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Chapter 11

3 weeks pass and Kit has been trying to keep herself busy, 1 more week tell she see's him and then his here for a month while his doing gigs this end, She’s excited but bored of waiting in between this time they have constantly had phone calls, video calls, texting, any kind of contact they could have they did, but one more week and she will have him back again, She’s collecting her bits before heading home, she gets in the car, she feels a little weird, she hadn’t heard off him all day it was a little unlike him, maybe his busy with work? its a little odd though even still, she pulls up home half hour later, she lets herself in the house and heads straight in the kitchen, making a cuppa, she heads up stairs to get changed she climbs the stairs and opens the bedroom door, she stops dead She starts to cry “ZAC!"

“Hey baby!” she runs at him and he sweeps her up in his arms, they have a long lingering kiss

“YOURE A WEEK EARLY! NOT that I’m not happy!!!"

He starts to laugh “surprise” she laughs and crying tears of joy into his chest, he stokes her hair “It's ok baby, I’m here”

He pulls her to him and they fall onto the bed and just stay like that for ages.


Zac is still backwards and forwards to see Kit, but they are completely in love and smitten, Zac is back to visit her in a week and she couldn't be more excited. Jason moved to London, Kit was never sure why, but he seemed happier over here.

Kit sits at home with a cuppa and switches on the tv, her phone buzzes new message from Zac, she opens the message

“DONT TURN ON THE TV BABE PLEASE!" Kit looks confused, she doesn't listen of course, you tell someone not to do something they are going to do it and as she reads the message an image of Zac pops up on the Tv, she turns the volume up as her phone starts buzzing of the hook mainly missed calls from Zac.

Kit's blood runs cold as the story line appears

“ZAC SAMPSON AND LOUISE TAMMY PREGNANT A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!” the news reader shows pictures and explain that around the time Zac first went back after Kit's accident, they we’re seen leaving a hotel laughing and completely drunk, Kits eyes start to water.“...no he wouldn't... would he" while she sat there, sad he was gone, he was cosying up to another woman and the same one she saw in his house that day! Anger and hurt hit her, the tears stream, she hugs herself, his gonna be a dad, she pulls out the phone and clicks on Zac's number and sends a text

“congratulations Zac, I would say I'm happy for you but I'd be lying, But the baby doesn't deserve hate, it's just an innocent baby, you need to be there for her now, good luck with things” she hits send and throws her phone across the room it smashes, she get's up from her seat and she starts throwing stuff around the room smashing through everything she could find, she picks up the vase of flowers and and grips it so hard it smashes in her hands, she splits her the palms of her hands, she sits with her back against the wall and sobs into her hands, she hears a voice from outside banging at her door.

“KIT OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE” It's Jason, she knows Elle's away at the moment for work, he must of found the spare key, and lets himself in, he finds her curled in the corner blood oozing from her hands, broken things all over the place, and she just cry's, his heart shatters, looking at her like this “Kit...."

She looks up “did you know?"

He shakes his head “I've literally just seen it myself, I don't know what the hell he is playing at”

Kit starts to get a little fuzzy “KIT,KIT,LOOK AT ME!" he rushes over to her, as she passes out, he scoops her up, and rushes her out in the front into the car, and drives her to hospital.

The doctors clean her up and do x-rays to check for any glass imbedded, Jason goes outside, Zac's number pops up on his phone “Hello?"

“Hello Zac”

Zac sounds scared on the phone “Where's Kit, I cant get hold of her”

Jason speaks “by the state of her place I'd say broke among the mess...."

Zac sounds confused “what do you mean?"

Jason sighs “What do you think, she's just seen the news, I walked in to her house she trashed the place I found her curled in the corner blood everywhere, she must of cut her hands in the process, we are currently at the hospital”


Jason rolls his eyes “what did you expect to happen Zac that she was gonna be happy for you, I don't think so, you've broke her, she deserves so much more! how could you do that to her knowing the shit she's been through! you disgust me”

Jason hangs the phone up, he then rings Elle to let her know everything she decided she'd coming back early to be with her as she had already seen the news and knew that Kit would of already seen it. Once Kit is patched up its gone midnight, Jason helps her in the car “Sorry Jason”

He turns to her “for what you have nothing to be sorry for”

"You didn't need to find me like that, but thank you for helping me”

He smiles at her and nods “It's ok, you're still my friend too, and as far as this situation goes, I cant believe he would do this” she curls up in the chair and stares out the window until she drifts off into a sleep, once they get back to Kit's she is still sleeping, so Jason walks round and gently scoops her up and takes her inside and lays her in bed, he heads back down.

There's a knock at the door, Jason heads to the front door opens it Zac is stood there “I think you need to leave mate”

Zac laughs “since when are you taking someone else's side! now you are playing hero to her, what are you in love with her or something"


Zac hangs his head “I want to see her”

Jason shakes his head “No she's asleep”

Zac barges past him and walks into the living room, seeing the mess his heart sinks, and bile rises when he see’s the puddle of blood in the corner, neither of them notice that Kit has come down and standing in the hall, they both spin when they hear Kit shout “GET OUT!"

Zac looks at her and at her bandaged hands “Kit please wait let me talk”

She laughs “I fell for it the first time when you kissed her” she starts to cry “but to talk you're way out of that, I cant do this, what's that saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” she turns and heads for the kitchen, she pulls out wine and starts drinking it “now if you don't mind I got a date with this wine and some sleeping tablets and a good nights sleep, you can show yourself out” Zac grabs her arm to stop her from leaving and she flinches then freezes, and the bottle of wine drops to the floor, he instantly realises what his done, “Kit I'm sorry”.

Kit instantly snaps “WHAT IS YOURE PROBLEM! HUR? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!, AND DONT EVER TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN OR HIT ME BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT I COULD TAKE THAT AND DESERVE THAT MORE THAN THAT! ” her anger soon turns into pain as flash backs from Adrien start, Jason grabs Zac and drags him out the door and shuts it, he heads back in where Kit is still stood tears streaming, he takes her in to his arms “shhh its ok I got you” she turns in to him and sobs in to his chest, he rubs her back ,he helps her to the front room where he sits her on the sofa, he sits next to her and puts his arm around her she cuddles in to him, still crying, he strokes her hair and after a while, she falls asleep curled up on his chest, he looks at her sleeping, the feeling he was avoiding, has pushed through ( Zac was right, I'm in love with her.....)

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