Innocent Trust

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Chapter 28


Opening my eyes, I noticed the light coming in through the sheer curtains in the bedroom and wondered how late it was. I hadn’t slept past six in the morning in a long time although I hadn’t engaged in this much recreational activity since forever as well. How wonderful it felt to wake up next to him. He was behind me with his arms wrapped around me making me feel secure and protected. As he moved behind me, and his warmth blanketed the back of my naked body next to him, I felt his hardness and smiled.

My smile faded when I thought of last night. What he said about me being a revenge fuck. Wouldn’t this be the ultimate revenge? Making me feel like we were back together only to throw it in my face the next day? It would crush me.

“Stop thinking.” His voice dry and raspy from just wakening.

“What?” Closing in next to me, he purposely pressed his erection against my bottom, and as luxurious as it felt, I couldn’t help but let my thoughts run as a means of self-preservation.

“I can tell your mind is going in overdrive. Stop it.” The advice did nothing to quell my errant thoughts. When I didn’t answer him, he leaned away from me to look into my face. I lost myself in his blue eyes so iridescent in the morning light and his short-cropped hair not even mussed. He looked sexy as hell and if this was all his callous idea at retribution, it would work spectacularly as I had been waiting to feel like this my whole life.

“What is going on in that crazy head of yours?” He caressed my cheekbone with his thumb and although comforting I kept wanting to scream at him to stop it. Stop being so loving if your intentions were to end it with me.

“Is this it? Is this part of your plan? Make me fall in love with you so you can just...” A sob caught me, rendering me speechless.

Cupping my head with his hand he drew me in for a kiss. “Rea, Rea, Rea. I couldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t yesterday and I sure as hell can’t now. Don’t you know I love you? I have always loved you.”

“You do?” I needed the verification. For me to see it in his eyes because if he rejected me now, I would never be able to pick up the pieces.

Lightly he placed a kiss on my lips having them tingle from the sensation. “You are the only one I have ever loved. You are beautiful and smart and caring, and I was hoping to start a future with you. One we should have started long ago.” Tears ran down my face. Ashamed at the way I had been letting my waterworks go over the last couple of days, I knew it had something to do with Logan. The way I felt safe enough to show my emotions with him.

“Why would you even consider it?” His brows furrowed together with concern as he asked.

“You were so different last night than yesterday afternoon. Tender, just like I remember. Different than you acted this whole week when you came onto me so strong.” Embarrassed, he had a hard time meeting my gaze.

“Yesterday afternoon I was only out to prove something to you.”

“To me? What?” I enquired. He returned to caressing my face and it was calming.

“I wanted to prove to you I could be the man you needed not realizing you loved the boy scout I was before.” I couldn’t help but smirk a little.

“Of course, I loved that side of you. You were so good to me, so caring. How could I not fall in love with him? With you.” I answered honestly.

“I thought the reason you left me after the tour ended was to find someone more exciting. It left me bitter and angry. I fucked my way around the army base. Any girl who struck my interest. Except for the ones with black hair. I couldn’t go there.” His honesty astounded me.

My hand went up to stroke the rough skin of his cheek now covered in coarse stubble. “I’m so sorry. I should have never kept the secret. I thought I was doing it for you and in the end, I still managed to screw things up.”

“Enough about the past. I prefer to focus on the future.” His eyes sparkled with mischief, “Unless you liked some of my moves from the hotel room.”

I laughed as he took his large palm, heaving and stroking my breast to the point it killed my laughter. “There were some new moves we could possibly incorporate.”

Kissing my neck, his thumb circled around my hardening nipple, “You haven’t seen all of them yet.”

“Oh, I haven’t?” Heat ready to scorch flushed my body as I shuddered under his touch.

“I’ve got a million more to show you.” Licking and sucking my neck I arched my back and all coherent thought went south.

“You are going to kill me.” It escaped my lips almost without my knowledge, and he chuckled in spite of it.

Making short work of awakening my body, it surprised me he would ever doubt himself enough for me. Making love to him was etched in my brain and it overshadowed anything I had with any other man. And knowing I could have both the gigolo and the boy scout? Well, I would be lying if I denied my luck at striking gold.

Logan’s mouth worked its way lower nipping lightly at my nipples and the sensation pooled moisture between my thighs. Taking his time, he slowly rolled the nipple around his tongue lavishing it as if his own erection wasn’t driving him crazy. He was always like that though. He could stave off his own want to make sure I was taken care of first. How lucky was I he wanted me now? The way could he be so calm and made me lose my mind at the same time.

His lips pressed into mine, tender at first but deepening into the most sensual kiss. His tongue lazily lapped inside the crease of my smile while I moaned. Pressing his hard shaft against me I let my hand travel down to touch it when he stopped me. “Oh no. I’m not done with you yet.” I whimpered, and he chuckled knowing how hard it was for me to sit back and take his exquisite attention to my body.

Rough hands stroked my inner thigh. Just the one inner thigh, over and over, and I had no clue why it would prove so erotic, but I squirmed underneath him with the constant stimulation. The fingers danced up to my ass cheek, and then around to the front avoiding my sex just to lightly skim my inside leg and then start all over again, and all I wanted to do was grab his hand and force it to stay inside me until I drenched it with my need. When he started his ascent back to my folds, I couldn’t hide my anticipation any longer. “Logan, will you just fuck me!”

My eyes widened with alarm as he chuckled, “My, my, my. Aren’t we raring to go this morning?”

I let out an exasperated sigh, “Seven years without sex and you keep dangling the carrot in front of me. It would drive anyone mad.”

Reaching for his wallet on the nightstand I celebrated my victory. Removing the condom, I eagerly reached for it when he grabbed my hand to look me in the eye. “I fully intend on us having more than one child. Not now. Not tomorrow. But in the near future. I want my time with my baby. To watch him or her grow. To hold them and see their first steps. To be a proper father from the beginning.” His sentiment brought a lump to my throat knowing he was thinking of a future together with all of us.

“I... I would like a sibling for Lena.” And I would too. Children were never my mission although Lena had been the light of my world. She loved spending time with her cousins and with Logan to help, I wasn’t so fearful of screwing up and ruining their lives.

He smiled, “Another girl maybe. Just like her?”

“Or a boy.” I wouldn’t mind either but now I had a girl, I would love to give him a son. Smiling, he snatched the prophylactic away from me and graced me with another brief kiss.

Opening the package, he took his time rolling on the condom torturing me and I started to squirm again. Unable to hide my want, I took charge by pushing him on his back to get on top of him. The sheets fell away, and he gazed at my body, his look of want increasing my own. If he asked to devour me at this point, I would gladly let him. “I want you.” I knew exactly what I wanted and damn it, I would be going and getting it from now on.

Impaling myself on him I slammed down on his stiff rod throwing my head back in ecstasy. He grabbed onto my hips and hung on while I undulated on top of him. Groaning, I used him to seek my climax. Stunned at my brazen attitude, his eyes looked as though they would pop out of his head and if I wasn’t so heated, I would be laughing. Instead, I used my legs to pump up and down on him rolling from front to back trying to find the same spot he knew so well. The one which caused me to flex my toes and grind my teeth.

Cupping my breasts, he gently rolled my nipples helping to spur things along. Up, down, grind. Repeat. Slowly the build heightened, and I tensed my thighs to his side. My whole body shook as the orgasm hit and my stomach tightened to the point of blissful pain before I recovered enough to look at him.

He watched me come undone before a sinister smile drew on his lips and his eyes turned dark. The color of rain on a cloudy day and his jaw tensed. Without much effort from his muscular body, he whipped me off him and onto the bed so we both laid across the side. Before I could even cry out, he was back inside me and flexing his muscular ass as he pummeled down deep. Growling I grabbed on to it and helped to push inside of me, telling him with my hands that he could go as deep as he wanted.

“Come for me again Rea. Come on my dick. I love to feel you squeeze my cock inside of you.” His words shocked me as well as turned me on.

“You talk dirty like a pro.” It was to make him laugh, but he was too far gone into the sex and I wasn’t arguing.

“That isn’t all I learned.” He pushed into me nudging me up and towards the edge of the bed. I screamed out in surprise as he pushed me so far, my head hung off of it.

“Let your head fall back Rea. Do it.” I wouldn’t deny him anything at this point, but I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to accomplish. “Come for me again Rea.”

“Logan, I was never that good with multiples.” Slowly he laughed and I corrected myself. “Well, before we met.” It gave us both a small chuckle.

Unable to keep my head up I let it fall and rock against the side of the mattress. His hand worked in between us, circling my clit in a way in which urgently spiked the hyper sex gland. The rush of blood to my head brought about a feeling of heightened sensation, and I was stuck in utter rapture. Holy shit he learned a thing or two, and I was to be the fortunate recipient.

“Oh God Logan. Oh God Logan.” I stopped talking to grind my teeth together but the way my head hung low made it nearly impossible. Captured in a precarious position I was in no shape to help him take me over the edge figuring into his plan. I was putty in his hands, and he had all the moves. Thrusting inside he angled himself up and in the right area where I needed him. I felt myself swell around him and did all I could to hold on.

“I’m coming. I’m coming!” My nails dug into his stone-hard biceps and I screamed it again. Both my head and body exploded this time. A combination of pleasure spiraled up me from my sex to burst in my brain so hard I saw stars. He tensed when I internally gripped down on him and shook so violently my teeth rattled. Large, deep, forceful breaths moved out of his lungs, and he collapsed on top of me.

Slowly, as in a dream, we both moved to a better position on the bed. I lay limply beside him as he caressed my back. “I like the old you and the new you.”

Logan laughed making my head sway back and forth on his large, rock hard chest. “Honey, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

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