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Chapter 12

He wakes up in the morning Kit still wrapped up in his arms, he was in love with this girl but everything was a mess right now he had to keep them hidden at least for now right now all she needs is a friend and that’s what he will be for her, until and if she is ever ready, and given if she felt the same.

He gently lays her on the sofa so he doesn’t wake her, he heads out to the kitchen, and puts coffee on, and cooks them both some breakfast, once his finished, Kit walks in to the Kitchen “what smells good?"

He turns and smiles “hope you don’t mind, cooked us some bacon sandwiches, and coffee too of course”

She smiles at him “It's fine thank you” they sit at the table and dig in “listen Jason thank you so much for last night, if it hadn’t of been for you then god only knows what state I would of ended up in, and thank you for staying with me last night too, I don’t think I could of faced being alone if I’m honest”

He smiles at her “any time, I’m here for you Kit, and if you ask me he didn’t deserve you, he was a good friend for so long, but in the last few years his never been the same to be honest”

She nods “people change I guess and not always for the best”

He nods in agreement “so what’s on the agender today for you?"

Kit looks up and thinks for a minute, “clean up the mess I made yesterday I guess, How about you?"

Jason looks over at her “I can help if you like?"

She nods “thank you that would be really helpful, and I guess I'll have to get a new phone mine had ummm a ....flying accident” he bursts out laughing and so does she.

They spend the day cleaning, and Jason takes Kit to get a new phone to, as they arrive back at her house they are met with a massive bouquet of flowers on the door step, Kit rolls her eyes, She picks them up and throws them into the bin, and they head inside, Jason turns to Kit “you ok ?"

Kit looks at him “never been better, don’t worry I’m fine, not gonna let him get to me”

He smiles at her “need help with anything?"

She shakes her head “grab a beer and chill out, I’m gonna start dinner Elle will be here soon, you’re welcome to stay”

He grabs a beer and pours Kit a glass of wine “let me help please...."

Kit turns to him “ok if you really want to, not that you do have to, you can chop these up” she hands him mushrooms and tomatoes

“Yes Ma'am” he stands to attention and salutes

Kit bursts out laughing "well get to it solider!” he starts to march around doing as his told, they both stand there laughing tell they cry.

The door goes, and Kit heads to answer it, She opens the door and Elle rushes into her arms “I’m so sorry hun!" she pulls back and see’s Kit giggling “or not?....glad to see you smiling any reason why?"

She shakes “No Jason was just messing around is all” Elle looks at her with grin “oh ok....." they go in and after they all chat a bit, dinner is served, they sit down and it just having fun. Talking and joking among their self.


Jason and Kit are growing closer, Zac is still trying to get back with her, but Louise’s baby is due any time soon and Kit doesn’t want any part of it and try’s to avoid him as best as she can.

Kit’s phone is buzzing, she answers “Hey Jason, what’s up?"

“How do you fancy a night out tonight!"

She thinks for a minute “what did you have in mind?"

“Maybe a club or something, bring Elle and I will bring a couple of my mates too?"

She smiles “sounds great what time, I’ll text Elle too”

He thinks for a minute “8, we can go from yours if you like?"

“sounds good see you then!" they hand up she texts Elle and their other friend Tilly, they are both coming to hers to get ready before the boys turn up, she was excited life was getting back to normal. And she was starting to feel better in her self and things were starting to feel better and different but a good different.


The girls are cracking open the wine, while doing their hair and make up, singing along to the music, laughing and joking then, Elle speaks up “so Kit what gives with you and Jason?” she wiggles her eyebrows at her

Kit bursts out laughing “what do you mean?"

“Oh don't play coy, his completely into you and well and truly smitten and you are defiantly smitten with him, I've seen you 2 together the chemistry is incredible, you two flirt shamelessly, if you two feel the spark? because I see them that's for sure! it wasn't even that great with Zac, sorry but truth!"

Kit smiles at her “It's just weird you know, he was Zac's best friend at one point or the other, but his been so great to me, his really sweet, and yeah I do really like him but I cant exactly act on it”

Elle speaks up again “yes you can, Zac didn't give you a second thought and that's when he was with you, don't give this a second thought, you guys are too cute together and the spark between you can be seen by all from thousands of miles away!! Just go for it!!!!!"

Kit laughs “maybe I guess we will see”.

It was nearly time the boys were here so the girls throw on their dresses, and the door goes, Elle and Tilly head down stairs, Kit hears the door open and shut and the boys head in, then she hears Jason ask where she was and she burst out laughed hearing Elle's reaction “PATIENCE DEAR BOY, SHE DOESNT LOOK BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE THAT”

Kit shouts down "OI I HEARD THAT!" she winks at him laughing at Kit's reply

Jason speaks again “I think she happens to look beautiful all the time”

Both girls come out with a long awwwwwww, and Kit feels herself go red, she slips on her heels, and heads down the stairs

Jason cant take his eyes off her “you look stunning!"

Kit smiles at him “Thank you, So Jason who are you're friends?” she looks at the two guys stand behind him

Jason points to each one in turn, “this is Jacob and Tom” Kit smiles at them “nice to meet you both”, Both guys stare at Kit, "we can see what you mean J", they nudge him in the side, and he drops his head embarrassed, and Tilly and Elle burst out laughing, a beep comes from outside, the cab is here they all pile out and head to the club.

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