Innocent Trust

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Chapter 12


We peeled away from each other; the product of my arousal still apparent on her skin. It had been a close call. I had never seen any woman so worked up, so aroused by my touch. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen. She had a petite body with proportions to drive any man crazy. And she was with me.

Smiling, I lead her into the bathroom to get ourselves clean after the mind-blowing sex, glad I could get her to climax after the misery she endured to get there. Feeling like a gargantuan in the small tub/shower combo would be worth it to be able to shower with the world’s most beautiful woman, so I was not going to complain. Leaning into the water, I tested it to make sure it was warm before I noticed her checking out my body, thankful once again I worked out as much as I did.

Beckoning for her to join me, we stepped under the stream of water and I watched as ringlets cascaded down her perfect breasts washing off the sticky remains of our lovemaking. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined such perfect breasts on her. She never dressed to show them off, never flaunted them or wore low cut clothing like... groupies.

I felt bad comparing her to a groupie. She was far from the shameless women I watched throw themselves at the band and then the roadies who were only one step removed from the stardom they craved. No, she was no groupie. Only beauty and grace personified.

Except for this moment. Right now, she had the devils look on her face and my heartbeat raced in my chest just looking at her.

Bringing the small hotel soap up to my chest, she lathered my pecs letting her hands roam up and then down my body ending at my well-spent dick. In turn, I took the soap from her and started with each breast and then down her hard stomach while my cock rose to the occasion with me touching such a perfect body. Embarrassed at my physical reaction, I frowned. It seemed impossible to caress this woman and not get aroused, but she just smirked at my hardened cock and licked her lips. My embarrassment lifted and desire claimed me.

Falling to her knees in front of me, I realized her intentions. Before I could protest, her warm mouth covered the head of my dick while she swirled her tongue around the tip, and I leaned my head back and groaned my gratitude. My hands found purchase in her silky black hair unsure of whether to control the cadence or remove her altogether. I didn’t want her to think sex was all I wanted from her. Just because I had the refractory period of a twelve-year-old didn’t mean I couldn’t go around with blue balls for a while.

When I went to lift my hand from her hair, she clamped down on it giving me permission, eliciting another groan again at her servitude. Grasping on to the shower rod trying to be careful not to rip it from the wall, I focused on controlling my enthusiasm of having her lips on my dick, and as gently as I could I worked her mouth further down my shaft.

And it felt heavenly.

Rea had this little thing she did when her mouth was just about to pop free of my head where she swirled it around and sucked it back in. I swear I heard angels calling my name.

Her other hand inched its way up my inner thighs and landed on my sack. Gently she massaged, placing pressure on the perineum, and my legs stiffened. Swallowing, I tried to hold back the urge to shove my rock-hard cock completely down her inviting mouth, realizing the torture she must have felt moments earlier when I hoped to bring her to climax around my fingers.

Relentlessly she sucked hard as she pulled her mouth away from my erection only to flick her tongue on the head and return it halfway down her throat. And then she hummed.

Torture. It was fucking torture, but the good kind. In and out of her mouth I felt her tongue skim at the sensitive underside of my cock. The rhythm was steady and soon my balls migrated up signaling I was close.

“Rea,” I tried to warn her. Only an asshole comes in a woman’s mouth without asking first. “Rea maybe you should...” Too late. Selfishly my cock jerked in her mouth and a stream of thick fluid coated the back of her throat. If she was offended, she didn’t let on. Instead, I felt her throat work at sucking me dry and I groaned a long hard growl as my knees buckled.

If I wasn’t hanging on for dear life to the shower rod, we both would have toppled to the ground. As it was, the earth shook. The steam of the shower surrounded me or maybe it truly was my sight dimming with the pleasure of the mouth sex.

Unable to catch my breath, I just stared down at her and continued to pant. She smiled up at me and I lost myself in her.

Standing in the small space, she grazed my lips with a kiss as she stepped out of the shower. Getting my wits about me, I leaned down carefully and shut off the water. Pulling back the curtain, I already saw her wrap her delicious body with a towel and make her way back to the bedroom.

“I...ah...I need a minute and then I can return the favor.” My energy seemed zapped, but after the amazing blow job, I couldn’t think of not returning the pleasure.

Rea started laughing, shaking her head, “I didn’t do that for a returning favor silly. I did it for you. Don’t you remember?” Confused, I just stared at her. Playfully, she finished, “I already met the band.” And then she shut the door, her chuckle became lost behind it.

Alone in the bathroom, my mind went to our talk earlier and my complaints about being used by the groupies. I just had three rounds of incredible sex with the world’s most beautiful woman. The last one was all for me. I got a blow job without having to promise anything for it.

Careful Logan, you just might fall in love.

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