Innocent Trust

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Chapter 21


Avoiding Logan the whole week proved damn hard. Although he had other employees to add the security cameras to the pool house and surrounding areas, he chose to do the work himself which was lucky for him since so many ‘issues’ were discovered. Monday it was some structural issue. Tuesday it had something to do with the electrical circuits. Wednesday only half the cameras could be installed due to a part on backorder which didn’t come in until Thursday requiring a lengthy stay to correct the angles of the cameras. Each day he managed to catch me alone and came on to me strong.

Hindering his every growing charm and powers of seduction wasn’t easy, and I could feel my reserve fleeting. The only reason I could abstain for as long as I did was the difference I saw in him from before. Logan didn’t seem the same boy I knew seven years ago. The man before me was still sexy as sin but something changed, hardened almost, and I guessed it was what the army life did to a person. He had been overseas, adapting to a culture I would never understand, and it must change a person, but did it make them so presumptuous? So brash? So sexually frustrating? The Logan I knew before was sweet and considerate, still sexy in his own way. Regardless of his larger, virile physique, this Logan didn’t have any of the tenderness he had bestowed on me so long ago.

The truth being, I still wanted him. My body craved the physical contact. I was never able to find another lover as no one could take his place. I fell for the open and honest man who wore his heart on his sleeve, and no one could compare to the vision of the perfect love still lingering in my head from all those years ago.

But this was someone different. Had it been the same Logan as before, I would have caved by now. It didn’t stop me from seeing glimpses of the man I once loved though. The way he was with the kids, especially Lena. Always treating her kindly, and she followed him around like he was the most fascinating person on the planet. He never complained either and answered her persistent questions with a thoughtful answer. Each time I saw them together felt like daggers piercing my heart. I should have told him. Just another stupid, thoughtless decision on my part and I couldn’t devise a solution no matter how hard I tried.

If I told him now what would happen? I had no fear of his rejection. On the contrary, my fear lied in the fact he might be so upset by my omission he would take her from me. We lived on opposite coasts. The next twelve years would be holidays spent on a plane or worse yet, he would fight me for custody and deprive me of the only person who made my life whole.

But didn’t he deserve to know? Overwhelming fear kept me quiet. We only had a couple more days before we left. If I could keep him and my libido at bay, we would go back to our lives the way they were and my secret would be safe.

Chelsea and I were on the beach watching Lena and Angel while they built sandcastles near the shoreline when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Logan appeared on the deck, looking down at us, specifically at my ass, making me feel the heat of his gaze. He had the decency to shield his wandering eyes with sunglasses before Chelsea noticed as she waved him down. She mentioned with a hint of playfulness in her voice, “Wow. Logan is back again. It is funny how he keeps showing up.”

“Yeah, funny.” Butterflies fluttered in my stomach as I watched him walk the length of the beach towards where we stood. He still had that effect on me after all these years, but he truly was the sexiest man I knew.

He had a short-sleeved business shirt on and navy-blue pants. Casual albeit professional, and ripped as hell. The combination was startling. Reflective sunglasses disguised his expression although the smirk on his face lent to his enjoyment of my unease. Did he notice me checking him out? I fought so hard to keep my face stoic but more and more I let my guard down, and he relished in the fact I was drowning in my own sexual fantasies about him lately.

“Chelsea, Rea, so sorry to barge in but the silent alarm to the pool house went off, and although the cameras didn’t show anything, I wanted to personally come and check.”

Chelsea’s eyebrows furrowed as did mine and I remarked, “We didn’t hear any alarms?”

Logan's smile was directed at me, “I did say they were silent.” He looked at me like I didn’t quite understand the concept and it aggravated me a little. Actually, I wish he would aggravate me more. That way I wouldn’t be thinking of him every night before bed when I turned out the lights.

“The cameras didn’t show anything, and it could be an angle not set up right. Do you mind if I check?” His eyes never left mine as he asked for Chelsea’s permission.

If Chelsea noticed my unease, she didn’t mention it. “Oh, no mind. I know these things take time to set up. Which camera do you need?”

“The one off the bedroom. I might need to go into the pool house. Would it bother you, Rea?” Hell yes it would. Thinking of Logan in my bedroom would certainly bother me but I couldn’t really deny him.

“No. Be my guest.” Lena’s erratic movements beside me grabbed my attention alerting me to her sudden need to use the bathroom. It was the same dance she did when she waited too long and didn’t want to stop her fun to take a break. “Lena, you should really go to the bathroom. The sandcastle can wait.“.

“But Momma, we are just about to put water in the moot.” Luckily she had never soiled her pants, but it wasn’t healthy for her to hold it in.

Smiling at her way of words, I corrected her, “Moat honey, and it can wait until you come back.”

Logan’s gracious offer came from behind me, “I can take her.”

Afraid of the two of them alone together, I froze. Seeing them together the night of the awards show, all curled up comfortable and relaxed with each other, physically hurt. My heart broke into pieces knowing neither one knew about the other despite an obvious bond forming. “No!” It came out more forceful than it should. “Ah, I will take her.” Grabbing Lena’s hand with Logan on my heels I contemplated taking her to the main house but knew she would never make it.

Inside the house, she sprinted to the bathroom shutting the door in a hurry solidifying my choice in the closest bathroom being sound. I wished she was younger and still required my help. She became more and more independent in all things hygienic, especially the closer she turned to six years of age. Last week she insisted baths were for babies and started to take a shower. Much to my dismay, my baby was growing up.

Logan brushed past me in the hall and headed for my bedroom. Mentally I tried to remember if I cleaned up but with Lena sleeping in the main house, I had been a little lax. I stole a quick glance in my room anyway relieved it looked somewhat composed. Logan noticed and smirked at me, “Making sure you put your vibrator away so I wouldn’t see it?” My eyes widen at his boldness.

“As a matter of fact, I left it at home.” No use denying it. He knew I had one years ago.

His eyes grew dark with my unabashed remark. “It must make it hard to go to sleep at night then.”

Heat rose to my face recognizing how true that statement had become for me lately. “I... I... sleep fine.” Well that didn’t sound convincing.

Making his way back to me, he trapped me with his blue eyes now that the sunglasses came off. “I’m not so concerned about how you sleep in your bed.” Standing in front of me, I smelled a mix of his cologne and soap both strangely alluring as my eyes drifted down his body to relinquish the desire he was feeding me. I didn’t want to lose myself in his eyes but looking at his massive chest didn’t do anything to bury the heat rising inside of me either. This beating around the bush was killing me. All the sniffing around each other like dogs in heat began to wear me down.

“You look good Rea. Your shorts remind me of those little cut-offs you would wear when I first met you. They make your ass look fantastic.” Unable to back up any farther, I let myself be pinned to the wall but hated the effect he had over me.

“What do you want from me, Logan? Just tell me that.” Pressing up against me I felt his strong body next to mine. Fighting to not just touch him everywhere I shoved my hands in the pockets of my shorts.

“What do I want? I want to know if you still think of me Rea. Especially when you are alone at night with no one watching. I want to know if you remember how it was between us. I want to know if you still grind your teeth when you are about to climax. More importantly, I want to know if you think about me when you use your little hand-held device on your sensitive little clit. Do you Rea?” Rendering me speechless, our eyes meet and the rest of the world slipped away. The blue of his eyes turned a shade darker with the lust coursing through his body. Convinced he already knew the answers to his questions, I remained silent and focused on his firm jaw, the slope of his lips, the length of his lashes.

Stunned into submission, I swallowed deeply before his lips met mine. Sparks flew as he cupped the back of my head and tilted my mouth to take him in. His leg wedged an opening between my own, compressing his hardness to my lower abdomen. With every plunge of his tongue in my accepting mouth, he jolted his hips, overwhelming my clit with his upper thigh, sending lightning bolts up from my stimulated sex. Within seconds my deprived body surged to the point of release as I opened further to enjoy his handy work.

Did I not have any restraint around this man? I felt out of control and gave up what little discipline I had to him eagerly. Breaking the contact with his mouth, he whispered in my ear, “Meet me at the hotel down the road. Let’s find out what is really going on here.” His hand traveled up my ribs to the outline of my breast, rolling his fingers around where the clothed nipple became erect to his skilled fingers.

“I... I... can’t.” My breath came in little pants as I continued to contemplate his offer. Just when my reserve started to crumple the door to the bathroom opened and Logan released his hold on me before Lena bounced into the bedroom to find us. Any adult would have seen it for what it was worth, but Lena had the blinders of childhood on.

"Momma I’m ready.” Logan’s look of disappointment met my look of relief. Was I really thinking of leaving my child for a mid-afternoon sex session? What kind of mother was I?

Quickly I tried to recover. “Yes honey. Let’s get back to your castle and see if it can hold water.” Chancing a glance back at Logan, I took her hand to leave. Jaw clenched and steely blue eyes drilled into my own. Had we more than a second longer, I was more than convinced he would have gotten his way.

Saturday couldn’t come fast enough, and if it wasn’t for Lena being so excited to celebrate her birthday party with her cousins, I would have booked an earlier flight home. She had such little time with her Uncle Brandt and Aunt Chelsea, not to mention the other children, the children she regarded as siblings, I would feel like an ass flying home only because her sexually frustrated mother couldn’t keep her hands off the only man to make her feel like a human being.

Brandt manned the burgers on the grill, while Chelsea busied herself with the outdoor seating arrangements since the weather cooperated with our festivities. The kids ran around below on the beach kicking a ball between them, each taking their turn and having fun.

Signaling the meal ready, Chelsea called down to the kids to wash their hands and meet us on the deck. Knowing I wouldn’t be welcomed to teach a budding independent girl the proper way to wash, I relegated to serving up the drinks when I turned around to see Logan. “Hello Rea.”

“Where did you come from?” With only one day left I hoped he would make it easy on me considering it was my daughter’s birthday party, not needing to be stalked by the muscular behemoth himself.

“Logan! Glad you could make it.” Chelsea smiled at him although I couldn’t do the same. Grinning, he took great delight in my discomfort.

“Glad for the invite Chelsea. It isn’t every day I get to come to one of your cookouts.” Smirking at my seething display, he left to shake Brandt’s hand as they exchanged pleasantries while I wanted to hide in a hole.

A large gift-wrapped package under his arm was thrust in my hands as he left my vicinity to sit by Chelsea at the patio table as if he had been here a thousand times. Hell, he probably had, but did today need to be another one of them? As it was, I tossed and turned so much last night I felt like the walking dead. Trying to get my dander up and turn my interest in him to aggression didn’t work either as he looked so handsome, dressed in khaki pants and a button-down royal blue shirt accentuating his dark hair and blue eyes. He was sex incarnate and I could already feel myself heating up. Damn him.

The kids came up and all screamed his name while he greeted them just as eager. He was so at ease with them and it didn’t surprise me when Lena insisted on sitting next to him at the table. Groaning, I made my way over knowing my torture was only starting.

The meal was more pleasant than I expected. The kids all fought for Logan’s attention, but he gave the birthday girl more than her fair share. She fawned over him and when it came to opening the presents, I full out gaped at him.

He bought her a treasure chest with a tiny lock and key, and when she opened it another pirate book was inside. He said it was for all her treasures, and she was so excited she nearly toppled the big lug with her hugs. It was hard to watch how close they had become in just a weeks’ time. How in sync they were with each other. It was scary.

“Did grandpa and grandma Stennet give me a present too?” Lena’s question startled me out of my thoughts.

“Oh no honey. Their present is back in New Hampshire. You get another party with them when we get back. Your uncle Dean promised to come out too. Not every girl gets to celebrate her birthday twice. Maybe you could even invite a friend to a sleepover? ”

“Evelyn?” My nose scrunched in distaste for the little she-devil herself, but I disguised it as an itch to my nose. I hoped to tempt her in branching out to someone less bossy knowing she took full advantage of my daughter.

“Or someone else. It doesn’t need to be Evelyn if you have other friends you would like to invite. I’m sure Evelyn has a lot going on with summer around the corner.”

She tilted her head in a way that let me know her little mind was in overdrive. “Evelyn’s got a birthday next month and has lots of parties. She has two sets of grandparents, so she always gets two parties.” Her comment brought tears to my eyes and I had to look away. Logan caught my look and I could see pity on his face, making it hurt all the worse.

“Yeah, babes. Sorry about that.” Choked up, I excused myself to the bathroom. Any more emotional turmoil for the week and I was bound to lose my mind. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

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