of determination lingered on her face for most of the day. Her impatience to go to bed that night had given her away.

I laid in bed, completely prepared when my body acted on it's own.

I had flipped her over, and my willpower crumbled as I took in how under dressed she was.

The smell of her arousal knocked me to my senses. A torrent of indecision washed over me.

"She wants us." Hades growled, "Fully."

I knew what she wanted, and my desire soared to meet her own but something stopped me.

"She doesn't know anything about us." I murmured, "We cannot take advantage of her."

Hades disagreed completely, absolutely taken with the little Princess.

I had every intention of locking my door and going to sleep, but something stopped me. Something even I could not hold back.

"Viktor." My name was a breathless sigh of pleasure on her plush lips.

Hades had taken full control and not only did I let him, I also helped him.

"Viktor." She whimpered enticingly as I had her pressed against the wall, "Please."

Her soft plea, clouded with lust was nearly enough to make me lose all sense.

"Your father." I forced the words to fall from my lips.

I needed something, anything to keep me from taking the little Princess for myself. It was this moment that I had fully understood the power of the mate-bond. It was a never ending need for another being. A hunger for the flesh and soul.

"Who cares what he thinks." The little princess replied breathlessly, her cheeks tinged with pink as she eyed me hungrily.

"What would he think if I fucked his little tease of a daughter?" The words came out in a growl, saturated by the accent I had chosen to keep.

"Why don't you fuck me and we can find out." The words left her lips slowly.

Such vulgar words sounded strange coming from a mouth as sweet and innocent as hers.

The thought that only I would hear those words leave her lips, sent me spiraling.

Her small hand led my own to her full breasts, and I gave in greedily.

As my willpower disintegrated, I slammed her against the wall again and pinned her hands beneath one of my own.

My lips twitched under the itchy fabric of my mask, begging for a taste of her sweet skin.

I allowed my gloved hand to travel to the sweet spot between her legs. The urge to fall to my knees and taste her sweetness on my tongue was excruciating. I wanted nothing more than to see her unravel on my tongue as I brought her to the brink of pleasure.

I rubbed the length of her slit with my gloved fingers. The thick wetness on my glove allowed me to slide my finger in her pussy effortlessly.

I gave her no time to adjust as I thrust my finger inside of her mercilessly. My eyes remained locked on her ethereal face. Porcelain skin flushed pink under my touch as her lips parted and released breathless mews of pleasure. Pleasure I was bringing to the little Princess.

Her head fell back against the wall as she approached closer to her bliss.

"Look at me." I growled, determined to watch the ecstasy cross her flawless features.

Her emerald eyes burned into my own as her pleasure reached it's peak and she began to come undone.

I had done what I could to avoid the little Princess after that night.

Night after night my dreams would plague me with images and scenes of the little Princess.

Under her touch, something had snapped within me. An animalistic side I had suppressed for so long had come roaring to life. Every moment near the little thing had me fighting myself. The urge to tear her clothes from her body and fill her with my length consumed my waking thoughts.

Much too soon the little Princess's birthday had approached, and I began to fear what would happen when she turned eighteen.

She looked like an angel walking the earth in her emerald gown. The strange necklace her mother had worn graced her neck. Many times I could have sworn I heard the necklace buzzing, as though it hummed with life.

What could possibly change? Would she be devastated when she realized she hadn't found her mate? How long would it be until some mistake led her to discovering my identity?

The Princess's birthday gala was a fighting ground for the attention of the Princess.

Men clamored for her, at just a chance to touch her. One spark and their lives would be changed forever.

Hades and I fought relentlessly the entire time.

Each men brimming with hope angered the two of us. Halfway through the night, I was ready to murder each and every one of them.

The Royal families were another hurdle in its own.

Erik Hale, ruler to the fifth largest Kingdom in the world. Childhood friend of Princess Arabella's. This one I would allow to live. It was clear he held her trust and wanted the best for her.

Bryton Duboi, ruler to the fourth largest Kingdom. The Duboi family had always been filled with mindless twits, clamoring for a taste at true power.

August Halifax, ruler to the third largest Kingdom. August Halifax was not a dangerous man. The women in his family were merciless snakes. I was not sure I did August Halifax a favor by sparing his life.

Nikolai Aslanov, heir to the second largest Kingdom. The Aslanov family was the most dangerous in the world. Money, connections and an intense hatred for the Adair family was something they had an abundance of. The most hated and feared family in history held the title with glee.

Much to my surprise, Princess Arabella held her own against Nikolai Aslanov.

It was clear the little Princess was sending a message, that she is fully partaking in the game her Father had dismissed. She let it be known that she was in fact a player, and one to be weary of.

While Nikolai Aslanov surely saw right through her, she said something that threw him off of his game for just a moment.

"A pretty face, a pretty Kingdom. It's all the same, isn't it Nikolai?"

The sentence rolled from her lips as though she had lost control.

A look of surprise crossed Nikolai Aslanov's face, an emotion that had lasted a fraction of a second.

While many missed the flash of emotion; I did not.

Princess Arabella had just declared herself a player in the most dangerous game created.

It was clear the first move was made when every window in the ballroom shattered, and a masked man stepped through the debris.

At some point Arabella managed to slip past me, my attention directed on killing as many of the masked men as possible.

More men poured through the windows and I wondred how the hell they slipped past security. I wasn't entirely surprised, Royal's had a way of getting what they wanted.

I was forced to my knees by the leader, staring down the barrel of a gun.

I did not fear death. I had brought it on too many people to fear such a thing. Death was an inevitability that came with the life handed to me. Death was a reprieve, something I embraced.

However, I could not accept death's embrace without the little Princess knowing the truth.

I looked into a pair of familiar eyes. Rotten seaweed. Dull, poisonous green. Nothing like my little Princess's emerald eyes.

"Nikolay peredayet privet." (Nikolai sends his regards) Kresler grinned down at me.

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