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Kit goes on a 3 month trip to LA to get away from a troubled past, but its possible she's about to Run in to more trouble celeb style with a hot country singer and his best friend , and a triangle of love and complications, a tug of war to win a heart

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Are you sure you want to do this?" was the words Kit's best friend Elle said to her when she decided to take a trip to LA on her own.

Kit turns to Elle “Of course I’m sure, why wouldn’t I be?, a break is exactly what I need right now, I’m 28 I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself”. Kit hugs her best friend before packing her cases into the cab heading of for the airport

Elle rolls her eyes, “Ok, but ring me once you’re settled of there”

Kit smiles “Of course, I love you, I’ll be back before you know it I’m back end of November before Christmas”, she climbs in to the cab as it pulls off, Elle stands waving her off.

Once she is at the airport she checks in, and grabs a coffee while she waits for her flight to be called, a whole 11 hours and my break begins, her flight is soon called and she is soon tucked away on the plane getting comfortable, Kit is happy she packed for the long journey, she spends her time writing on her laptop, watching movies and eventually she falls to sleep.

Once landing she collects her luggage and heads off to her hotel to settle in ringing Elle as she promised, she couldn’t wait for this break to start, but is this holiday going to be the best or worst for her.

A week in to the holiday, she finds her self in a little bar down the road from her hotel, she sits quietly in the corner nursing her wine, texting Elle all the snaps she’s taken so far, she’s interrupted by a handsome stranger

“Hey there”, she snaps her head up to whoever is talking to her, very broad shouldered, built, dark hair, a cute smile, green eyes, he looked familiar but she couldn’t place him

“Ummmm.. Hi”, she looks at him confused

He chuckles to himself “So you’re travelling, you’re accent tells me London, and before I sound rude, I’m Zac by the way”

She smiles “Hey Zac and yes I am to both and I’m Kit” she holds out her hand to shake his, he shakes hers, she found him extremely attractive, but she knew it couldn’t go anywhere, she was only here 3 months she refused to get attached although she knew this could be hard.

He cuts in again “Can I sit here?"

She looks at him confused again “Sure..... DO I know you, I’m not trying to be rude so forgive me, just you look awfully familiar?"

He starts laughing “Maybe, but I think it’s more fun if you try and work it out” he sits down and they begin talking.

They talk for a couple of hours, he starts to get a little confused at why she hadn't recognised or placed him, he looks at her with a quizzical look “You really can’t place me can you?" She shakes her head “I’m a country singer”

The penny drops for her and she suddenly realises who he is “Zac Sampson right, that’s cool, is it something you love doing?"

He looks at her completely gobsmacked “No fan girl moment?"

Zac raises an eyebrow and she starts to laugh “No offence to you, I like a little of you’re music, but you’re human like everyone else, Elle my best friend would be that girl I’m afraid, she’s a huge fan!"

His eyes light up “I like you!" he starts to laugh “But seriously I’ve never, not had an affect on someone! I’m really impressed, this is new! I’m very intrigued by you"

Kit starts to laugh “Disappointed?"

He smiles “Quite the opposite in fact, it’s refreshing”.

They carry on talking for a while longer, Kit looks at her phone and realises the time “Well I best be getting back to my hotel, it was great to meet you Zac”

Zac looks a little hurt and disappointed but pushes it away “Can I get you’re number maybe?, I can give you a tour, show you what there is see?"

She bursts out laughing, she pulls a mischievous face “Not afraid I’d sell you out Sampson”

He laughs “Maybe but I think you’re worth that risk” he wiggles his eyebrows at her, they exchange numbers

“Goodnight Zac”

He grins at her “Goodnight Kit”. She heads off back to her hotel.

She heads up to hotel room, and lays flat out across the bed, suddenly her phone goes off, new message

Zac- "guess who?"

She texts back "hmmm....I don’t know sorry, you must have the wrong number" ...sent...she gets up goes into the bathroom washes her face brushes her teeth and slips into her pyjamas, then gets in the bed she checks her phone

New message Zac "I’m so sorry, please ignore this then thanks I was trying to reach someone called Kit!"

Kit bursts out laughing "I was only kidding Hey Zac xx" sent...few seconds later.

New message Zac "OMG you had me going then, thank god, it is you I’m pretty sure I would of been heart broken if I couldn’t see you again </3 :p lol xx"

Kit thinks before she types out the next one, "who said we will meet again?"

It's about 5 minutes before she gets a reply, "Please can we, make it tomorrow I can show you around more, I mean how long you here for?"

Kit hits reply, "3 months and sure that can be arranged" she sends the address of her hotel and says to meet outside there at 11am, they say their goodnights and she drifts off to sleep.

Her alarm goes off at 9, she sits up rubbing her eyes and knocks off her alarm, she rolls out of bed and makes a coffee, heads out to balcony and soaks in her surroundings, once she finishes her coffee, she heads off to have a shower, once out she gets herself ready to meet Zac ready for what the day brings by 10:55 she picks up her bag, keys and phone and heads down stairs.

As the lifts open Zac is standing there all fresh and ready to take on the day, she walks over to him

He grins “Good morning beautiful!"

Kit bursts out laughing and rolls her eyes “Good morning Zac”

He pretends to to clutch his chest in agony “I'm hurt beautiful, still immune from my charms I see!!", Kit is laughing so hard she starts to cry, Zac starts to laugh himself “that's a beautiful sound”

Kit composes herself “what is?"

He looks her dead in the eye “you're laugh”

She blushes hard and starts to walk “lets go before I change my mind!” he starts to laugh and follows her.

At this point Kit knows she's in trouble she was falling for this complete stranger, but she had to leave eventually this could only mean heartbreak?

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