The Alpha King's Daughter

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I apologize for the late update, but thank you all for remaining patient with me. This chapter may not be the longest, but I wanted to include Viktor's point of view. I am planning on posting one update for each of my novel's (Alpha Asher on GoodNovel, The Alpha King's Daughter, and The Alpha Twins Little Mate) If I have the time, I will most certainly strive for more.


I had made three mistakes within the last few days.

One, I had let Arabella slip through my grasp as the masked men infiltrated her birthday Gala.

I had never felt true fear in my life. Facing death had only strengthened my resolve. You could not truly bring someone to the precipice of death if you feared the thing itself. Death had never frightened me. I was sure someday I would meet my match, ending in the only way I knew; violently.

Down on my knees and staring down the barrel of Kreslers gun, I felt no fear.

The moment I locked eyes with Princess Arabella, I had felt something new. Fear, like white hot pin pricks swarmed my skin. I feared dying without ever telling her the truth. I feared what would happen to her after my last breath.

Something had changed following her eighteenth birthday. Something I had not anticipated.

It was as if there were another consciousness occupying my head, someone other than Hades. While I couldn't tap into a conscious stream of thoughts, I began to get odd sensations and emotions. It took me 48 hours to realize the sensations and emotions belonged to the little Princess.

Two, against my better judgement I had gone into her room during the night. I couldn't hold myself back as I ran my hand down her face.

I had gotten ready for bed that night, the little Princess occupying my every thought as she had for the past month, when something strange washed through me.

It took me a moment to realize it was coming from Arabella. It wasn't an emotion per say, more of a weary awareness of something.

"We should check on her." Hades murmured, "Just for a moment."

My body moved on it's own accord, disregarding my opinion on the matter.

Her room was still, the kind of still that causes suspicion. The only sound that could be heart was the Princesses light breathing. Thankful for the darkness, I stalked closer to her bed. Hades enhanced my sight, wanting a glance at our sleeping Princess.

Even in the dark, her skin was creamy and flawless. Her plush lips were parted as short puffs of breath fanned out into the air. Even in her sleeping state, she looked like an angel. It was cruel fate that paired her with someone like me. While I would protect her with my life, she was worth a million of my own.

"Have you ever seen someone as perfect?" Hades murmured proudly, his eyes trailing our Princess's innocent face.

I shook my head slowly, my own eyes glued to her peaceful expression. "No, I have not."

My past was not one I spoke of, but I had my fair share of sexual partners. I had been raised to hide such affairs, but to take what I pleased at any moment. Sex was physical, an urge to find some release within a life of lies and deceit. Emotions have never played a part in my sexual endeavors. In my past life I had been known for two things, sex and violence. Now, my life solely consisted of violence.

My third mistake happened just a day later.

After listening in on the two strangers conversation, I left the Princess to her thoughts whilst I retreated to my own.

My mind wandered back to the masked man who placed a hit on the little Princess, and his claims about the piece of jewelry that currently adorned her neck. While his details had been short, I hadn't a clue the necklace held some sort of power. It was foolish on my part, to simply believe he wanted the necklace for monetary or sentimental value.

My curiosity was peaked, wondering if the necklace was responsible for the death's of the masked hit men.

It was unclear if Arabella and the necklace had caused their deaths. Visually, there had been nothing connecting the two. The Princess simply threw her head back and screamed, and mere moments later the men dropped to the floor.

"There must be a way to learn more about their deaths." Hades murmured.

"I have no doubt her Father is currently wondering the same." I replied, "There is a chance an autopsy will be preformed."

"I'm sure our little Princess would like to know as well." Hades murmured in response, "She's quite..inquisitive."

"Rightfully so." My lips twitched, aching to pull up in a smirk.

Princess Arabella was ruthless when it came to learning the truth, that much was clear. She had made it her mission to tempt us for weeks, only ceasing when she had gotten a taste of what we could offer.

The little Princess lingered in my thoughts as I laid back on the bed. Sleep retreated at her intrusion of my thoughts, her angelic features displaying themselves in my mind.

I lay in the dark, my only company Hades and the ethereal image of Arabella in my mind. Something began stirring within me. This something was originating from somewhere else, that much was clear. It took me quite awhile to decipher the meaning, for it to become clearer in my head. Sensations turned to a gentle nudge, finally turning into a solid emotion. I felt pangs of longing drift through me, followed by a warm and steady desire.

"Our little Princess wants us." Hades growled lowly, his own desire flaming to match our mate's.

"It may not be us she is longing for." I reminded him, "She does not know we are her mate."

"Who else would she be feeling desire for?" Hades snarled, his jealousy rearing it's ugly head.

Hades was always a jealous wolf, his feelings of possessiveness nearly out matched my own. Possessiveness was simply a trait most male wolves had. The stronger the wolf, the more primal urges he held.

Hades jealous and angry thoughts began to pick away at the self-control I was trying to display. His carefully placed thoughts were designed to evoke a reaction, urging me to break down the door and claim our mate. Hades knew she wouldn't resist under our touch, that she would give in and allow us to bring her to the brink of pleasure as we once had.

The final straw was a calculated and detailed image of our Princess with the polished Royal, Erik.

I stood from the bed with an agitated snarl, cursing Hades for forcing my hand. I tolerated Erik for the simple fact his Kingdom and loyalty could be of use to Princess Arabella. I loathed the way he looked at her, that soft fondness radiating in his eyes. It was clear Erik was plush and soft, never feeling the true strain ruling a Kingdom could cause. Erik was new to the game, he wasn't born into it as others had been.

"He is too weak for her." Hades growled lowly, "She craves strength, craves to be challenged."

For once, some hidden part of me thought that we were perfectly matched. An angel with a demon. Perfect yet a catastrophic mistake.

I slipped into her bedroom silently, the door making no sound as I pushed it closed. I left a slight crack in the door, just enough to ensure a hasty escape.

I had no intention of remaining in her bedroom for long as my gloves were long forgotten in my bedroom. In a cloud of annoyance and jealousy, I had left them sitting on the bedside table.

I had nearly turned to leave when I felt her shift in the bed, sitting up as she felt the air around her. With her wolf slumbering in the depths of her mind, she couldn't see nor smell the fact that I was a mere feet away from her bed.

Just as I turned to leave, a familiar scent drifted through my nose. The smell of her desire was clear in the air, though faded as if it happened previously.

Hades fought against me, urging me to take what was mine in the cloak of darkness.

"She will know we are her mate." I growled at my tempestuous wolf.

"Her wolf is asleep." Hades murmured, his argument compelling. "She will know the touch belongs to her mate, but she cannot discern our identity."

While I wanted to fight, the Princess's scent was intoxicating. The urge to touch her, to feel her skin against my own was overwhelming.

Against my own advice, I knelt on her bed. I could feel her body react at the intrusion, as well as her caution flooding through me.

I could hear her sharp intake of breath, and wondered if she was preparing herself to scream.

I leaped forward, placing my body over her own as my bare hand came in contact with her mouth.

Sparks clashed against my skin, lapping at my nerve endings and making them go numb. I hadn't realized how much I truly missed the sensation until now. I was a deprived addict finally getting his fix.

My body acted on it's own, my desire flaring to life within me. Memories of the past replied in my head, and the sight of her mewing on my fingers came to mind. After that moment I had been longing to taste her, to feel her come undone on my tongue.

Silently and skillfully, I removed the belt from my waist and brought her hands above her head. I wanted her restrained, held back as I devoured her little body. She would be forced to remain quiet, only fueling the lust I was feeling for her. The little Princess had successfully tempted me.

"Wha-" The beginning of a question threatened to emerge from her plush lips, and I silenced her.

"Shh", I kept my voice low and quiet.

I let my fingers graze the hem of her night shirt, lifting it slowly.

Her lips parted again, a soft sound threatening to emerge before I hushed her for the second time. I could practically feel her mind reeling at a chance to learn my identity, grasping at what little straws she had.

I let my fingers trail up her stomach slowly, tracing lazy patterns as I basked in the sparks that shot up my skin. The feeling was unlike anything I had experienced. Desire, passion, lust, and so much more flowed with the hasty sparks.

The smell of the little Princess's arousal was filling the room, and I hushed my impatient wolf. I wanted to enjoy this. I wanted our little Princess squirming in anticipation underneath us, begging to be relieved.

I let my fingers drift higher, teasing the bottom of her bare breasts. These breasts had teased me multiple times, begging to be licked and sucked.

I could hear her soft pants fill the room, and her legs parted on their own accord. I could feel my cock throb and stiffen, begging to meet the soft flesh of our little Princess.

Her breathless pants were irresistable, and I stifled the lustful growl that wanted to rip through me. Tonight wasn't about taking what i needed, it was about giving the little Princess what she needed.

I trailed my fingers along her bare breasts, gently tugging and pinching at her soft nipples. The beast within me roared, being gentle was not his nature. Nonetheless, I remained soft with my touches.

Unable to resist for any longer, I took her sweet nipple into my mouth and sucked greedily. Her skin was much like her scent, sweet and creamy with a hint of vanilla. Practically begging to be devoured. The pillow she had closest to her muffled the soft moans that left her lips. Each soft whimper was testing my resolve, tempting me in the worst ways possible.

I could feel her desire and lust churning within me, growing strong and impatient with each second that passed.

With my lips turning up in a smirk, I trailed my way down to her stomach and toyed with the hem of her shorts. I was swift and impatient as I pulled them from her body, simply an obstacle keeping me from what I desired.

Determined to feel her wetness for myself, I pressed a finger against her slick entrance. I couldn't help but lick my lips greedily. I was finally going to have a taste of the forbidden fruit I had been craving.

I pulled her underwear from her body swiftly, scattering my warm breath across her inner thigh. I could feel her body tense. There was no doubt that someone as innocent as she would ever let a man this close to her most sensitive area. The fact made me feel smug, enjoying that I would be the first and only man to taste her.

I trailed calculated kisses along her thigh, finally losing my patience as a frustrated whimper left her lips.

A sly smirk formed on my face; You asked for it little Princess.

I flicked my tongue against her wet lips, biting back a growl when she jumped away from me. With my control slipping and my desire for her becoming overwhelming, I wrapped my arms around her thighs and yanked her dripping pussy back to my hungry mouth.

I devoured her little pussy with newfound hunger, relishing in her sweet taste. Her muffled whines and whimpers drive me harder, I wanted her fighting the urge to scream as she came on my tongue.

I let my tongue dart down, tasting the sweet wetness I had caused. All I could think of was how delicious my little mate tasted, and how every inch of her belonged to me. Every inch was mine to touch, suck and toy with.

II rubbed my finger against her entrance, allowing some of her juices to coat it before I slipped it inside.

I couldn't hold myself back as I slammed my finger into her, the animal within me taking over.

Her whimpers and moans quickened, and I knew she was enjoying every second.

My tongue lapped at her sweet clit while my finger slammed in and out of her feverishly.

I wanted nothing more than to take her and lock her away, to live in this moment for as long as I could. Only Arabella, my little Princess.

I could feel her body tense, and her pussy spasm around my finger.

That's it baby, let me taste you.

I continued devouring her, lapping up her wetness as her orgasm rushed through her. I only stopped when her back hit the bed and her legs began shaking.

While I wanted nothing more than to continue, the little Princess needed her rest.

With silent haste, I removed the belt from her wrists and departed the room. I slipped her window open just an inch, hoping it would catch her attention.

I was gone before she could collect her scattered thoughts.

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