Innocent Trust

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Chapter 22


The look of pain in Rea’s eyes brought a quiet over the boisterous party. She looked stricken, excusing herself for the bathroom soon after Lena’s innocent comment, making me feel sorry for her. She had been through a lot as a single parent and both she and Lena had suffered from it.

What kind of bastard would leave a pregnant woman and a harmless child to fend for themselves? Brandt told me Lena never received a dime from him and had supported her all by herself. She wouldn’t even take any help from Brandt, and the little he had gifted her was put away for her college fund.

Did this guy even realize what he gave up? His daughter was one of the most remarkable little girls I had ever met, and Rea had grown into just as much of an amazing mother. Supporting and looking after a child evolved her to be a strong, reliable woman. He was stupid to throw away what could have been an amazing family life.

Jealousy reared inside of me. Jealousy for a man who got to hold Rea for even a short time after me. And hate. Hate for the way he could just callously leave her all alone to raise his child. What kind of man abandoned his own child? It took its toll on Rea. Made her lose some of the independence she was starting to discover. She didn’t even try to leave her family’s business and who knows what she could have become if she believed in herself enough to let herself dream.

Lena looked around at all the fallen faces and noticed the change in the mood, “Well maybe my grandparents are pirates and my daddy is a hero pirate?”

I couldn’t stand her sad little face, so I answered before anyone else, “Maybe your daddy is a good pirate but I bet even Evelyn doesn’t have an uncle Brandt.”

Tilting her head in retrospect, she managed a shake to her head, “No, she has a cool uncle. He owns a candy store.”

A slow chuckle worked its way around the table, but Lena didn’t have a clue why it would be so funny. I poked Brandt in the ribs, “So you are not as cool as an uncle that owns a candy store now are you.”

Lightening the mood, he quipped, “No, I guess I’m not that cool but tomorrow I am definitely looking to buy a candy store.” Chelsea rolled her eyes at him before another round of laughter surfaced.

“Well, time for cake and ice cream!” Rea emerged from the kitchen, renewed energy disguising her pain. The kids screamed, and we all followed Rea inside to sing to Lena and watch her blow out the candles.

Unable to help myself I stared at Rea the whole time. She was lovely today. She had on this flowing sundress showing off her well-endowed chest but came modestly down to her knees. It didn’t stop the wind from kicking it up now and then and I got an eyeful of her slender thighs. She had been driving me insane all week wearing those little shorts akin to what she wore while on tour with Brandt. The kind that enhanced her shapely form to the point it made my pants tighten in the front, making me feel like a pervert at a children’s birthday party.

Biding my time, I waited for my chance knowing how close I came to breaking her yesterday. I felt her succumb to my advances, and if Lena stayed in the bathroom for just a minute longer, she would have caved. But as soon as Lena came out, my hands flew off her. Seducing Rea was one thing, but I didn’t do that shit in front of her daughter. I wouldn’t stoop that low.

After the picnic lunch was finished and the presents were all opened, the heat of the May day in California came on in full force. Outside play was suspended for an indoor activity and all the kids voted on the new pirate movie Lena wanted to watch. With the kids in the family room, and Brandt and Chelsea in the kitchen making popcorn, I made my move finding Rea in the upstairs playroom packing away the rest of Lena’s gifts to take back with them on the flight home tomorrow. With our time running short, I upped my game.

When Rea stood up from packing away all Lena’s treasures, she almost knocked me over had I not been expecting it. “Logan!”

Startled, her eyes flared with hidden excitement. “Rea, did I tell you how divine you look today?”

Walking backward to get away from my glare, she stuttered her reply, ”Nnnnno, but you really don’t have to.”

Shaking my head, I closed the distance. “It wouldn’t be respectful of me if I didn’t tell you how hot you look in your dress. Did you wear it for me?”

Stumbling back more, I kept up with her. “Nonsense. I didn’t even know you were coming.” Floor space diminished as her back landed flush against the back wall and it brought a slew of sexual thoughts running through my head of her being banged hard in just this same position.

“Did you think of my offer?”

“What... what offer?” She was playing coy with me, but the way her heart was pounding, and the way her breath increased, I knew she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Feelings of the past flooded my senses renewing my urgency to get her alone. The air was hot around us as it usually was lately.

“The offer of the hotel just down the road. You know the one. The St. James hotel. We could steel away from here and find out what is really going on between us.” Placing my hand on her side my thumb rubbed slow circles on her hip bone and I felt the electricity between us rise to epic proportions.

Swallowing slowly, she turned her head to look over at the doorway exposing her neck, and I went in for the kill. Lightly sucking her pulse point, I nipped at the tender flesh as a dick hardening moan rippled up her throat to vibrate my tongue. The scent of peaches and the ocean wafted around us as I felt myself getting hard. I wanted her so bad, one orgasm wouldn’t be enough. We played this game for too long and it had only worked against me. My desire grew so strong for her I feared what it would do to my primary goal. I needed to remember; this was only a revenge fuck. Love her and leave her.

“It is my kid’s birthday party. I can’t...” Her train of thought faltered when I pushed her dress up to lightly graze the inside of her thigh to her soaked panties.

I smiled into her neck. “Your kid is well taken care of. Let me take care of you Rea.” Another moan erupted from her while I circled the outside of her panties and kissed the dip by the base of her neck. As if magnetic, her leg wrapped around my hip positioning her to my advantage.

“I...” Her panting was sexy as hell but not near enough. I wanted her writhing underneath me, grinding her teeth reminding me like it once was. Sex so impassioned we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. Actually no, this time would be better. This time would be the excitement she craved when she rejected me all those years ago.

Rea’s erratic breathing made her chest heave into mine, poking my front with her erect nipples through the cotton of my shirt. Her eyes drifted closed much to my displeasure since I loved watching them cloud with arousal. Her caramel eyes would smolder with her heightened awareness that her body took on. The urge to take her right here in this room was overwhelming but too risky.

Instead, I brought my fingers up to the drenched cotton panties and pushed them aside to get at her slippery folds. She sucked in her breath as my finger delved slowly inside her tight tunnel. The warm and dripping tissue sucking me in, and I delivered it back to her.

Gradually inching forward, I strummed the sensitive bundle of nerves inside her channel only to move it as far as I could go and then repeat it in just as slow of fashion. The stimulation grew her little nub under my thumb while I flicked it gently causing her body to tremble underneath me. Her legs buckled and if I wasn’t holding her, she would have collapsed and ended my fun.

“Logan...” Her head fell against my chest and her panting heated my shirt. Digging her fingers into my biceps I was forced to keep up the rhythm knowing how close she was to surrendering to my command. But I had to be careful. I needed to leave her wanting. If I took things too far, she may not follow me destroying my plans for revenge.

“So, what do you say Rea? Will you come with me?” Placing another finger inside her tunnel she gripped at it tightly. She swelled around me but still didn’t answer. “Will you come for me, Rea?” She rode my fingers and searched for her imminent release, looking so fucking sexy I hated to stop. “Come with me, Rea. Come!” Freeing my hold on her, I removed my dripping fingers from her craving pussy demanding an answer.

Her pained expression at being denied her release bothered me, but the selfish prick I was wanted it my way. Convinced she was in no place to turn me down, I left throwing directions her way, “St. James hotel. I will be waiting for you in the parking lot.”

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