Innocent Trust

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Chapter 24


“I am not done with you,” I growled in her ear as I picked up her body and still managed to make it the short distance to the bed carrying her. I wanted to prove to her and to myself, I wasn’t disabled. That I was still one hundred percent the virile man to show her the pleasures I couldn’t so many years ago.

Throwing her on the bed my rock-hard cock slipped out of her drenched pussy. There was no doubt about how aroused she was as the remnants of our sexual exploits were starting to drip down her leg unable to be contained any longer. My stiff member screamed at me for mercy, to be able to unload all the pent-up energy amassed in it from the lack of sex since the explosion, but I needed to draw out one more orgasm from her. She always said she had trouble with multiple orgasms. This would show her. Show her what a true man I was. Erase all other men from her mind. Then and only then would I cut her loose without so much as looking back. Send her on her way wondering ‘why’ as she did to me so long ago. Get my revenge for giving her my heart only to have her shatter it into little pieces.

“Logan I....” Unable to catch her breath she was already seemingly physically weak, and I wanted to render her utterly helpless.

“Turn around,” I didn’t wait for her response instead I spun her on the bed and lifted her fine ass up to me. She stood cooperatively close to the bed. With her knees against the side of the mattress as I nudged her farther forward. She put her hands out bracing herself on top of the bed and shoved her fine ass in my direction. Now, to make her scream my name until she was hoarse.

With her chest still heaving and pulling in deep breaths, I let my hands roam up and down the small of her upper body, feeling the ribs as they expanded and contracted knowing it was me who did it to her. I looked down to make sure my pants were still positioned on my legs and saw my tortured dick still standing at attention. Hold on boy.

While my rough hands glided down the soft skin of her back, I took the time to massage her exquisite bottom, feeling the firmness and enjoying the girth. So much better a cushion for what I was about to do.

Not wanting her to come down from her orgasmic high, my hands found purchase on her hip bones as I plunged forward drilling my hardness into her sensitive lining. At the instant of deep contact she cried out my name and I smiled as it rang in the room. There was no way I could keep going for much longer. She felt so warm and wet, and I was already straining to hold back my release.

Steadying her hips, I held her close as I first ground into her and then slowly pulled out until I was almost free only to thrust back in teasing her with my cock. The downward stroke hit her g-spot as I started prodding with precision inside of her, slowly at first and then increasing the tempo.

“Logan, I don’t think I can do this again...” But she was already grabbing at the sheets and writhing underneath me.

I teased, “Tell me to stop and I will.” I leaned over her back and whispered in her ear, “All you need to do is say the word.”

Knowing she wouldn’t fight me on this, I felt how close her body was to another climax and kept the thrusting coming in a targeted rhythm. Out, in, grind, and back out to ram deep into her. She was clawing at the sheets and pawing at them like a cat in heat and there was no better feeling in the world than driving her to sexual bliss. To know she would explode around my cock. Not once, but twice as well as flood my throat with her pussy juice all with the realization I was the one to do it.

Pressing inside her I goaded her by reaching around to strum her sensitive clit. Unable to help herself she spread her legs farther and angled her ass up towards me seeking her release. Her unrelenting ways pleased me, and I found my balls aching with the need to let go inside of her if only in the thin sheath of rubber separating us.

Her body ramped up the juices, and with each time I pulled out of her more kept flooding the base of my cock. The fingers circling her clit were beyond lubricated and I knew then what would put her over the top. My years of fucking women in the army and finding how to pleasure them made it obvious what I could do to drive them insane with need.

Bringing my fingers around I circled the pucker to her ass and broke the seal up to my first knuckle. “Logan!” My name was equal parts shock and thrill, and I started a small massaging gesture as I drove into her over and over again relishing in the feel of her fisting my cock deep inside her.

"LOOOOGGGGAAANNN!” She came around me, and I removed my finger to return it to her hips holding myself as far down into her as possible. My balls pinched with my own need and my stomach tightened so fucking hard I didn’t think it would ever let up. As she crashed around me milking my dick in waves, I let loose and emptied in three long jerks inside the condom flooding the reservoir tip and nearly passing out when I forgot to breathe on my own.

Throb... throb... throb.......... throb. Her uneven pulsating so familiar before, stroked me from inside taking my own climax further.

Her voice called out once again but this time my name was a whisper in her throat as I tried to shake the fuzziness in my brain of my own orgasmic bliss. Ecstasy, pure and simple flooded through me and I knew what I had done to pleasure her must have ranked up in the top five at least. I wanted her to crave me. I wanted her only thoughts to be about me. And I wanted her to think about this sex for years to come.

Slowly, I pulled out of her and my spent dick seemed almost pleasantly raw from the experience. She groaned and shook as I removed myself from her as she went limp on the bed making me smile with satisfaction.

“Logan.” Another whisper and I took pity on her. She was sweaty and red with a sex flush I had never seen on her before, unable to move even an inch. Removing the condom, I quickly pulled up my pants and buttoned them securing them to my waist and then disposing of the condom in the bathroom. When I returned, I looked down at her peaceful face and saw her beauty once again. Even in the light of the fading sun, even with a sheen of sexual dampness playing on her skin, she looked so beautiful.

Rea laid there with a smile on her face and I didn’t have the heart to ruin it for her at this point. Wasn’t this my time to throw her clothes at her? Tell her to get out. Reject her as she did to me? But I couldn’t. Not yet. As much as I craved revenge on her, I couldn’t do it. Eventually yes, but for right now I wanted the naïve peace that settled upon us. Instead, I pulled back the sheet of the bed and helped to position her on the pillow covering her naked body as she settled in.

“I shouldn’t sleep. Don’t let me fall asleep.” It came out so soft I didn’t know if I truly heard her right.

“Don’t worry Rea. Just rest for a little while.” I will watch out for you.

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