Stranger To King

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In the kingdom of Satia, Princess Mia Robertson will soon take the throne. Due to the kingdom laws, Mia can't rule unless she is betrothal to someone. The princess always believed in her own beliefs and ways. But to find out, that she has to be force into marriage in order to be on the throne, baffles her. Until she met Anisel Dean, a low class citizen who despises the kingdom ways. He gets a opportunity to become king. He jumps to the chance and transform himself into a noble in order to take away her throne. But during this process, Anisel didn't realized that he would fall in love... Things began to escalade quickly as old past began to pop up. Mia and Anisel both has to fix what's been broken in order to get what they want. That's each other... will they end up getting what they craved? Or something that can destroy them both?

Romance / Drama
Christina Wolf ✨
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Background information

Main Characters

Name: Mia Robertson
Position: Princess
Age: 21

Hello, my name is Mia Robertson, Princess of Satia. I just turned 21 after graduating college. That was the best day of my life when my mother told me I was finally eligible to be crown queen soon. I have been waiting for those words since I was five. While I was attending the Royal meeting with the officials, they stated I must be married to take the throne.

If I don’t accept the law, I must stand down for the next ruler. Without thinking I had to accept the term. But deep inside, I was outraged by this so-called law. My beliefs are… one must fall in love before marriage. I personally refuse to let that stop me for what I believe in.

If I don’t get married before my coronation day, my brother would be the next king and I would lose my status. What kind of law is that?? They could have told me before I left for college or way before. What am I supposed to do?? I have to be forced to marry a stranger to stay on the throne.

What if this stranger hates me and my kingdom, what now?? This is bullcrap. I would have never become a princess if this was the problem. But, I would do whatever it takes to protect my spot.

Name: Ansiel Dean
Position: Peasant
Age: 22

Hello, I’m Ansiel Dean. I’m just an average citizen in the kingdom of Satia. Well, I was an average citizen until my younger brother Joshua and I did things we aren’t proud of. We were tricked into getting the royal diamond to get money for our family. We didn’t want to do it but we had no choice.

We weren’t goody two shoes, we caused all types of hell around the kingdom. We were the troublemakers to the citizens. One day, we were accused of something that caused us to become traitors. Our punishment was death. As you can see, we are still alive.

Our parents were taken by the rulers because of us. Now we are on the run. We hide within the limits of the kingdom, the bounty over our heads doesn’t stop us from getting our lives back. Is either stealing the crown to get the money or trying to overthrow the royal family and become king.

Somehow we have to clear our names and get everything cleared.

Side Characters

Name: Hamon Hermes
Position: Mia’s Advisor
Age: 35

Name: Mikhal Finn
Position: Mia’s servant (maid)
Age: 29

Name: Jabrel Robertson
Position: Mia’s younger brother/prince
Age: 17

Name: Lily Scott
Position: Jabrel’s Maid
Age: 16

Name: Joshua Dean
Position: Anisel’s younger brother/ peasant
Age: 20

Name: Drew Bell
Position: Jabrel’s Advisor/maid
Age: 19

Name: Hazel White
Position: Mia’s friend/ Joshua’s girlfriend/ Noble
Age: 21

Name: Yuli Huntson
Position: Princess of Pervia/ Mia’s close friend
Age: 22

Information on Kingdom

Language: Satian

Population: 400

Current Rulers: King Hermit Robertson & Queen Sapphire Robertson

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