Innocent Trust

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Chapter 14


Logan’s parents insisted we spend the night. They gave me Kat’s old room while Logan took the sofa. I had a hard time sleeping in there, her old posters still adorning the wall almost as a shrine. Her clothes were gone as well as any personal toiletries, but they had kept her knickknacks and family photos out. My heart went out to how well-loved and missed she was to his good-natured parents.

Studying the pictures of her, I noted the differences between her and Logan. She had much lighter hair than Logan but still in the brown hue variety. She had a fragile look to her as opposed to Logan’s strong demeanor. His eyes were a steel blue while hers were a green/brown color, but their smile appeared the same and it was apparent they loved each other.

Each picture showed another stage in both of their developments. There were ones going back to when she was just a baby reminding me of what his mother said about him being a good father. He would be a great father and just another reason why this would never work between us.

One of the millions of reasons. I started falling for a guy who would be leaving me at the end of summer. What did I expect? Just another decision that went wrong for me.

But I didn’t want to look at it that way.

Logan might be leaving, but it didn’t mean what we had was wrong as long as I kept it in perspective. This was just a fling. Something to pass the time before the end of summer when I hopefully would be working for Boeing, and he would be in the army chasing down bad guys and being the person he was meant to be, as long as I didn’t get too close.

The next morning, we left after eating at the diner his mother worked at. She pointed the two of us out to all the patrons clearly proud of her ‘army’ son and wanting them all to know he had a ‘beautiful’ girlfriend. It made me blush and gave me warm fuzzies all at once thinking she was happy the two of us were together.

Maybe I shouldn’t have let her believe I was his girlfriend, but I wanted so badly to believe it. Logan was what I would have wanted in a guy. Kind, thoughtful, generous, and so fucking studly I would die if we didn’t get another chance at sex and soon. Didn’t my brother warn me about that once? The right person would sneak up on me. He was so right.

On the ride back home, I couldn’t help but think of getting my hands on his firm body, but we were heading back to the Moltke’s farm to be with them a couple of days before the tour started up for the last leg. Three days of not being able to be with Logan. Nope, not going to happen.

Picking up my phone, I dialed my brother. He answered on the second ring, “Hey sis, what do you need?”

I smiled into the phone even though he couldn’t see it. “I wanted to let you know that Logan and I are staying in Iowa for a little longer if it is okay with you.” Logan’s wrinkled forehead turned in my direction, unsure of my plans for the two of us.

“Anything wrong?” Brandt sounded worried.

“No, no. Actually, there is a lot more to do here than I imagined. Who would have known Iowa could be so much fun?”

Brandt didn’t sound so convinced, “Yeah, even I didn’t know that. Are you sure there is nothing wrong?”

Not wanting him to get suspicious of my motivations, I punted, “Nothing wrong. Logan wants to stay and I hate to make him drive me back.” And then a little quieter, “I think he has a girl here.” Logan’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped a little. It was cute. I hope he didn’t worry I would give up our secret.

My ploy worked as Brandt laughed in the phone, “Well, you could just fly back here then.”

I countered, “No, actually there is a festival this weekend and it looks fun. The Halverson’s are letting me stay at their house. They are being so nice to me. It isn’t a big deal and I really would like to stay. Although if you need me there...” I knew he wouldn’t. Chelsea had enough family around to coddle the twins until they were in college.

“That won’t be necessary. I can’t even remember what the twins look like at this point. They have been oohed and aahed over for the last several days soaking it up. Both of them turned out to be little hams showing off their walking skills for grandpa and grandma.”

Logan continued his wide eye stare at me giving me the pleasure of his discomfort. I should have talked to him first, but I didn’t want him in a difficult place of going against Brandt’s wishes or keeping me holed up in a hotel room to ravish me. At least I hoped he wanted to ravish me.

“The Halverson’s are good people but take them out to eat or something and I will pay your charge card. I would send money, but they are proud people and I don’t think they would take it. As it is, I had to talk to the hospital directly to get their daughter’s medical bills paid for a couple of years ago.” About to end the conversation thinking it was done, Brandt stopped me with one last mention, “Oh, and don’t go out alone without Logan. You probably don’t want to be a bother, and it isn’t a big deal if he has a girl on the side, but I don’t want you out by yourself. Sorry Rea, but you are still too well-known, if not by proxy.” He worried about me and I must be getting used to it because I didn’t even complain. What was there to complain about? I didn’t think I wanted to let Logan out of my sight for the next three days anyway.

“I will make sure I stick to Logan like glue and I promise he will have me back to Green Bay before the tour bus takes off.” Logan shook his head, but a smirk played on his lips.

“Good, then it is all settled. I will see you in a couple of days. Text me every day though. I guess I kind of actually miss you.” It warmed my heart.

“I miss you too. Thanks, Brandt.” I ended the conversation and I turned to Logan, “Know any good hotels?”

Three days of pure bliss called Logan followed and then another two grueling days back on tour before we could sneak away for some alone time. We knew keeping our secret wouldn’t be easy with all the people around, but it was even worse than what I originally thought, damn near impossible actually. While Big John drove us on the Stennet family bus, Logan drove around the Social Offender bus loaded with the other members of the band. We left at different times mostly heading to different locations to keep the paparazzi away from Chelsea and the kids.

Tonight was one of the few nights we were all parked together and proved worrisome for Brandt’s overprotective nature. Due to it being a larger city with fewer private land resources, and the fact we were only there for a short amount of time, he decided it was the best for everyone to congregate together close to the venue giving me some time to steel away.

Chelsea no longer looked as weak and tired after she progressed into her second trimester. She didn’t look so gaunt, having packed on the weight she lost in the first trimester and then some. Enough to get Brandt off her back as the doctor said she had been flourishing well. Brandt even made the doctor himself perform the ultrasound and guarantee only one kid lived in there. It made me laugh to hear him being overwhelmed with three kids under the age of two in the next five months or so. With him always appearing calm and collected unless of course, he was busy worrying about his wife. When it happened, he would turn into an overbearing oaf, but Chelsea took it in stride. He always had to be in control, but it never bothered Chelsea. They truly were made for each other.

Chelsea also understood what it meant to be sequestered on tour with my overprotective brother and freed me to go and enjoy myself tonight. She knew I only had two weeks left before the end of the tour and felt bad for keeping me imprisoned with her in an RV with her and the kids. To my surprise, I didn’t feel trapped in the least. I loved being there with my niece and nephew but I did want to go and see if I could find Logan.

It was seven at night and the opening band took the stage while Brandt’s band waited inside the venue for their turn. I walked through the parking lot towards the arena as fast as I could to see if I could lure Logan away from his post. As I rounded the group’s tour bus I pulled back in fear as I bumped into someone. “Hey, sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to get your attention.” Relief took seed as I stared into Logan’s face and stifled my impending scream. We were hidden by the rows of large buses and equipment trucks, another lucky point for us as I leaned into him and let out my pent-up breath.

“Thank God it’s you. I was about to go all ninja on your ass.” He laughed his sexy deep laugh and I smiled up at him as he brought me in for an embrace.

“You know I would never let anything happen to you.” He kissed my forehead and I did feel safe around him. He would make a great soldier, protecting civilians, and fighting for justice.

“What are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be working the crowds for JJ?”

He laughed although I knew it bothered him as he put an abrupt end to his pimping for JJ a couple of weeks ago. “Yeah, I am not going to miss it. Actually, the guys have been a little more lax in my duties since I told them about leaving for the army once the tour ended.” Logan told them as soon as we got back from Iowa. It was met with mixed feelings. He received a lot of well-wishes as it was apparent they were all going to miss him. It worked out for him as he began to slack in his duties and hence I hoped to sneak away with him more often, at least when I could get away.

“Well, Chelsea sent me out to have fun, so I am here looking for fun. And imagine that! You showed up.”

Grinning, he pulled me in kissing me deeply before grabbing my hand, “Come on the bus. I have something to show you.” We worked our way to the door of the main bus. As we entered, I could smell the most tantalizing aroma.

The bus filled with the savory scent of cooking food. The small motor home table displayed plates and silverware and a bottle of wine with real wine glasses, not the red plastic cups the band used to mix their drinks in. I turned to him astonished, “What is this?”

He shrugged looking sheepish, “I made dinner for you. I hope you like lamb.” Lamb? Not hamburger or something easier like spaghetti? He made a four-course meal all for me?

“How did you pull this off?”

Going to the small oven, he looked in donning oven mitts. “I told the guys I would cook and leave some for them after the concert. Of course, I failed to tell them that we would be eating first.” Placing the rack of lamb on the top of the stove my mouth watered, although I couldn’t say for sure if it was because it smelled so good, or the fact a man cooked a romantic dinner for me.

Then it hit me strange, “How did you know that I would be free tonight?”

This time a little devilish smirk appeared on his boyish face making him all the more attractive, “I told Chelsea it was a shame you haven’t had much time for yourself on this tour, and she jumped at the chance to let me get you out and watch more of the concerts and have fun. You know, mingle with the crowd as long as I kept close by to protect you.” Hiking his eyebrows several times, my laughter burst from me, impressed with his way of manipulating the situation in his favor.

“And what are you going to do when she asks you what I did tonight?” Impressed as I was, I needed to think of all the angles.

He shrugged, “You are the better liar. I figured we could think of something. I mean you did get me three wonderful days alone with you not so long ago.”

My smile so huge on my face it hurt as I leaned in and kissed him. Not wanting to let this opportunity go to waste, I would think of something good to tell Brandt and Chelsea. Better yet, I would love to tell the truth. The truth about us to everyone involved but I couldn’t do it to Logan. It was important for us to keep the secret, so I promised myself to fabricate something feasible. Of course, waiting until after we ate. “Let’s eat. It smells wonderful!”

Dimming the lights, he lit candles as we devoured his fabulous meal all the while looking into each other’s eyes and talking about everything. He was so easy to talk to and the night made so romantic I didn’t want it to end. Every little thing that came out of my mouth seemed to hold his attention making me feel as if I was the only person who mattered to him.

After the meal he put the rest of the food in the oven to keep warm and washed only my dishes, leaving his dishes as a way to explain why he wouldn’t be eating with them later. We talked and although he kept track of the time, he never rushed us. The clock ticking felt ominous as I still wanted him inside me in the worst way, so when he said he had another surprise for me, it took all I could not to pounce on him.

Instead of steering me to the bunks at the end of the bus, he grabbed my hand and walked me outside. “Where are we going?”

Looking back over his shoulder, he smiled a truly devious smile, “You will see. Are you afraid of heights?”

My eyebrows knitted in confusion as he pointed to the ladder on the back of the RV. Smiling, I nodded, “I think I can handle it.”

Making sure I didn’t fall he helped guide me to the top, coming up behind me. A sleeping bag and a battery-powered lantern up top were already placed on the roof of the tour bus. The night air blew warm around us, but my skin still rippled in goosebumps with his attention to detail. He planned on seducing me, and I was more than a willing victim.

“Come.” Motioning over to the sleeping bag we sat down as he turned the lantern on low. Low enough to shed some light but still dim enough to easily see the night sky. “Look over there.” Pointing to the sky, a multitude of stars peeked out and the moon was bright captivating me on how he could set the mood.

“You did all this for me?” There were tears burning the back of my eyes, but I really didn’t want him to see me teary-eyed.

“Yeah. I can’t stop thinking about you Rea. I mean, I know we should keep this secret but it kind of feels bad. I wish we didn’t need to. You deserve so much more. You deserve...” Lifting his hand and placing it on my chin, he tilted it up to look in his eyes, “the moon and the stars.” And then he kissed me so gently and with the utmost tenderness that my heart squeezed in my chest.

Melting into his embrace, I was overcome with emotion. He never made me feel cheap and easy like the rest of the guys I dated. Definitely different from the way I felt with Erik in how he was only being nice to me to try to get something from me. Logan always treated me special and took care of me, and tonight was no exception.

Slowly he worked my shirt off exposing my bra soon to depart my body too. The warm night air tickled across my exposed breasts turning my nipples hard. Watching my reaction, he tilted his head down and sucked in the erect tips while I drew his head closer and sank my nails into his soft, curly hair. Gently laying me back onto the sleeping bag, he lapped at my nipples sending small lightning bolts of pleasure coursing through my body forcing in a sharp breath to the point of burning. Arching my back, I shoved my breasts in his face. Taking the hint, he continued to ravish them until the ache below was torture.

Urgently he palmed the swell of my breasts thumbing the bud of one breast as he licked and bit the other, making me moan in desire. He had a way of working my body that drove me crazy with need.

Unable to handle the multitude of clothes between us, I concentrated my efforts on removing his shirt for the skin on skin contact. He, in turn, worked at the zipper of my cut-off jean shorts making quick work of removing them. A lazy wind wrapped around my legs tickling the drenched cloth of my panties excelling my longing. When I went to lower his zipper, he clutched my hands, stopping me. Looking up at him with hooded eyes I saw the steel blue irises turn dark and methodical. Doing a slow, erotic shake to his head, he smiled, and place kisses between my breasts working his way lower. The small patch of cloth between the front of my underwear and the back? Well, there wasn’t a dry spot on it at all.

Sliding my panties off, he made sure to work my legs out of them all the while kissing and licking on my abdomen giving me butterflies all over my sensitive skin. When he lowered himself on the sleeping bag and placed my right leg over his left shoulder, I grabbed onto his hair chanting over and over, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.” He firmly planted his tongue on my clit circling it with indolent flicks of his tongue. Had gravity given up its force, I would have floated to heaven.

My eyes closed and I started to grind my teeth. One-part squirming away from him and one-part squirming into him, I writhed energetic underneath him trying to fight the urge to go over the edge so I could continue to enjoy it. Locking his strong, powerful arms on my lower half, he held me down as he swallowed my flavor, licking up and down my folds until I dripped with desire. Looking up at me he implored, “Rea, look at the stars.” Opening my eyes, I saw them splayed out for me. Bright and glowing across the sky, twinkling down on our immodest display of affections. Instantly I knew I would never be able to look at the night sky without thinking of him. What was he doing to me? Both with the incredible pleasure he had given to me during our lovemaking, and beyond.

Returning to my clit, my stomach knotted with longing. Logan used his mouth to pleasure me before, but I had always stopped him prior to my climax. Although I loved the way he scorched my body with his tongue, I knew from past experiences it wouldn’t be enough, and what would send me over the edge would be the motion of him inside of me. It was my hope for tonight but when I asked he denied me. “Let me pleasure you Rea. I love the way you taste. Come for me. Do this for me.”

He gave me permission to sit back and enjoy knowing it wasn’t something I allowed myself in the past. Foreplay was mutual and always led to the point when you gave each other gratification. I never took it upon myself to let a man give me enjoyment without reciprocating. No one had ever pleasured me without expecting a return or thought about my pleasure alone selflessly, and it brought a peace to me I never felt before.

Returning to the night sky, I looked at the moon with renewed energy. When his teeth lightly scraped my clit, I bucked into his mouth to further the bliss. Running my fingers in his hair I ramped up my juices and let myself enjoy the feel of his tongue stroke my sensitive nub. Undulating under his mouth, I searched for the release my body screamed for. Once his muscular finger curled up inside my entrance, I noticed the familiar tingling start to form throughout my core. Swelling around his finger spearing my sex, I pulled him in tight and tugged at his hair with abandon. Panting, I arched my back letting my head hit against the solid bus not feeling any pain.

Opening my eyes to the stars at the last second, I shattered. The force of it foreign to me, never having felt so much pleasure brought to me so skillfully. My legs wrapped around his head unashamed as he imbibed on my fluids. Pulsating around his finger I cried out, “I am coming. I am coming.” Over and over until the throbbing slowed, my throat hoarse. The stars swirled in a dizzy haze around me and even the moon dimmed.

Limp and lifeless, my head lolled around to find him quickly grabbing his shirt. Confused, I tried to lift my head, but his eyes widened as he put his finger up to his mouth in a quieting gesture. From down below I heard, “Hey Mouse do you think there will be an after-party tonight? I mean Big John hasn’t told us if we would be leaving. I had my eye on the slamslut in the backstage room. The one with the big titties.”

The man who responded had to be Logan’s cousin, the one they nicknamed Mouse. “Think we are staying for a little while at least. Not long enough for us to take part in the festivities. Besides, I wanted to talk my cousin into knocking boots with some of the diva cunts out here tonight. He is going off to the army and deserves a little pussy, but I can’t find him.”

Anxious about getting caught, my breath held in my chest as I looked over at Logan. His crestfallen face caused another alarm. Quietly he handed me my shirt, and I took the hint to start dressing without making a sound.

“Well, it shouldn’t matter much. My brother is in the army and he says it is a great place to get laid. He is having sex all the time. Army girls are always looking for some genuine hard soldier sticks.” Laughing, they kept walking by and it was my turn to look disheartened. We waited until the footfalls were barely audible before we finished dressing in silence.

Not wanting such an intensely pleasurable night to end in gloom, I pulled him back down to me. “We don’t need to leave. We could stay and...” I looked back at the sleeping bag. He must be hard as hell and I hated to think he wouldn’t get any pleasure after all the effort he put into our special night together.

Shrugging he joked, “Don’t worry. That was for you. I already met the band.” It ended by giving him a small defeated laugh while we made our way to the ladder.

Once down, we heard more people coming from the arena and guessed the concert had ended. Thinking of my escape I couldn’t let tonight go just yet. Standing on my tiptoes I made sure he looked me in the eyes before I kissed him softly on the mouth, “I really loved my night with you Logan. I will never forget it.” The smile on his face was heartfelt, and I left him watching me scurry back to the RV thinking of what I could tell Chelsea but really, at this point, I didn’t care.

Chelsea sat curled up on the couch reading a book as the twins were fast asleep. When she asked me if I had fun, I gave some long-winded explanation of hanging out in the crowd, no one noticing me, and no one gave me any grief with Logan close by.

Changing into my sleep shirt and pajama shorts I climbed into my bunk and closed the curtain when the door to the RV opened to Brandt. The curtain wasn’t soundproof enough to not overhear their conversation.

Chelsea spoke, “Didn’t even shower?”

He laughed. “Hell no, I wanted to get back here as soon as I could. I know how horny you get in the second trimester.”

A very flummoxed Chelsea responded, “Brandt, your sister is here.”

The disappointment was evident in his now hushed voice, ”Aww, I thought she went out.” I shook my head clearly interfering with a secretive erotic ending to their night. Currently, they had been going at it several nights in a row and I could hear every squeak of their mattress despite stuffing my pillow in my ears. The motor home walls were not exactly reinforced. How would I last ten more days if this was going to be a nightly activity? It gave me an idea.

Chelsea and Brandt deserved a little time together. She hadn’t felt good for the last several weeks and soon they would have another little one to spoil their together time. They really didn’t need me here anymore at night with the twins finally sleeping soundly until morning, even with the sounds of the shenanigans coming from their parents’ bedroom.

Hopping out of the bunk, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and headed for the door. “Where do you think you are going?”

Brandt looked at me and I shook my head, “Well I sure as hell am not going to stay here. You two need some time alone.”

A beet-red Chelsea protested, “No Rea, we would never make you leave.”

Brandt started in too, “And where would you go?”

“There are open bunks on the band bus,” I offered.

Brandt objected, “Oh hell no. You don’t know what goes on in there.”

I countered, “Would you rather I bunked with the roadies?” His brow furrowed. He most definitely didn’t like that option. “Besides, Quade is celibate as he is totally devoted to his wife. Ryder is just like my big brother so eww, no, never. That would be gross, and anyone with an IQ above a toad would avoid JJ. So I should be safe there. Besides, Logan is there to protect me.” How could he complain about that since he basically forced Logan to be my bodyguard around the clock anyway?

When he still hesitated, I stood my ground, “I have spent my whole summer more than happy to help you out and your family. I just want some time not having to be quiet past ten at night and also to be able to sleep in once in a while. I promise I will be back tomorrow after breakfast to help out.” Guilt presented on both of their faces. Knowing it would strike a chord and make them relent, I used my trump card. It wasn’t my intention to make them feel bad about all the work I did for them but I knew it would end in my favor.

“No, please. You deserve some free time.” When Chelsea spoke up for me, I started to feel guilty for pressuring them.

Brandt came up to me when he saw me falter, “She is right. It is just it can get a little... ah...”

I rolled my eyes and leaned up on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “I did go to college frat parties for four years. I think I can handle some old guys on a bus.”

When I started to leave, he quipped, “Old guys? Old guys? Since when are guys in their thirties old?” Laughing, I snuck out before he changed his mind.

Walking up to the RV I was disappointed to see Quade already inside. When I opened the door, he looked up at me with surprise from where he sat in one of the captain’s chairs. “Hey? You get lost?”

Quade had midnight black hair similar to my own and I could smell soap indicating he took a shower recently. He always kept a jovial look on his face but it never seemed to meet his eyes lending to a sadness he never let on to anyone. ”Ahh, no. I just started to get the feeling I was a third... I mean fifth wheel in the Stennet bus.” He chuckled and shoved his phone in his pocket.

“Everything alright?” I nodded to his phone.

Avoiding my gaze, he shrugged, “Just tried to call home. Babysitter answered, so I guess Mac is out again.”

When I gave him a sad look, he plastered on his signature fake smile, “You know it is really hard being home all day long with a toddler. She needs to get out once in a while too.” Returning his fake smile, I nodded sympathetically although I was sure she got out more than once in a while. Mac hardly ever came to see him on tour requiring him to do most of the traveling to see her and his son, Jaeger. It wore on him making the end of the tour a Godsend, at least for him. “Well, I am sure she will be grateful to have you back as soon as the tour is over.”

This made his face light up, “Yeah, I will be glad to get to see her and Jaeger. Man, I miss them. As far as I am concerned, Brandt couldn’t have picked a better time for a hiatus from recording and the road.”

I agreed. Quade needed this time with his son. Jaeger was all he ever talked about and I got the funny feeling if they weren’t taking a break, Quade may not be a member of the band anymore. None of them needed the money. He may just take the time to stay home permanently with his kid and it would seriously hurt the band. Quade didn’t showboat like the rest of them but had a way of keeping things calm and controlled with his mannerisms. They would be sorry to lose him.

"Mmm. What is that smell?” Coming in the door Ryder followed his nose closely trailed by Big John. The look on Ryder’s face when he saw me proved hysterical, “What are you doing here? This is the big boys’ bus.” Ryder grew up with Brandt in our neighborhood and acted as more of a brother to me. His sisters were around my age, and although we were younger, we would always sneak into the garage when they were practicing.

“Nope, I just wanted to see how the other half lived.”

“Or Chelsea is in the second trimester.” They both looked at Quade when he spoke stifling a smirk. Their faces relaxed, and they both nodded their heads as if this was self-explanatory.

Big John walked around me grabbing a plate from the overhead cupboard, “Might as well partake in this food. They won’t be done for a while.” I couldn’t help laughing. Chelsea was such a reserved person it floored me to think it had been common knowledge of her and my brother and what went on during the middle of her gestation.

“Yeah, I guess you can stay here for tonight.” Ryder looked at Quade, and they both looked a little uneasy, “It might get a little... ah... loud later with JJ bringing a friend here.”

It only made me laugh harder, “Not you guys too. Seriously, I did go to college, remember? I attended enough frat parties to be able to handle anything you can dish out.”

Ryder chuckled, “You haven’t partied with JJ.”

Quade just shrugged, ”Aww, let her. JJ was at it again early. He will probably pass out soon.” They both nodded and I couldn’t help but think that maybe the ensuing tour hiatus would help to sober him up.

Just then a clatter arose at the door, mostly condensed of the maniacal giggling of the female variety. The door swung open with a crash and a busty woman in a tight mini skirt with just a pink lacy push-up bra boarded the bus. She had big shaggy hair an unnatural auburn color and too much makeup on.

JJ stumbled up the bus steps after her with bloodshot eyes having a hard time standing, but I doubted leaning on her for support would help. When Logan climbed on the bus, it got tighter with the amount of room in the cabin, and I was shoved behind Ryder for space in the small lounge area.

"JJ, next time wait to undress her until after you get her on the bus.” Logan threw a pink shirt at JJ who didn’t even attempt to catch it. “Better yet, wait until she gets into your bunk.” He appeared fed up with the whole rock star mentality, and I was glad he would be rid of all the unpleasantries in a couple of weeks even if I would miss him like mad.

“Afraid you might see something you might like, boy scout.” I flinched at the term the woman used. JJ only seemed amused by this.

JJ wrapped his arms around the woman’s hips bringing her ass against the front of him. Her large breasts jiggled with the force of his pull, “You want to join us, boy scout?”

Before Logan could answer, the woman added, “He might learn some new moves. I bet all he knows is missionary.” She giggled as she rubbed her ass against JJ, “Missionary is so boring. I sure could teach you a thing or two. Something to bring with you when you are hooking up with all that army pussy perhaps?”

Stepping out from behind Ryder, JJ and Logan both noticed my appearance as if I appeared out of thin air. “What the fuck is princess doing on the bus?”

Logan looked at me with concern. Did it bother him that I heard what JJ’s lady friend said, or that I currently viewed the ongoing debauchery? I had proof he knew more than the missionary position. Although my sex life with Logan wasn’t all about the release, our lovemaking wasn’t over the top contortionism, but that was what made it so extraordinary. We shared more than the physical aspects of sex. What we shared was special.

Ryder piped up, “She’s spending the night here tonight.”

JJ’s lips curled in a crude smile as he leered in my direction, “I have just the place for you to sleep.”

Logan stepped in front of his view. “She can have my bunk. I’ll sleep on the couch.” He looked behind himself and back at me, “We have to leave early anyway.” A guarded look covered his face that I couldn’t determine making me worried I made him upset with my presence.

Turning back to JJ they exchanged a look. Not one I could decipher. JJ leaned past him, “Well if you get lonely, I am on the bottom bunk. The one underneath you at the back of the bus.” He grinned wickedly and slipped his hand around the woman leading her in back and closing the door behind him.

Once the door slid shut, Big John piped up, “It might be better for her to be in the front of the bus.”

Ryder nodded his head. “Yeah, then JJ wouldn’t accidentally mistake your bunk for his too.”

Logan looked around and groaned before clenching his fists, ”Gah, Maybe you should sleep out here. I can get you some more blankets.”

I shook my head, ”JJ is harmless. He wouldn’t go after me when he has a buckle bunny on board.”

All the men glared at me and I just shrugged, “I have been learning some new words from the roadies.”

Big John burst into a deep guffaw as Quade joined him. Ryder put his arm on my shoulder and squeezed, “Brandt would not like it if you were hanging around with the roadies all the time but you are more than welcome to hang on this bus with us.” They all smiled at me and nod, even Logan displayed a sheepish grin.

I joined them for conversation while they ate, declining their offer for food knowing my appetite had been fulfilled already. Logan said he ate earlier too but all the while I kept picturing the romantic dinner for two we had not that long ago. While the guys were finishing eating, Logan made up a place for me on the sofa. Really it was just as big as the bunks in back, so I wasn’t put out in the least.

After dinner, Logan and Quade cleaned up while Ryder sat and watched TV with me. The door to the back only opened once when Big John went to the bathroom. I heard some moaning, but the door really did block out most of the soiled noise. By the time Big John came back upfront, the sounds from in back had subsided.

“Think you guys should be good to sleep now. All I heard was snoring.” He stretched and his wingspan took up the entirety of the whole RV. Yawning he finished, “Crowd control is rather good here, so I think I am just going to call it a night and go sleep on the roadie bus. You know, give the ‘other’ bus some family time tonight too.” He winked at me making me smile. I couldn’t help but like the guy. He really did care about all these miscreants and amazingly they looked up to him too.

“Should have known JJ was too hyped up to go long. I think now would be a good time to let you sleep too.” Ryder gave me a kiss on the top of my head as he pulled the blanket down over me before making his way to the back of the bus. He was always good to his sisters from what I remembered. Even when we all hit that awkward stage when the older brothers didn’t want us hanging around with them anymore, he made sure to take us to the mall or buy us some ice cream from the truck circling the block.

“Thanks guys,” I said to all of them but looked pointedly at Logan. His gorgeous blue eyes said his good night as he turned and made his way to his bunk.

Laying in the dark on the RV, sleep deceived me. Instead, I kept staring up at the ceiling, smelling the remnants of Logan’s delicious meal still floating in the air, but the smell didn’t keep me up — it was the knowledge that Logan slept so close by. He was on my mind constantly and I couldn’t stop thinking of his hands on my body, the way he kissed me, the way he made me feel. And the fact that I felt so desperate to be with him.

After an hour of tossing and turning, I’d had enough. Quietly sliding open the door to the back room, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure if all the guys were sleeping, so I wandered in slowly taking my time. The bunks were all closed with the same fiberglass coverings. To my relief so was JJs, but it made it hard to know who was behind them.

Tiptoeing into the area I heard one of them open. I was just about to ask for the bathroom to avoid any questions when I saw Logan peek his head out on the top bunk, the confusion on his face evident. Smiling, I hiked up my eyebrows making his look of confusion turn into one of astonishment when I pulled the covering up and started to climb in his bunk.

After settling all the way in and lowering the cover, I whispered, “And what were you doing still up?” A small giggle played on my voice.

He cleared his throat in a low rumble, “I couldn’t necessarily sleep with you just in the other room, now could I?” I loved that he thought about me too.

“So, were you just concerned with my safety being on the man whore bus?”

He chuckled softly, “That and the fact you are wearing those tiny shorts again. You have the best ass ever.” My turn to laugh as I cuddled under his blanket with him.

“What exactly were you hoping to accomplish by coming onto a bus loaded with guys dressed like that?”

Curling into his side, I ran my fingertips over the outline of his chest muscles, admiring his build for the umpteenth time. “Hoping to get you alone and finish what we started on the rooftop.” And then thinking what JJ said, “We can do missionary.”

He became defensive, “I can do more than missionary.”

Quickly I tried to explain, silently thinking I could be such an idiot at times. “Of course you can. I just meant it is my favorite position with you.” Kissing his neck, licking it between my words, I continued, “It is the best position for me to look in your eyes and watch you thrust into me.” I reached his jaw and sucked lightly. “Besides, you have the best angle for hitting my g-spot.” I went to reach for him, and he was rock hard. Too hard for it to be just from my talk. Smiling, I hoped he laid in bed thinking dirty thoughts of me as I did to him.

“What...” He had a hard time concentrating once my hand grasped him in his shorts making quick work of stroking him. “...what if the guys hear?” He talked in very clipped words and I celebrated the effect I had on him.

“We will have to just be quiet.”

Sliding down my short bottoms, I was just about to climb on him when he pulled his shorts down and rolled on top of me. The bunk height was adequate for me to sit up some, but I could be hitting my head should I be on top. Missionary appeared to be the more reasonable position, so I hope he didn’t mind.

Logan reached up into his stowaway shelf to the head of the bed and pulled out a condom. Sitting up as far as he possibly could, I watched as he rolled the covering on his impressive cock.

Settling back down between my legs he reached up my shirt for my breasts keeping me clothed as much as possible should we need a quick getaway, but I missed the skin on skin contact. How his chest would brush my nipples and how torturous yet stimulating it was.

Once positioned at my entrance, he stayed silent as he tugged my chin up to look in his eyes before he gorged me with his thick cock. The sensation opened me up to his erection as well as his passion and longing. I loved how he placed my needs above his own both physically and emotionally.

Slowly and quietly we met each other in the middle. The drive not frenzied or hurried, instead a gentle and leisurely fluid existence building up to a heat like no other. Our kisses were quiet caresses of each other’s lips and each silent moan was drawn up by each other to prevent a sound from escaping our little cavern.

Gliding, hovering, and floating we slowed our strokes flying higher and higher before striking oblivion. He watched my eyes and as insecure as I felt when he did that, it also made me feel treasured. Running my hands through his hair, I worked my way down to hold on to his broad shoulders. It wasn’t until he felt me dig in with my nails that he knew I was close.

Swallowing my cries, he placed his mouth over mine and drank in my uneven breathing as my stomach quivered and my legs clasp tight around his hips. The whole bus moved with my release, or maybe it was the whole earth by the feel of it. The slowness and tenderness of the moment only enhanced my explosion around him and the sensation made my mind fuzzy.

Throb, throb, throb...throb, throb...throb, throb, throb...throb.

Even my spasms were out of sync with our lovemaking. The whole night was surreal and now my every consideration was on him. Grabbing his ass, I held him close to milk out my last spasm and then angled my hips to gain him access to go as deep as possible. He groaned and took an instant liking to the position letting him go so deep inside me until I could feel him touching my cervix.

“Come for me again,” He beckoned me between deep plunges.

“I... I am not very good at doing multiples.” I might not be good at it, but he did feel wonderful sliding against my sensitive nerve endings.

“I don’t come until you do.” It startled me. Hindering his release, knowing how hard he was with all this stimulation, must be driving him mad. He felt so rigid before he even entered me I didn’t think he could really hold off much longer.

“But what if I can’t.”

He groaned, “Would you really do that to me?” I heard the playfulness in his voice, but I also heard the desperation. As much as I would love another powerful orgasm for myself, I wanted to give him his release.

Moaning, I shifted him to the side momentarily sliding my hand between us, “This would be so much easier if I had my vibrator.”

Stopping suddenly, he stuttered, “You have one of those?”

I grinned in the darkness of the bunk, “Doesn’t everyone?”

Resuming his penetration of me, I felt the eagerness in his thrusts. Could just the knowledge of me pleasuring myself really turn him on? Trying in vain to stifle his soft grunts he continued the banter obviously not too shaken. “I don’t have one but damn, I wish I did.” I laughed in his neck as he worked me harder, stroking in deep, and then jerking at the end to hit my g-spot.

Circling my clit with my fingers brought me back to the threshold. Little zings of pleasure coursed up my sex making my stomach start its routine to the finish line. Taking the time to fondle my heavy breast he thumbed my nipple pushing me upward toward ecstasy. Long leisurely thrusts went by the wayside, in its place were only quick short thrusts angled up to hit my hypersensitive bundle of nerves, and I started to rock my hips and circle my clit faster.

Panting and breathing into each other, he moaned, “Rea, oh God Rea.” His climax unstoppable, he thrust one more time before he jerked inside of me forcing me to catch up to his euphoria. Shaking, I met his upward thrust causing the uneven throbbing sensation to start. ”Loogggaaann, ahhhh.” Long and drawn out just like our lovemaking but so well worth it.

Feeling the rush of him into the condom, he collapsed on top of me. Sweat laden and tired, he laid on me catching his breath. It should be uncomfortable with the weight of his massive body, but it had a calming effect. Sliding out of me first he tilted to the side, grasping the bottom of the condom to prevent any from coming out. Watching him take it off, he just laid there with it in his hand unable to dispose of it.

“Don’t you have a trash can in here?” There was a large shelf to the head of the bed stuffed with items.


“Then where do you put all your used condoms?” I pointed to his hand with the spent protection.

“I never had to deal with this before.”

“You... you never had sex in your bunk?”

He shook his head, “Never on the tour bus.” And I smiled with the knowledge I just might be special to him. It melted my heart but really anything this man did to me had me feeling extraordinary.

Letting me get dressed first, I shimmied into my pajama pants and put out my hand. “I will get rid of it in the bathroom.”

Concerned, he looked at the condom in his hand and then back at me shaking his head. “Ah, I think I should be doing this.”

I laughed at his chivalry, “I already had all of your fluids on my stomach not too long ago as well as swallowing some of it too. This should be easy.” Snatching it out of his hand I gave a soft chuckle as I worked the bunk cover open.

When I managed the height of the bunk, I chanced a look back at him. His face was so... peaceful, gazing at me with boyish good looks and a calm to his face. The small amount of light in the glow of his bunk created almost an aura around him, convincing me of his perfection.

Before letting me go he stroked my face tenderly, hesitating with words on the tip of his tongue, “Rea... I... I really think...”

Fear flashed before my eyes. Instead of being happy with what he was about to exclaim. it filled me with dread. No! Don’t say those words. They were cruel words when you knew your relationship wasn’t meant to last.

With a shaking hand, I reached out and put a finger on his lips. Slowly I swallowed down the lump in my throat before continuing. “I will see you in the morning. Sleep tight.” Moving my fingers around to stroke up his jaw I finally rustled his hair all the while fighting back tears, not letting him utter those words because it would be impossible for me to not say it back.

His look of longing wasn’t of the sexual kind this time. No, instead he missed the closeness we shared and so did I. I just couldn’t be sucked into thinking we had a chance together. A chance at a future that would never materialize. He was going one way, and I was going the other. Only ten more days to share between us.

Helping him to close the cover on his bunk, I quietly made my way to the bathroom. After using it to clean up a little and dispose of the condom, I opened the door to lightly trek back to bed and ran into a sleepy Ryder.

In an instant, I knew he was on to us, although I also knew he wouldn’t say anything. It wasn’t his habit to bud into confidences. He may joke with the rest, and he may seem like an open book, but he never gossiped.

Moving around to retreat to my bed, I felt him grab at my wrist. “Just be careful Rebecca.”

Nodding, I stepped around him leaving for the front and wondering what he meant. Did he know we were having sex? Well of course he did. I obviously wasn’t with anyone else on the bus. Quade would never cheat on his wife, and JJ? He already had been taken care of for the night. He knew I had sex with Logan, but did he know the why? Why I would need to be so careful?

Yeah, he probably did. He knew how risky this was both for Logan’s benefit and for the benefit of my soon to be broken heart. He was right, I needed to be more careful.

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