The Alpha King's Daughter

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Finally I was back in bed. Viktor thoughtfully retreated to his own bedroom, leaving me alone and confused.

I had far too much to think about based on tonight's events alone.

One single fact was ever so present in my mind.

What happened the night of my birthday wasn't some spur of the moment coup.

It was calculated, planned, and well thought out.

A message had been sent when the men shattered the windows in the ballroom. The game had begun, and I was now a player.

One, people were after my necklace. They knew the power it held and wanted it for themselves. Knowing they could not rip it from my neck was comforting, but I wondered if that would still apply if I died. Could they remove the necklace from my dead body? I was beginning to suspect they could.

Two, there was a high chance I had been responsible for the deaths of ten men. Eleven if you counted the man August and I had taken down. For a moment, my mind briefly wandered back to August. I'd have to ask Dad how he was fairing. His mother and sister had creeped me out entirely. The necklace still had not made my ability known, but if I had killed those men, what did that mean for my ability? It was hard to believe my ability was for causing spontaneous death, yet what else could it be?

The confusion and stress only made me want comfort. For some reason the face of Viktor popped into my head when I thought of comfort and release. This fact only further confused me.

Why was it that I craved a man so badly when I had an intended mate out there?

Some small part of me wondered if my mate was better off without me. If my mate was out there leading a normal life, who was I to pull them away from that? No one deserved to be dragged into the pretentious game Royal's seem to enjoy playing.

I began to drift into sleep, thoughts of my future mate flitting through my mind coupled with images of Viktor's chiseled face.

I had been gently pulled from my sleep by the sensation of being watched. The hair on my body seemed to stand on end as I scanned my bedroom.

It was pitch black. My human eye sight made it impossible to discern any shapes within the darkness.

In an instant I felt something or someone crawl onto my bed.

My entire body froze, and my heart hammered rapidly. I wondered if this was what it felt like to be in a horror movie. I couldn't see a thing, and my options were limited.

I could try and reach for the lamp on my bedside table, but what if the thing was faster?

A scream bubbled in my throat, threatening to emerge when whatever it was leaped on top of me.

The scream that had been building was a second away from escaping my lips, alerting Viktor to what was happening.

A large hand clamped over my lips, and my entire body went rigid at the strange and incredible sensation running through me.


Whoever this was, they were my mate.

While my mind races a million miles per hour, I couldn't begin to imagine the identity of my mate. I was simply frozen and enamored that they were here.

The sparks ran through my face, and I was instantly comforted by their presence. Any fear I had felt had completely evaporated.

I reached out with my senses and nearly cried out in frustration.

I couldn't smell a thing. My mate simply smelled like a man. Aela shifted in her sleep and sighed comfortably in the presence of her mate.

I could hear the dim sound of my mate moving, and stifled a gasp as my arms were lifted above my head.

I squirmed uselessly against my mate, who secured my hands against the headboard with something strong and rough.

It was impossible for me to feel fear at the hands of my mate, so my body reacted differently. Instead of fear, I felt white hot pangs of desire. My fingers itched to trace over my mate's face, to discern his features in the only way I could.

"Wha-" Began to leave my parted lips, but my mate hushed me.

"Shh." My mate whispered, and I grimaced as I realized how useless my human senses were.

I couldn't tell a single thing about him from his voice. It sounded kind of deep, but all of the men I have met had deep voices.

A strangled gasp left my lips as I could feel my t-shirt being lifted.

"Shh." My mate hushed me again, and I stifled a sigh. That still wasn't enough for me to figure out his identity.

Instead of gasping, I stifled a quiet moan as my mate's fingers trailed up my stomach. His fingers traced intricate patterns along my soft flesh, enticing a new sensation in between my legs.

His fingers teased the bottom of my bare breasts, causing a new sensation blazing to life.

The sparks from his touch coupled with the unfathomable desire I was feeling. I felt my legs opening on their own accord, succumbing to the touch of my mate.

Finally, my mate trailed his fingers along my bare breasts stopping to gently pinch my nipples. Judging from the wetness seeping through my panties, I knew the scent of my arousal was thick in the air. Another downfall at having a slumbering wolf was I couldn't smell a thing. I would certainly remember my own mate's scent.

I turned my head against the soft pillow and let out my gentle moans as my mate had taken my breast into his mouth.

His tongue skillfully flicked and nibbled on the soft flesh of my nipple, his other hand roughly grasping the other. It was as if my chest had been made for his hands, fitting them perfectly.

All of my reasoning had flown out the window. I wanted him to take me here and now.

As if my mate could hear my thoughts, his lips trailed down my stomach skillfully. His touch left a sea of sparks scattering along my skin and scorching my nerves.

My heart began thumping harder as his fingers toyed with the top of my shorts before pulling them off my body.

I let out another low moan into the pillow as one of his fingers pressed against my entrance through my underwear, feeling the wetness that had soaked them.

I used what limited movement I could and pressed my pussy against his finger, a whimper escaping my lips.

Lacking any hesitation, my mate pulled my underwear from my body.

My teeth clenched together with an audible 'click' when I felt hot breath against the inside of my thigh.

Getting fingered was one thing, but I had never had anyone so close to my privates before. It was equally nerve wracking and intoxicating.

He trailed rough kisses along the inside of my thighs and I whimpered impatiently.

Something about his rough touch, and the fact that I was restrained, only added to the desire I was feeling.

I wanted to feel his cock inside of me as he took complete control of my body.

I jumped when his tongue flicked against my wet lips. A low moan escaped my mouth when his arms wrapped around my thighs, roughly yanking my wet pussy back to his mouth.

Muffling my moans as his mouth devoured my pussy was one of the hardest things I have ever done. If it wasn't for the pillow I buried my face into, I was sure I would be screaming.

Whoever my mate was, they were skilled at what they were doing. His tongue flicked roughly over my clit, sending waves of sparks and intense pleasure through my body.

I could feel the pressure build in my core as his tongue darted inside my entrance, tasting the wetness he had caused.

A muffled and breathless moan left my lips as I felt his finger touch my entrance.

The pleasure from his tongue intensified as his finger slid into me roughly. My wetness had spared me from any pain, and my head fell back as I basked in the waves of pleasure cascading over me.

My mate had no intentions of being gentle, and that fact only made me enjoy it more.

I was at his complete will, and I had a feeling he was enjoying this even more than I.

His finger slammed into me roughly, while his tongue lapped against my clit and within a few moments I had begun to come undone. A stream of muffled whimpers left my lips as I fought against the urge to scream in pleasure.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through my pussy, and my mate continued lapping at my juices. His arms held me firmly in place, keeping me from squirming as my orgasm had taken over.

I was a panting mess when his tongue finally left my throbbing pussy, and yet I still wanted more. While part of me was satisfied, I still longed to feel his length inside of me. Even more so, I wanted to look into his eyes and see the face that had brought me over the edge.

I had been so dazed from pleasure that I hadn't noticed it when my hands were finally freed.

As fast as I could, I sat up from my bed and flicked on my lamp.

My eyes hastily scanned the room, looking for any sign of life within these walls.

A frown played on my lips. My bedroom window was cracked open just a centimeter.

My mate was already gone.

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