The Alpha King's Daughter

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A light tapping sounded on the window, making my heart leap from my chest.

‘Dad, are the guards on my side of the house distracted.’ I murmured through the mind-link.

‘Were currently in the middle of a meeting.’ Dad responded immediately, ‘Although, it was fairly difficult to come up with an excuse on why I’m holding this meeting just before midnight.’

‘Did you come up with something?’ I grimaced.

‘Of course.’ Dad responded, ‘Make good use of your time Bella. I’m not sure when Viktor’s name will be cleared.’

‘Thanks Dad.’ I rushed out.

‘Anything for you, Bella.’ Dad smiled, ending the mind-link.

I clamored over to the window, yanking it open wildly. My eyes strained as I tried to see in the dark. Half of the lights outside were off, the other half on. I assumed Viktor or my Dad was responsible.

A dark spot moved just under my window. Fear pulsed through me at the fast motion, and I jumped back. Viktor pulled himself through my window, his face illuminated by the light in my bedroom.

I was too busy gaping at him to close the window. I heard Shannon stand from the couch and shuffle over, closing and locking the window.

Viktor and I stood there, staring at each other.

He looked the same, identical to when he left. His dark hair was a little longer on top, but still shaved short on the back and sides. His hair was tousled from the wind, his pale skin flushed from running. He still towered over me, his build huge and intimidating. Yet, I wasn’t intimidated at all. Every cell in my body felt complete. It was as though he never left at all. His obsidian eyes roamed my face in awe, and mine did the same. His lips were full, plush and pink. His jawline was sharp, shadowed by the smallest amount of stubble.

“I think I’m gonna go into the room across the hall.” Shannon pursed her lips, her golden eyes flickering between the two of us. “Give you two some time to catch up.”

“No.” I shook my head, my eyes still on Viktor. “It’s not safe.”

“I’ll be fine.” Shannon shook her head, “I’ll only be ten feet away.”

I didn’t hear Shannon as she left, nor did I see her. I was sucked into Viktor, my mate. As soon as the door shut, Viktor lunged forward. My chest smacked into his own as his large arms wrapped around me. His scent swirled in my head. Musky, yet earthy with just a hint of something spicy.

His lips slammed against my own, his large hands traveling to cup my face. The sweetness of his touch overwhelmed me, searing my skin.

“Arabella—” My name sounded like music coming from his lips, his thick accent lingering on each vowel. “We need to speak—”

Speaking was the last thing I wanted to do. I had done nothing but speak since Viktor left. All I wanted to do was become lost in Viktor’s touch, the way his skin felt against my own. The sparks shooting between us were instant, running the length of my face and arms.

“We can speak later.” I murmured against his lips, clinging myself to his body. I could feel his hard chest against my own. The fabric clinging to his skin irritated me. I wanted the obstruction removed.

“Bella—” Viktor murmured, his hands still gripping my face.

“No, Viktor.” I shook my head, pressing my lips to his own. His lips responded immediately, melting with mine perfectly. “I don’t want to talk. I want you—all of you.”

A low growl rumbled from Viktor’s throat, vibrating against my lips. Viktor’s large hands moved from my face, traveling the length of my torso until they sat on my hips. Viktor gripped my hips tightly, lifting me and forcing my legs around his waist.

I didn’t protest as my back landed on my bed, Viktor hovering over me. His lips sought out my neck, nipping at my soft skin. I could hear his deep breaths, inhaling my scent while we had time together.

A pleasurable gasp left my lips as he sucked gently at my skin. My skin felt like it was on fire, flames lapping at my body that only Viktor could sooth. His pace was agonizingly slow, depriving me of what I wanted.

I let my fingers claw at the hem of his shirt, running the length of his abs. His skin was smooth, flawless in every way that mattered.

“Is this what you truly want?” Viktor’s obsidian eyes looked down on me, his lips pressed tightly together.

“Please, Viktor.” I begged, my eyes burning into his own. I could see the gold swirling in his gaze. He was fighting temptation at this very moment when I wanted it to consume him.

I lifted my hips and pressed my throbbing core against the hard spot in his jeans, a whimper leaving my lips as I rubbed myself against him.

I could hear his willpower snap, his hands lowering to remove his shirt. His skin was freckled in scars, but they took nothing away from the beauty of his skin. Porcelain and soft, the scars only added to his looks. He was deadly, yet beautiful.

Viktor grabbed the hem of my shirt, removing it from my body without hesitation. His eyes burned into my skin, roaming every ounce of my body. A short tearing sound filled my room as Viktor tore my bra from my body. Cool air rushed against my exposed chest, but Viktor’s eyes heated my skin. He slipped my shorts and underwear from my body slowly. The sparks trailed down my legs, adding to the wetness between my thighs.

Viktor’s hands parted my legs roughly, his eyes devouring every inch of me. I could feel my stomach tighten as his face moved closer to my most sensitive area.

My head hit the pillow in bliss as Viktor’s mouth met my pussy, his tongue snaking in to lap at my clit. His hands gripped my thighs, pulling me against his face forcefully. He held my pussy to his face, devouring me with his tongue. Just as I neared the edge, Viktor pulled his face away from me reluctantly.

He held himself above my body, his lips meeting my own. I could taste myself on him, allowing his tongue to enter my mouth and rub against my own.

“See how sweet you taste, little Princess.” Viktor growled huskily against my lips, his tongue darting in to taste my own.

Viktor lifted himself from my body slipping his pants and underwear to the floor. My pussy clenched and my stomach dropped as I took in the sight of him. I had felt his fingers inside of me before, they caused both pain and pleasure. I wasn’t sure how his cock was going to fit inside of me. I could only hope pleasure would follow the pain because there was no going back. I wanted all of Viktor, every last piece I could have.

Viktor watched as my eyes widened in fear. He positioned himself over me, his lips running the length of my neck.

“It’ll only hurt for a moment.” He murmured against my neck, “Relax yourself, little Princess.”

Viktor positioned the head of his cock against my opening, rubbing it over my swollen clit a few times. Viktor’s growl in the back of his throat nearly sent me over the edge. His fingers found my clit, rubbing at it softly as he slowly entered my pussy.

Viktor stopped when he was halfway, pulling it out and sliding it back in. A hiss of pain escaped my lips, my nails digging into his back. Viktor closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths. When he opened them, he almost looked pained? I knew this was testing his control. If he abandoned control, he would take me mercilessly.

I let my lips find Viktor’s neck, nibbling as pain coursed through my pussy. His cock was opening me further than I had ever been before, making me feel as though I were tearing in two. He thrusted inside of me slowly, his eyes closed in concentration.

The pain slowly replaced itself with pleasure, my moans becoming louder and much more frequent. Viktor’s pace quickened in the slightest, but it wasn’t enough. Only three quarters of his cock was inside of me, stretching me to my limits.

It was in that moment that I realized something. I couldn’t imagine my life without Viktor. There were things I didn’t know about the man, but I knew without a doubt I could trust him with my life. I knew no matter what his past might be, he would never hurt me or the ones I loved. I wanted him in my future, I wanted him by my side.

“I love you.” The words came from my mouth without any control, Aela’s voice meshed with my own as she too spoke the words.

Viktor’s eyes snapped open, burning into my own intensely.

“I want you to mark me, Viktor.” My voice was clouded with lust, my pussy stuffed full.

I had never been so sure of anything. Viktor already had half of my soul, and I half of his. A mark was nothing compared to that. A mark staked claim on that person, letting everyone know they were mated. I wanted that claim placed on me. Viktor possessed every inch of my body, whether he knew it or not.

“Little Princess—” Viktor’s voice was cautious. I could feel his hesitation, his reluctance. He thought I might change my mind, only saying these things in the heat of the moment.

“I mean it Viktor.” I let my hands cup the side of his face, my eyes staring into his own. “I love you—I want this.”

A rough snarl came from Viktor’s lips, his self-control snapping like a thread. One of Viktor’s large hands grasped my breast, rolling my nipple between his fingers. He thrusted his cock inside of me mercilessly, his pace painfully increasing. With each thrust came a wave of pain and pleasure. The two sensations mingled, forming something entirely new.

My back arched, a yelp of pleasure falling from my lips. Viktor’s fleshed slapped against my own, his husky grunts vibrating across my neck.

“Fuck, princess—” Viktor growled against my neck, his cock hitting against my cervix. “So, fucking perfect—so tight.”

I could feel Viktor’s canine teeth lengthen, brushing against the soft flesh of my neck. Aela was spinning in circles in my head, egging Viktor on silently.

“Don’t stop.” I whimpered, my nails digging further into his back.

Viktor’s teeth sank into my neck, a sharp pain filled my entire body. A painful gasp left my lips as I flattened myself against the mattress. Viktor’s pace never slowed, and soon the pain in my neck faded to a pleasurable throb. Viktor licked the blood from my neck gently, his lips slamming against my own.

“I love you, little Princess.” Viktor’s voice was rough, and I could hear the hesitation in his words. He had loved me shortly after meeting me but feared my rejection. His mark on my skin was not enough to placate him. He still feared I would change his mind.

I placed my hand against his shoulder and pushed. Viktor pulled his cock from my pussy and rolled over, his back against my headboard. His hands found my hips, lifting me to position his cock at my entrance. A blissful moan left my lips as I slid down his length. This position felt entirely different. I could feel his thickness fully, and I wondered how I wasn’t torn in two.

Viktor’s hands guided my hips, his cock thrusting inside of me slowly. The pain had all but vanished now, leaving me hungry for more. Aela clawed inside of my head, wanting to mark her mate while we had him in our grasp.

“I want to mark you.” I whimpered as his cock slammed into my cervix.

“I don’t deserve—” Viktor’s mouth opened, nearly breaking my heart.

“I don’t care.” I cut him off with my lips. I mumbled my words against his lips, hoping he could feel my emotions the way I felt his. “You deserve this. You’re my mate, and that’s never going to change. Let me do this.”

Viktor ground his cock into my pussy as my lips trailed his neck. I whimpered against his soft skin, my canine teeth extending. My teeth knew exactly where to go, sinking into his soft flesh. Viktor made no sound, no movement that showed pain. When I retracted my teeth from his neck, he continued his assault on my body.

Viktor’s large hands gripped my hips, slamming his cock into me so forcefully my eyes rolled back. Pleasure pulsed through me, our coupled marks only intensifying what we felt.

“Fuck—look at your little pussy.” Viktor grunted, his thumb rubbing against my swollen clit. “Come for me, princess. Let me see your face as I make you come.”

Viktor’s words sent me off the edge, my body stiffening as indescribable pleasure rolled through me. My back arched and my toes curled, but Viktor continued ramming his cock into me. Just as I was beginning to come down from my orgasm, Viktor stiffened inside of me.

“Let me see your face, mate.” I murmured breathlessly.

His warm seed began to fill me, and I watched in awe as pure bliss filled his features. His full lips parted; a delicious growl that would be burned into my memory left his mouth. His dark eyes stayed on my own the entire time, until I collapsed breathlessly against his chest.

“I still love you.” I murmured, pressing my lips against his own.

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