Innocent Trust

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Chapter 11


The kiss penetrated my body working its way deep until I could feel my toes curling with pleasure. Lips as firm and needy as my own prodded me with expertise, persistent but not aggressive, and I welcomed him inside to taste. His tongue found favor in my mouth as I sucked on it lightly only to have him pull away to rain kisses down my jawline leading to my neck.

Breaking away long enough to open the door of the hotel room, we pounced on each other again like longtime lovers, neither one giving a moment’s hesitation at the embrace. Each touch of his lips on my skin inflamed my internal furnace as I surrendered to the sensation garnering a moan of approval. The bed just feet away from us seemed a likely ending spot, but he took his time savoring me, prolonging the torture to get him on top of me with the tender way he roamed my body with his eyes, his hands, his tongue. I had sex in the past and I had fucked plenty of times before, but I never had a guy touch me and savor me the way Logan did. As if he cherished me. As if I was the most important person in his life.

Pulling away long enough to bring me to the bed, his fingers intertwined with mine caressing my hand with his thumb as if he stopped all would be lost. Our shuffle to the bed wasn’t frenzied but instead a slow meander keeping track of each other’s eyes, with me unable to tear away so captivated by his intense look.

Once by the bed he slowly traced his hands over the cloth covering my skin, running it up from my ass to the sides of my body, always watching my expression so fixated on learning from my reactions. Learning what I wanted and learning what I liked. Unable to wait any longer, I stepped back and watched him watch me remove my top. His eyes dipped slightly to the full of my breasts straining in the fabric of my lace bra before returning to my face. Always watching my face.

Next, I unzipped my jeans and peeled them down to fall in a puddle on the floor. Stepping out of them I wandered toward him at the same time watching as his Adam’s apple rose and lowered with my sudden loss of clothes, and he made me feel so sexy. I ran my hands up his broad chest and rested them on his shoulders for only a moment wanting him as exposed as me. My mind had been dreaming about seeing what he kept under his shirt for too long.

Grabbing the hem of his shirt, I dragged it up and over his shoulders holding my breath after the reveal. The expanse of his wide chest heaved drawing my attention to the deep indent where his breastbone flowed to toned muscles on either side. A chest any bodybuilder would crave, matched only to his stomach the way it furrowed in each distinct hardened ripple until it escaped to an arrow beneath the rim of his jean line.

The pants he wore sat low on his hips accentuating his hip bones on each side barely wide enough to keep them up without his thick thighs taking over the work. Unconsciously, I licked my lips when I noticed the bulge behind his zipper, and he let out a small groan. Reaching for the entrance to his jeans, he stopped me before I could unveil my prize. Questioningly his reasoning I looked into his eyes. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

I haven’t been sure of anything in my short life — except for this. Swallowing deep, I nodded, “I want you Logan.”

Dropping my hand, he closed the distance pressing his bare chest to my own chest. Suddenly the bra was too much material between us, and I quickly unhooked it and threw it to the side. My breasts were now touching his flesh while he kissed me deeply making my hard nipples rejoice at the sensation of feeling his heated skin. Holding my head and angling my face toward him, he sucked on my tongue, my lips, my chin, consuming me until my legs went weak.

Placing me on the bed gently, I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans and lowered the zipper showing me what he had pressed up against me in the most delicious way. Removing his pants and underwear in one swift motion, he stood beside the bed erect and dripping with precum, taking my breath away.

Not wanting to wait any longer, I grabbed his hand and urged him on top of me. As he laid down beside me, I felt his hands roam over my body as he kissed me tenderly. He was such a mixed match of feelings. Rough hands playing over my breasts and stomach and tender, barely felt kisses lightly touching my cheeks and closed eyelids. The difference in sensations was mind-numbing and I tried not to urge him on, wanting to savor every nuance of our first time together.

Instead of charging into this full bore like so many others before him, he lingered on my body learning every touch to make me whimper before he even entered me. Every contact, every caress, every moan due to his tongue grazing my body, would cause a current of sensation to work over me and force a shiver down my spine. Overcome with my urge to feel him inside of me I grabbed his hand and brought it to my soaked panties.

His groan was like music to my ears.

Working the drenched fabric from between my legs, he pulled it off my hips exposing myself to him, memorizing the motions as if he would get asked to repeat it verbatim later. His stiff cock stood straight up and looked almost painful. The veins were a road map leading to the now purple head and I could see the strain on his face.

Grabbing it I only thought of easing his discomfort, but he stopped me and shook his head. Instead, he leaned over the bed where his pants sat crumpled on the floor and grabbed his wallet from his back pocket. Quickly he searched for what I hoped was a condom as he continued to kiss and suck at my skin, this time my breasts benefited. Circling my nipples, he gradually sucked the tips into his mouth and swirled them around with his tongue. My fingers caught in his hair and held his head close to continue the ravenous torture.

Throwing the wallet back to the floor I heard the familiar crinkle of the package and sighed knowing my agony was close to ending. I needed to feel him inside of me, but he disappointed me yet again as he laid the circular protection on the bed by the pillow to caress my breasts. Every time his fingertips grazed the heavy underbelly of my breasts, I heaved my chest toward him showing my unbridled pleasure. The palm of his large hand encompassed the girth only to pull back and place his thumb and forefinger to twist and pull softly at my nipples eliciting a cry of satisfaction from me. Before all the sound even left my lips, he plunged his tongue deep inside and I opened wide to let him in. This man drove me crazy in the most delicious way. A way I have never endured before. A sensual way foreign to me with my past hurried encounters making me feel spoiled.

“Logan, please.” I pleaded when I came up for air not able to take much more. Wanting him for as long as I had, it was torture having him here and not inside of me. Before he moved to appease my demands, he stared deep into my eyes looking for any hesitation. It only went to show what a gentleman he really was, making sure what we were doing was consensual. What guy would take the time to make sure the naked woman underneath him agreed wholeheartedly with the affair even at the price of resisting his own agony? And I sure as hell wouldn’t be telling him no.

Gently, I cupped his face and placed a chaste kiss on his lips conveying my consent. He must have seen what he needed as his hand left my breast to reach for the small package. Leaning back as he opened it, he set aside the wrapper, but I was unable to sit back as a bystander. Taking the condom from him with my right, I slowly rolled it on ever so lightly stroking him while his cock twitched to my touch. He closed his eyes and moaned enjoying the sensation I gave him, glorifying in my technique.

Going faster I put a little twist into the hand motion, but it was soon halted as he grabbed for my hand. In more of a frenzy than he showed me so far, he slammed his mouth on mine shifting into position between my legs as I grew wetter than before. Eyes large and chest puffing, he lined up his shaft at my entrance. Right before he entered me, he stopped. The frantic look all but portrayed how hard it was to deny himself and shocked me in a heartfelt way as he gently touched my face. The caress so soft, it brought tears to my eyes.

Nodding his head, I followed his lead until a smile broke out between us. Much to my pleasure, I felt his bulbous head slowly inch forward into my waiting heat. Sucking in my breath, I arched my back to the point of strain as he moved deep inside me. Inch by glorious inch he pushed forward until I felt the thick bottom part of his cock tight against my opening. The sensation so pleasing it brought about a whole new set of tears, but I did not want him to see me cry. Really, there was nothing to cry about. I was not sad. In fact, this was the most enjoyable time during sex I had ever felt, and the presence of tears seemed a contradiction.

Slowly I let out the breath trapped in my lungs and arched my back again, tempting him to plunge inside of me. And he delivered.

In and out of me, he leisurely seated his sizable cock deep into my tunnel only to remove himself to his broad head and drive inside of me again. My pussy so wet, I could feel the fluid dripping down my bottom cheeks to pool on the sheets below. I never had anyone go so slowly inside me my inner walls screamed their sensitivity to having him caress the susceptible tissue to the point of flooding the mattress underneath.

By now I would have been demanding him faster and harder but as much as I wanted a glorious ending, I also wanted the sensation to go on forever.

Logan deserved every moan ripped from my lungs as his hands lit up my body with his caress, so pleasurable tiny twinges of electricity shot between my closed eyelids. Tender lips licked my skin making a memory of his time there. Each touch, each time he came in contact with my body, fueled my ascent into rapture causing pleasure coursing through me. My body heated and I became lost in the sensation.

The only time I chanced a look up at him was when he tried to open my mouth. Embarrassed by my longtime childish habit, my spiral into euphoria caused me to grind my teeth in pleasure. Smiling at me in his lopsided grin, he pushed my lips apart and kissed me giving me something else to focus on.

With every time he converged with my body I cried out and clawed feebly at his back. In and out. Forward thrust and slow slide back. He kept the rhythm steady and my legs started to tremble under his. The hardness of his stiff member drove into me yet it was the most tender experience of my short adult life. More kisses followed. A kiss to my cheek. A kiss to my nose. A lick to my chin and up the jawline. He was a bevy of tactile senses endearing himself to me in a way no man had ever done. Logan wasn’t fucking me. He revered me, and it brought more tears to my eyes. Intense emotion overloaded my senses as tears followed a mind-shattering climax as I cried out in spasm so strong it caused my lungs to seize. Kissing my stream of tears away, Logan stiffened at my release on top of me until his own impending bliss overtook him.

A long groan erupted from his mouth as I tilted my pelvis driving him further inside of me. Every inch of his dick was smothered by my throbbing tissue and the sweat between us made us stick together in a delightful way. Pulling away from my tight embrace his face danced between serenity and concern, “Are you all right?”

The look of staunch regard on his face brought about a fresh array of tears to my eyes. Nodding and smiling the best I could, I didn’t have the words to tell him what his tenderness and caring meant to me. No other guy had ever treated me as well as he just did and made sure every minute of passion was for me, much less made sure I was all right after.

Although I was the age of adulthood, I was still young enough to not fully understand the difference between making love and fucking, but what just happened gave me a better perception of the variances. And for the first time ever with a guy who made me feel cherished.

We lay together in bed stroking each other’s hot, damp skin and giving each other a light kiss every once in a while. He waited for me to gather my senses, not rushing me as neither of us wanted to move outside of the bed we shared.

When he leaned in again, this time to kiss my closed eyelids, I felt the sensuality in his touch and my body roused to the heat of his skin. The large shaft that gave me so much pleasure before currently poked into my hip exciting an image of us exploring more of our sexuality. A short refractory period and a large cock. How could I resist?

Instead of frenzied impatience, our satiated drive lent to the time to play with each other. I ran my hands over his muscles watching the response my touch brought to his body, amazed at how large he was in every area but yet so tender.

Logan studied my face. Each caress of his rough fingers showed me this was more than just a fling. He was forever watching and studying what gave me pleasure. What my body needed to awaken underneath him. A jolt to my nipple when he squeezed it sent me writhing, so he tortured me over and over again watching as I moaned his name.

He was so intense. His strong, large hands amazingly light as he worked his way down between my breasts, circling the flat of my abdomen, and dipped down to play with the soft hair covering my sex. Holding my breath, I waited as he leisurely circled my clit until he rewarded me with a promise of gratification.

Dragging his finger through my swollen folds, he brought the moisture back to my clit and finally atoned for his torment by flicking the tender nub. My own fingers dug into his large bicep muscles urging him on. The bulk of the muscles, the cords of the tendons, the sinew under my fingertips played with my overstimulated sex until I couldn’t decide to pull him closer or push him away. His steady gaze locked with mine making my heart stutter. Slowly he brought me to a pinnacle, hoping to watch me fall over the edge of ecstasy, and I wanted to give that to him.

No words were said between us, but none were really needed. He worked my body gradually, running his large hand over my hooded sex to grind his palm down as he fingered me in earnest. First with one finger and then with two. A sweat broke out on my body and my breathing came in quick gasps.

He was relentless. Grinding, fingering, and then releasing to work my clit again making my impending release go from pleasure into pure agony. Although the feeling proved amazing, it didn’t seem enough. The more he worked my body the more I wanted him back inside of me. Despite his hand working wonders to my now overstimulated sex, I feared that until he was deep inside me I wouldn’t be able to climax.

“Logan, I need you. Please.” I dared to break the silence, but I needed his cock more earnestly by this point.

“I... I... I only had one condom.” My whimper brought stinging to the back of my eyes at the realization I was stuck like this. In limbo. Fearing my climax unattainable without him fully inside of me, and I tried in vain to quell my rising desires.

Our slow way of learning each other’s body soon turned to an overwhelming affliction. I should make him stop, but I was caught in the hope he could quell my dire straits with the next flick of his roaming hands. He worked me to the point of pain now as he continued to circle my clit and finger my slit. Fixated on my distress, he continued to help me towards my climax but now I was only preoccupied with his large, erect cock opening me wide, and I started to shake with deprivation. “Is something wrong?”

A look of vast concern shadowed Logan’s face. “Oh God Logan I... I don’t think I can... Oh God... I don’t think I can climax without you inside of me.” My admittance only made his worry deepen.

My desperate mind searched for a solution when a conversation I had with Kayley popped into my head. “Are you clean?”

Cautiously, he answered, “Yes, are you?” Nodding vigorously, he countered with another question, “Are you on something?” My look of dismay gave my answer.

“Rea, I think I know what you are suggesting but it isn’t a good idea.” I whimpered again, frustration over my impending release within my grasp though slipping. I didn’t feel an ounce of doubt about how he could bring me over in a glorious climax.

My eyes pleaded, and I whimpered, “Just put it in. We can just do the pump and dump method.” Still looking doubtful, I winced, my peril in his hands. “Please Logan, I need you inside of me.” When his eyes lowered to my quivering body giving in to my plea and climbing on top of me, I almost cried with relief.

Slowly he entered me, and the sensation was true nirvana. Our combined groans echoed from the walls in the room as I accepted him all the way inside my primed core. My fingers pressed down on his chiseled ass to push him just a smidgen farther. My eyes rolled back in my head and I gnashed my teeth taking in all the erotic pleasure his skilled cock afforded as he pulled back and plunged in one more time. “Oh God Rea you feel so...” before he could finish his sentence, I came all over his stiff cock. Shaking, I buried my head in his chest trying to hold back the powerful orgasm he delivered to me.

“Oh God Rea.” Clamping my legs around his hips, I selfishly jostled enough until he got the hint and thrust inside of me to prolong my climax. In and out he milked more of the deep, earth-shattering pulsations from me. My legs being the driving factor in keeping him inside me, I clenched down further as the last of my throbbing ended quenching my need to the fullest.

“Oh God Rea, you feel too good. Let go, let go!” Unlocking my ankles, he pulled out and laid his angry colored cock on top of my stomach, letting it convulse freely. Foreheads together we watch as his thick milky come spurts hot and sticky across my lower abdomen in three long jets and it only turned me on more. Logan was so fucking hot when he orgasmed. His boyish face contorted into a cross between heaven and hell, tortured and pleasured, and it was only fitting for what he just put me through. After watching him splay his seed across my abdomen, we kissed sporadically until our breathing felt under control.

“God, I thought you were going to kill me. I felt like I was going to explode.” Logan still tented above me the mess of our lovemaking making it hard for him to move.

“Well, I did explode,” I admitted. Our eyes found each other, and the most enjoyable laughter filled the space between us. His face still shone red with the control needed to hold back as long as he did.

Collapsing on top of me, we had a moment of sickening stickiness, forgotten after he placed his mouth on mine and kissed me deeply and thoroughly. Pulling away he searched my eyes intensely making my heart pound out of control in my chest. There was a kiss to the nose. A delicate finger stroke to my chin.

A smile.

Everything this man did to me brought butterflies to my stomach. Unable to handle the magnitude of emotions rampant in my brain, I broke the connection we had to gather my wits.

“That is what you get for only bringing one condom,” I reprimanded him.

“That was too close. Don’t ever torture me again,” he countered. Kissing my nose, he added, “Now let’s get in the shower and then go get more condoms.”

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