Innocent Trust

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Chapter 23


“There is only one room left. It is a loft suite with a beautiful view of the ocean.”

“Yeah, fine, whatever. We will take it.” Logan was anxious to get to the room before I would back out of the arrangement. It crossed my mind but as I glanced up at him thinking for the hundredth time since seeing him again almost a week ago, I shouldn’t be attracted to him, and I certainly shouldn’t be with him again knowing I kept the secret of his daughter from him. I was treading on dangerous turf positive sooner or later I would get burned.

Not knowing how I could explain my decision to keep Lena from her father now, I knew it would hurt everyone involved. Whenever I acted on my impulses it never turned out good, but yet here I was living my life as if one day I would figure out the correct answer to my choices with no regrets.

One afternoon of great sex wouldn’t stop the inevitable shitstorm to follow, but I was helpless to control the desire boiling over. It would be different this time. The Logan of my past made me feel wonderful, cherished, loved. This Logan still exuded sexuality, but at least he wasn’t the tender and loving man I fell in love with. Always so affectionate, so compassionate to the point of filling my fantasies for the past seven years. That Logan was a keeper, this one I could find my passion with and leave behind, finally extinguishing a long-drawn-out flame I carried for him for too long.

What would life have been if we stayed together? It was a cruel thought. Cruel because I knew his decision should I had let him make it. Logan was a man of honor and would have stayed with me feeling trapped with a kid and possibly a wife instead of living the life he really wanted since forever. The one where he was free to search for his dream.

Of course, I still let my mind drift to the better alternative. One where our life turned out whimsical. Every morning I would wake to him, and we would make love, and every night he would hold me and protect me, making me feel like my life held value. Not just as a mother. No, I loved my daughter and thanked God every day I kept her, but Logan would treasure me and hold me with esteem. Treat me like I was his one and only and it was the vision that kept me going through the long, hard nights so ingrained in me it made it impossible to date anyone else.

I shouldn’t be walking to the elevator with him. I shouldn’t be getting on to the elevator and I shouldn’t be getting off to go to a room and make love to a man so dangerous to my psyche.

Then why was I? Because I still loved him.

Leading me down the hall I refused to look up at him. The heat we felt for each other still felt palpable in the immediate vicinity, and by avoiding his gaze I kept a brief modem of control knowing once inside the door, all of it would be thrown by the wayside.

As I walked in and the door closes, he spun me around and pressed me up against the wall. I sucked in my breath unable to abstain from his steely blue eyes. They turned dark and the lust-filled look soaked my panties - again. The look on his face was feral with an expression so intense I felt it down deep in my core.

His mouth crashed into mine before I could utter stop. With my last ounce of resistance depleted, I crumbled. Our mouths bashed together in a ricochet of dominance as I tried to drink him in one drop at a time. Pushing his tongue inside my mouth, he made my taste buds come alive with his flavor. My hands skimmed his broad shoulders as my purse slipped out of my grasp falling to the floor without a care. His body pressed against me in the most delightful way and I could already feel his erection through his pants.

When his hands wandered up my side and around to cup my breasts through the thin fabric of my sundress, I moaned long and hard. His fingers stimulated my nipples while his tongue demanded my attention. He was always a good kisser, making me crave his lips on mine as if they were my lifeline.

Grasping and tugging, he worked my breasts and nipples until I writhed underneath him pinned to the wall with me unabashedly rubbing my pelvis into his to find relief. Not being touched this way in so long I felt tears stinging my eyes with relief. Moaning like a dog in heat, I felt his palms leave my breasts and work their way south. Pleasure mounted with visions of what he would do to me without the barrier of clothes.

Working up the hem of my dress he lifted it over my head and in a split-second he returned his lips to my naked skin. Kicking off my shoes in anticipation, I went all out forgetting any reason to hold back. Yes, I wanted the slow tender movements of earlier days but maybe once the immediate passion dissipated between us then we could concentrate on slow and meaningful. Unless, of course, superficial lust was the only thing left between us. Then once the itch was scratched it would make it easier to turn away from him. I almost wished it were true knowing this man had the power to break me.

Unwilling to stop the momentum he started, I pulled open his button shirt exposing his broad, chiseled chest. He was much more developed than in the past. The young man of my fantasies blossomed into a masculine man now the age of thirty only growing better with time. Clawing at the rest of his shirt, I gave my hands full range to wander over his solid muscles as he devoured my lips and nipped at my neck causing a fluttering feeling in my stomach.

He prowled like a lion as he shuffled the shirt down his arms and off his body. When my hands work down to his pants, he denied me. Looking in his eyes, knowing how both worked up we were at the moment, I wondered why the hesitation. Giving no indication from his expression, he threw my hands up against the wall and kissed me deeply making me forget about the recent issue. Rendering me immobile, he worked his way down my body with his tongue and teeth exciting all my senses while still holding my hands tight against the wall. My eyelids heavy with pleasure, I fought to keep them open watching his naked back strain to reach all my sensitive areas. Licking a path down my chest to the aching buds of my breasts, he contorted himself to lick and suck my nipples. I arched my back forcing my breasts in his face seeking the pleasure of his lips.

Trying to lick further down my body without relinquishing the restraint he had on my wrists, he soon gave up as the height difference made it a difficult task. Growling his frustration, he bent down liberating my arms. Changing tactics, he grabbed the small webbing on my panties at the damp crotch, ripping suddenly and exposing the trapped heat of my sex to the cooler air of the room. I screamed out in pleasure and shock, totally absorbed with the crazed look on his face.

Crouching down, the thickness of his thighs apparent through his pants, he reached forcefully between my upper legs and slid me up the wall. I was scooped up precariously balanced on his upper arms with my core fully exposed and in his face. Without stopping, he elevated me to his full standing position still braced against the hotel wall, and I thanked the spirits that be we were able to rent the loft suite as to not hit my head on the ceiling.

His strength amazed me, both erotic and dangerous. The only handhold I had was on his impossibly short hair which posed no likely grip for what he had in mind, and I was left at his mercy. Although scared to topple over, it also thrilled me in the knowledge his strong body would never let me fall.

With his hands leveraging himself against the wall and me balanced on his elbows, his eyes met mine with a smirk on his face. My body, incredibly flushed with need, screamed for vindication.

And then he licked his lips.

Tongue down and swirling around my clit, I fought the urge to buck against him and throw us off balance. Savagely he clamped his mouth tight against my clit and ran his tongue in circles. Having no handhold, I was forced to take it. Even the small movement of wriggling into him could make us topple and I couldn’t chance it. It felt too fucking good. Instead, my nails found purchase in his scalp and I felt my stomach start to shake with core strength I didn’t even know I possessed.

On and on, he tormented my clit with his tongue until I begged for him to make me come, to put me out of my misery. “Logan. Oh God please.” The excitement of the wild manhandling and my fevered sexual response was getting too powerful, almost criminal. Heat and need made me cry out over and over as his name escaped my lips. Unable to stop myself I squirmed around, and just as expected, he handled my weight like I weighed nothing. His focus not only to pleasure me but also to keep me safe.

My head smashed back into the wall as a wave of pleasure shot painfully to my sex where his tongue buried deep in my folds. I contracted around it powerfully, hearing his progressive groan vibrate my sensitive bottom lips. My scream of bliss echoed off the high ceiling of our loft hotel room as I weakened in his arms. Guiding me down the wall, I clung to him lifeless. My head in the crook of his neck as my sweaty breasts stuck to his own drenched chest.

Still holding onto my hips and ass, he wrapped my legs around him and moved us over to the low dresser. Fighting to focus my sated mind, I looked up at him through hooded eyes. “Logan I...” Breathlessly I tried again but his mouth attacked mine as I tasted my flavor on his lips. The scent of my sex drifts up between us, but I was too far gone to be embarrassed. Resting my ass against the cold wood of the dresser, he unzipped his pants and my body came to attention with the promise of feeling him inside me. His stiff rod was out and pressing on my inner thigh searching for a home. Fear replaced lust as I realized what happened the last time we didn’t use protection. As I was about to twist away from him knowing what this could mean in nine months, I heard the wrapper of a condom packet and sighed in relief sure I couldn’t deny him fatherhood twice in a lifetime.

Without breaking contact with my mouth, he gave enough room to sheath himself and let go of his massive erection causing both my mouth to water as far as areas farther south. Lifting my hips, he angled me to him and shoved his shaft deep in one fell thrust. He stifled my cry of rapture with his mouth and sucked in my pleasurable groans from my body. My chest heaved into him still deep within me and my soft breasts pressed against his inflexible chest.

Logan’s lips lost contact with my mouth as he sucked in a deep breath and started to plunge inside of me feverishly as if his life depended on it. Still stimulated from his tongue on my clit I could feel him nudge it mercilessly. With each lunge, my core clenched forcing me to stave off another orgasm knowing it would be the end of me. Up, up, up I went and when I pulled back to let the blood settle, he wasn’t having any of it. Wrapping my legs around his muscular waist to angle into me further, my crossed feet hit his lower ass realizing he hadn’t even taken off his pants. They were still hanging just below his pelvis, and his firm and well-formed thigh muscles held them in place while screwing me near unconsciousness.

With a death grip on his broad shoulders, I tried to hold on as he drove into me over and over, angling upward and hitting my g-spot. He knew all my sensitive areas, and he was not holding back. I grabbed onto his back digging my nails in for strength to withstand the pleasure. Arching my body into his I let my head curve back and my hair dangle, tickling my back, but the thrusting soon lessened my hold and I found myself frantically gripping his large biceps to steady myself before I fell completely apart.

Opening myself up to him worked in his favor as he bent his head down and his teeth clamped on my nipple. Cunningly he played with it between his teeth. bringing me to the brink of pain and then staving it off as he let it slip from his bite only to do it again over and over until my head blurred with sensation.

Still plunging deep inside me he angled my hips again, this time to grind into me. The inches between us gave way to his hand as it searched out for my clit. Half groan half cry worked its way up my throat. Supporting my low back with only one strong hand, he flicked my clit with his other, and I was forced to withstand his harried deep thrusts and the sensation was more than I could bear. Grinding my teeth, I felt it. Small sharp pleasurable pinpricks angle from my appendages and shot through my body to my slick tunnel. Muscles clamp down and I squeezed him further into me as he moaned and buried his head in the crook of my neck shaking but still holding back his release. My vision tunneled dark in the room before coming back to the light within. “Logan! Oh God, Logan.” It was tight. Too tight and I feared my climax would not ease up. Tears of need of the release formed in the back of my eyes but there was too much pleasure shooting through my body to let them go. Finally, I slumped into him exhausted.

But he was still rigid inside me. How the hell can he still be so stiff?

Hope engulfed my every thought. Maybe he craved the tenderness and affection of our past too? Maybe he understood what we had before was more than physical and wanted the closeness we shared before? I had to find out, needing to give this one more chance.

“Slow... slow this... down Logan. Please. I need a breather. I need to get my wits about me.” Breathlessly I begged him to slow down. Get back to what we had at one time. Any more frantic sex would push me over the edge. I needed to know if the romantic sentiment of our past was still present between us and to know if there was a chance we could get it back.

“You... you are still hard. Let... let me pleasure you.” And I wanted to. I wanted to bring him the sweet rapture he gave to me. Ride him, suck him, whatever it took to give him even a minuscule bit of ecstasy he displayed with me.

And then I heard the resolve in his voice. “I am not done with you.”

Oh God, he was going to break me...

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