The Alpha King's Daughter

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The decision I made hit me like a ton of bricks once Viktor and I were finished. I had thrown another kink into our plans, but I couldn’t bring myself to regret anything.

Viktor and I were mates, why shouldn’t I complete the process with him? I refused to let Uncle Jaspar, Nikolai Aslanov or anyone else scare me away from being with my mate. Sooner or later the truth would have surfaced.

Those who knew my scent would be able to smell I had completed the mating process. Only those familiar with Viktor’s scent would know who my mate was.

“Little Princess.” Viktor frowned; his dark eyes were burning into my face.

I realized I had gone silent, lost in my own thoughts as I slipped the clothes onto my body.

The mate bond between Viktor and I was much stronger now. I couldn’t hear his thoughts or see his memories, but I picked up more emotion from him than I had in the past.

Viktor was worried, worried I regretted the decision I made. He tried to control himself, but I tested his control again and again until it finally snapped. He had let his inner most desires and instinct take over, letting his wolf finally mark me as his own.

“I don’t regret anything.” I shook my head, stepping into his chest and inhaling deeply.

He smelled the same, musky with a hint of something spicy but now there was another scent in the mix. Something sweet swirled around him, like vanilla and cinnamon. The two scents mixed, their outcome delicious and unexpected.

One of Viktor’s arms wrapped around my back, while one of his hands tangled in my hair. He lifted my head towards his own, leaning down to meet me. Each kiss I received from Viktor was better than the next. I could see myself never tiring of this, waking up each morning with Viktor on my mind.

His lips moved against mine softly, softer than I would’ve imagined coming from Viktor. He held me gently, as if he were afraid, I’d crumble into pieces under his touch.

“I think we’re running low on time.” I chuckled humorlessly. I wanted to stay in this bedroom, away from the world around us. I wanted time with Viktor, time to learn every ounce of his soul and body. I wanted a life with my mate, one where he stood by my side and we ruled the Kingdom together.

As if on cue, Shannon’s light knock sounded on the door. Instead of calling out, I crept across the room and cracked the door open. Shannon slipped inside, a wide-eyed look on her face.

“He has to go now if we want to get August out in time.” Shannon murmured her golden eyes wide and knowing.

As if it were a bright beacon, her bright eyes flickered to the mark on my neck. It was already beginning to heal, showing traces of the beautiful mark underneath. Her eyes flickered from Viktor to I, then finally to the messy bed.

Before I could say anything to Shannon, Viktor pulled me into his arms. His lips were on mine before I could say anything else. Without out another word, Viktor opened the far window and slipped out.

This was the second time he’s left me through that window.

“You couldn’t resist, huh?” Shannon lifted her eyebrow, closing the window as I fought with my emotions.

Shannon was more accurate than she knew. It was nearly impossible to resist once Viktor had been in my arms, not that I minded. The risk was worth the reward.

“No, I couldn’t.” I shook my head, walking over to one of the mirrors on the wall. I looked down at the forming mark on my shoulder, a smile playing on my lips.

You could still see the wound where Viktor had bitten me, raw and raised. On the outer edges a mark was beginning to form. I couldn’t make out any details, but it was a deep blue in color. It reminded me of what Viktor’s bedroom had looked like before he left the first time.

“I’d cover that up for now.” Shannon’s eyebrows were knitted together, also looking at the mark forming on my neck. Her gaze wasn’t judging, but curious.

Aela growled in my head, hating the thought of hiding her mate’s mark. I slipped a different t-shirt over my head, one with a higher neckline. It managed to just cover the mark. My smile fell as the thin shirt blanketed over Viktor’s mark.

“What’s it like?” Shannon frowned, the two of us laying quietly on the bed. It had been a grand total of five minutes now, yet it felt like hours. We had to stay in the room for the plan to run smoothly. Elena would rightfully become suspicious if Shannon and I were roaming the halls, awake as her son meets his death.

Instead we had to sit quietly, awaiting the news that would set things in motion.

If everything were successful, we would have to keep up pretenses. It was known that August and I had some sort of a friendship, meaning I would naturally been upset. I had always been a flimsy liar at best, but never over something so detrimental.

I thought over what Shannon had said for a minute, wondering if anything could truly describe a mate-bond. Werewolves could mate with humans, but it was rare.

“It’s like finding the other half of your soul.” I pursed my lips, “You never realizing your missing it until you meet them.”

Shannon frowned, but seemed satisfied with my answer. The two of us waited in silence until a rapid knocking sounded on the door. Our eyes were locked on each other’s. That meant the plan was successful, or they somehow managed to catch Viktor.

Shannon and I crept from the bed when all we wanted to do was run. I let my eyes fall, as if just woken from sleep.

Elena Halifax stood at my bedroom door, a floor-length robe around her slim body. Her eyes were narrowed and calculating. I kept my jaw slack, relaxing my body as I stared back at Elena.

“Princess, would you mind if I invited myself in?” Elena’s voice feigned friendship but was sharp enough to cut ice.

“I guess.” I mumbled, stepping back from the open doorway. I glanced over at Shannon, noticing she was just sitting up from the couch. She held the same expression on her face, tired and slightly dazed.

“I’m aware you’re close with my son.” Elena lifted her eyebrow, struggling to keep the friendliness in her eyes.

“Close?” I yawned, “August’s just a friendly face.”

Elena’s lips pressed together in a tight line, her eyes roaming my face. For once, her eyes flickered over to Shannon. She gave her the same calculating look.

“August killed himself tonight.” A flip had switched in Elena, a tormented look on her face. She was either really smart, or she believed Shannon and me.

Her face contorted to that of a heartbroken mother, but I could see through. Her eyes still held that same cruel light, never once fading. She was an amazing actress, able to hide her contempt for her son with ease.

I felt my throat constrict at the news, my jaw falling slack. I knew not to cry, that crying would attract the wrong kind of attention. Instead, I let my eyes fill and brighten with shock.

I could’ve pretended I felt bad for her, a woman who had lost her son. She would see past that in a second. We both knew she wanted August out of the way.

Once the shock in my eyes had passed, I let suspicion take place.

“I thought you should know.” Elena gave me a tight lipped smile, “Seems as though he couldn’t handle this life.”

“There will be an investigation on his death.” I clenched my jaw, giving Elena a hard look of my own. An interested light flickered in her eyes, clearly surprised by my reaction. She had been raised on lies and suspicion, this was second nature to a woman like her. Some part of her expected this entire thing to be a setup, as though it were too good to be true.

“There’s no need for that.” Elena scoffed darkly, “He left a note. It’s his handwriting, feel free to check.”

“How did he die, Elena?” I grimaced, feigning surprise at her earlier comment.

“Poor boy jumped from the window.” Elena shook her head, distaste in her eyes.

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