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Stranger To King

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Mia Robertson is the princess of a small kingdom, Satia. She will be next in line to take the throne; however, she must be betrothed to the kingdomโ€™s noble first. Baffled by this ridiculous rule, Mia must find a way to stick to her belief of falling in love naturally. What can she do to become queen?? Anisel Dean is the kingdom's fugitive, a low-class peasant that despises the land. He gets to become one of Miaโ€™s participants and transform himself into a noble. While trying to take the crown for his own sake, he didnโ€™t realize one thingโ€” Mia. What challenges will Anisel face to achieve this goal??

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โ€œThis is utterly ridiculous!!! If Jabrel were first in line, then you would have handed him the crown without ease. But with me, I have to follow these transitional rules. Why do I have to suffer while he lives the luxury.โ€ I was sick of this law, and to know my brother could snatch the crown away just like that was heartbreaking.

โ€œItโ€™s just how it is, sweetheart. The officials are just doing their jobs and telling you before your coronation. You can find someone easily.โ€

โ€œHa! You are joking, right?? That wonโ€™t be enough time for me to fall in love. That takes time and effort, mother. It can not happen in a day.โ€ I stated as the tension got thicker. You can cut it with a sword. Knowing my anger and frustration, Jabrel approached me and patted my shoulder.

โ€œYou will find someone, Mia, and when you accomplish itโ€“ void this law.โ€ He smiled.

The room somehow turned brighter. My brother always knows how to light the mood and handle these situations. This is why I trust him more than anything. He knows I am the best choice for the queen at this moment. He knows my potential. I sat up, and at the top of my lungs, I shouted for my advisor and personal servant to enter the room. โ€œHAMON!! MIKHAL!!โ€

โ€œYes, your majesty.โ€ They both said in unison.

โ€œI crave something sweet. Mikhal, fetch me something from the kitchen, please.โ€ I said with a cute smile. He chuckled, then bowed. โ€œHamon, while he is doing that. I need some adviceโ€“ arranged marriage, what do you think?โ€

โ€œI donโ€™t know, my lady. It worked wonders for your grandmother as she found the love of her life. Plus, it is an easier way to find someone.โ€ He stared at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact.

โ€œWhat if I donโ€™t find the love of my life?? I grew up outside of Satia most of my childhood. Seeing people connect naturally is something I have always believed in. To find out I canโ€™t have thatโ€“โ€ My eyes began to water. Hamon took a napkin from his pocket and wiped my face. He reminded me of my grandpa as he talked about my dream of becoming a queen. I always tell how I wanted to change the kingdom when I was little and show people the power I hold. Hamon always indicates interest.

However, I wasnโ€™t good enough to rule on my own because of this law. Donโ€™t my parents not trust my judgment?? I have no choice now; I must go through this and pick an eligible king to rule beside me. The doors opened as Mikhal came inside with a whole tray of sweets. โ€œPrincess, the chef cooked you up something delicious.โ€ He smiled.

The sweet aroma of chocolate and other goodies got me up from the throne. I flowed my way to the tray as my eyes were like a lionโ€™s. I searched for my prey as I looked at Key Lime Pie; yes! My stomach growled with hunger as I picked it up. Mikhal and Hamon smiled with happiness as they watched me devour the food.

~ Ansiel ~

As we were running from the guards, I found an alleyway we could escape. I snatched my brother and pulled him in; our hearts pumped as we breathed heavily. My brother was on the floor, about to pass out. โ€œWe could have finished if those guards didnโ€™t interrupt. I had a masterpiece going.โ€ He said.

โ€œWe need to lay low until they stop looking. But, I think they got the message.โ€ I smirked.

He smiled back and stretched his legs like he was on the couch. Joshua and I are primarily homeless. Guards took our parents for disobeying the queenโ€™s orders. It is our fault as we did some messed up things. We tricked citizens into lending us money; however, they found out, and we were put into debt. We are traitors to the kingdom and are sentenced to death for some reason.

These laws are beneath us, and the bounty over our heads is uncalled for. We must pay or have people vanish to get rid of these debts. I donโ€™t mean by killing, though; we may take the crown to sell it or overthrow the royal family. It happened before with another kingdom, so why not here?

I will be a great king, giving equal rights to all. If I become ruler, then laws would be changed immediately. I peeked out to see if the coast was cleared. Good. I helped my brother to his feet and went on our merry way. We live in a train yard outside the kingdom to avoid mishaps. As we strolled along, Joshua looked at me with puppy eyes.โ€ Bro, when are we going to eat? Iโ€™m starving.โ€

โ€œLetโ€™s hope we have leftovers at the house. If not, then we have to look for food.โ€ I said as I patted him on the back. I hate searching for our next meal; we are like rats waiting for scrapes. We can go into the city, but we would be at risk without cover-ups. When arriving at the train yard, a small child leaned on our entrance door.

โ€œWhat do you want this time Hazel?โ€ I said with a smug look on my face.

โ€œGod, I canโ€™t visit my boyfriend?โ€ she smiled.

Lady Hazel White, a high rank noble, lives with the royal family. Hazelโ€™s parents work for the king and queen as their generals. So, she can have anybody she wants but decide to have this bumโ€“ who is a fugitive. If they get caught, I will be staying out of it. Anyways, when I turned towards Joshua, he was already hugging this thing. โ€œDid you bring food, at least? You know the deal, to see Joshua here, you must cough up something.โ€

Rolling her eyes, she pointed inside. โ€œYeah. The food should last you about a week. Enjoy.โ€ She said. Joshua twirled her around like in the movies and kissed her. I covered my eyes in disgust and walked inside to see good quality food. I know what people think; why donโ€™t Hazel lend you money? Or ask her for help in any way??

Like I said earlier, if we get caught together, it will be hell. We must lay low until a miracle happens. Then that miracle did happen; the princess was looking for a betrothed. Without a king, she canโ€™t become queen. Interesting preproposal, but how does that suit us? What was the point of even telling us? โ€œThatโ€™s interesting. But, telling us doesnโ€™t matter because we are not suitable for her taste.โ€ I added it while biting an apple.

โ€œI can get you in, Anisel. I am her best friend, and she trusts my decisions. Tomorrow morning she will select a few to be her batch of bachelors. Depending on if she canโ€™t choose one right then and there. I will be on that list already, so getting you in will be a breeze.โ€

Hold up, didnโ€™t she say a king?? How is that supposed to work if itโ€™s two queens?? My eyes lit up when Hazel explained that the princess could marry anyone due to her sexual preference. Two queens ruled decades ago, and the kingdom enjoyed it. The law states she must marry to take the throne; it doesnโ€™t matter the gender. I tried to hold back my smile, but it slipped out. Hazel has the skills to make me a noble with class. If I accept, then I have to let her see Joshua without giving something in return.

Fine, because that deal could lead me into power. I will make sure Mia falls head over heels for me no matter what. Once I become king, things will change. I hold my chuckles back. I couldnโ€™t believe this was happening. โ€œThen itโ€™s settled. Tomorrow morning I will come by and dress you up as a noble. We will walk around the town while she is out; I will get her to notice us. If she doesnโ€™t choose a guy, we will definitely be on the list.โ€

โ€œI trust you, Hazel White; itโ€™s a deal.โ€ We shook hands to seal the agreement. This is perfect.

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