Innocent Trust

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Chapter 8


Now almost a month since Chelsea’s pregnancy scare, things have settled down with Brandt. He worked less on the behind the scenes business and spent more time with Chelsea and his sister. Relieved when Big John returned from Vegas, I almost hugged the big guy. Any more nights seeing Rea in her small silky pajamas, climbing into the top bunk above me, and knowing I would be below, would kill me. Especially with Brandt in the RV harping over them constantly now. Rea’s phenomenal legs and ass caused an uneasy stalker vibe as I snuck looks at her across the cabin so Brandt wouldn’t notice.

The time we shared by the barn was etched in my memory and I relived it every night glad we were out of view of her overprotective brother. The way her soft body felt pressed upon mine and the feel of her skin as I caressed her face and looked into those beautiful caramel eyes hypnotized me. The feel of her long black silky hair as it brushed over my arms made me want to wind it around my hand and kiss her senseless. That picture in my head kept me up at night. With Brandt there most days now to help with the kids she didn’t need me anymore, so I tried like hell to stay away. The more time I had with her the more I felt myself wanting to be with her, and it couldn’t happen. I was leaving for the army at the beginning of September and it wouldn’t be fair to either of us.

Big John had a tougher time researching out-of-the-way places for Brandt’s bus as the media was getting braver finding out the hiding spots almost as soon as we got to the locations. It made the birthday celebration for the twin’s difficult to conceal. Brandt planned a party for the kids to be a cookout with all the buses as well as the staff and opening band, but the media got wind of it reducing it to a small handful of people. There was already a spread featuring Rea and the twins when she was cornered taking them for a walk. It was nerve-racking for her to be accosted by paparazzi trying to get pics of the twins since Brandt was so adamant about keeping his family out of the limelight. I only wished I could have been there to help her. My need to protect her was overwhelming.

Since Brandt’s renewed father instincts kicked in, Rea became more at ease as well as having a little more free time for herself. It led her to research different companies, applying to the most appealing as well as excepting the occasional interview. Having no job experience, she received the rejection emails in stride, never letting it bring her down. Brandt offered his help, but she refused, wanting to do it on her own, and I applauded her for it.

It was the end of July and the weather was warm on the verge of stifling. The band made their way across the Midwest taking in state fairs and all the outdoor music festivals they could cram together in anticipation for a week off in August when they hit Wisconsin. Stopping by the RV to pick up Brandt, Rea came bubbling out of the bus holding her phone high in the air and bouncing, looking ecstatic.

“Oh my God Logan!” She ran over bursting to tell someone the good news. “I just got a call from Sundown. They want me to come for an interview.”

She was talking in a whispered hush and I answered her back in the same. “That is great. Why are we whispering?”

“The kids are asleep silly. I don’t want to wake them.” Her brown eyes sparkled in delight as I took her all in. Tight cut off shorts showed her shapely legs. Her black silky hair tied up in a high ponytail swished as she walked, and her face flushed full of spirit as she jumped up and down in her excitement making her ample breasts bounce in her tank top. I was going to hell for the thoughts running through my mind of what I wanted to do to her knowing Brandt would skin me alive if it ever came to fruition.

Not expecting it she flung her body into mine and gave me a hug. The feel of her breasts tight against my chest and the smell of her scented peach soap started to make my blood pool in the last place it should.

When the RV door opened and Brandt appeared, we broke apart. Relief flashed over me as he leaned back giving Chelsea a kiss not observing our embrace. Quietly he shut the door and came over to where we were standing. “Hey, did you tell him the news?” Rea bounced again and I had to turn my attention to the ground so I didn’t watch her chest in fascination anymore.

“Yeah, it is great news. When do you go?”

She beamed, “My interview is on August eighth at three in the afternoon. They sent the address. Somewhere in Iowa City.”

Brandt looked at Rea and you could see his pride showing through, “And I am sure you will do great. Chelsea and I will be at her parent’s house by then. I wish I could go with you but I really need to spend time with the in-laws. Actually, could you take me with? The least amount of time I spend listening to the Moltke clan the better.” He was saying it partly in jest, as their overbearing attention to Chelsea and the kids drove him nuts after a while.

I chimed in, “The drive isn’t bad. Only about five or six hours from where we are stopping in Wisconsin. I plan on driving down too and seeing my parents on the break.”

Brandt clapped me on the back. “Hey, great idea. Why don’t the two of you ride together?”

Paling at the thought of being alone on a six-hour ride with his sister, I was only half relieved when I saw her shake her head. “Brandt I am more than capable of driving myself.”

Giving her a stern look, he addressed her, “Listen, Logan is already going to Iowa and I would feel better if you were with someone in case something happened. Besides, those pictures of you in the tabloids kind of made you a target right now. You don’t need the hassle and I don’t need to worry about you either.”

“But Brandt--” She whined as she complained but I couldn’t tell if it was because he treated her like the little sister or because she had to spend alone time with me. Brandt wasn’t backing down even though I didn’t know if I could handle a long car trip with her right now the way she was always on my mind.

“But Brandt nothing. Your safety is more important than anything else. I protect the women in my life and that includes you.”

His stern look did nothing to appease her sense of independence. “Is that why you warned the guys not to talk to me on this tour?” She folded her arms underneath her breasts and I started to sweat with the control it took not to enjoy gawking at them.

Instead of being ashamed he just chuckled, “That is exactly why I threatened them. Not one of these guys here is fit for my baby sister. Now you can complain all you want but you are going down with some protection and that is final.” She huffed away knowing the drain on her oxygen intake wasn’t worth it. She wouldn’t go against her brother no matter how much autonomy she craved.

Unaffected by her sulking, Brandt climbed into the passenger seat while I entered the driver’s side of our SUV. After leaving the area he turned to me, “You don’t mind taking Rea to Iowa City, do you? I know it is out of your way and is supposed to be a vacation for you, but I will compensate you for your time to take her there and back.”

I shrugged nonchalantly hoping he didn’t see my apprehension as more an attraction to his sister, “It isn’t too far out of the way. You don’t have to pay me for it.”

He waved me off, “It isn’t just driving her to Iowa City. Show her the sites and get her acclimated to the town a little. She will need to learn her way around after she is hired.”

It made me smile to hear his confidence in his sister’s abilities. “You really think she will get the job?”

“Of course. I called them up personally and used my influence. The interview is just a formality.”

My face fell knowing it would hurt her to find out he lacked confidence in her getting the position on her own. “Brandt, do you think that is wise? She really wanted to earn it.”

He shook his head, “Look, I watched her get turned down from job after job because she had no experience. I know this Sundown corporation is what she really wants. You can’t blame me for wanting her to go after her dream.” He didn’t get it and I don’t know if I should stick my nose in it either, but I couldn’t help it.

“Chelsea got her an interview at Boeing with her friend Ami, but instead of handing it to her on a silver platter, she is making her sell herself knowing how important it is to her. You could have just gotten her the interview. She really wants to do this on her own.”

Blowing me off, he looked out the window, “Boeing isn’t her first choice and that interview won’t be until the end of the tour. This is the job she really wants, and I am going to make sure my little sister is taken care of.”

End of discussion. Brandt was going to take care of his women. The rest of the talk evaporated while his words kept going through my head. Especially the one where he alluded to nobody on this tour being good enough for her. He underestimated her just like I did when I started. Where I felt she was a princess, I was learning she could stand on her own two feet, more of a remarkable person looking to come into her own. Brandt saw his little sister and kept shoving her back into her princess title unwilling to see her blossom in front of him. Well, he might be right. There might not be anyone worthy of her but it was the first time I wished I could at least be a consideration.

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