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Chapter 15

The next day, Kit wakes up her bigger furniture had just been dropped off, she uses the day to unpack, then decides she needs to do food shopping ,she heads out and gets in the car and heads to her local supermarket, she does her food shop and heads out starts loading the car.


She spins and see’s Jason “just leave me the hell alone!" she sits in the car locking the doors, and puts her head on the steering wheel and starts to cry, he watches her through the window, his heart breaks, he did this and he knows it “please Kit, talk to me baby I can't lose you over me being an ass, and a selfish dick, I'm not them” after a few minutes Kit sits up and unlocks the door, he swing the door open and kneels beside her, he takes her hands in his “can we please talk, let me drive you home and we can talk properly?" she just gets up and walks to the passenger side and gets in, he climbs into the the drivers seat, she directs him on how to get there, they get to her flat and he helps her inside with the shopping and helps her unpack it, she then sits on the sofa, he sits down beside her.

After a long winded silence “I love you Jason, and although you walked out when you did and it hurt me bad, I hate to admit it, but I cant lose....you” she breaks into tears, he scoops her up, his so happy when she tells him she loves him, although its a bad moment for the first time of saying it

“I love you Kit, I really don't want to lose you either, I always was jealous of you and Zac, then when you finally gave me a chance, it was the best day of my life, then when the hospital incident happened, I regretted it the minute I left, but I thought you hated me, maybe you'd blame me for not being there, and more importantly I was angry at myself for letting this happen, then after that time, I realised I couldn't live without you Kit, I couldn't just walk away” she turns into him and cuddles up to his chest, he just holds her, they fall asleep that way.

Kit wakes its the middle of the night she turns and Jason is sleeping soundly she gets up careful not to wake him, she slides on her dressing gown, and heads out on the balcony the cold chill hits her skin and she feels refreshed, she looks across London lit up at night is a beautiful thing, after standing there looking out at the world for a good 15 minutes, she feels Jason’s arms lace round her waist he nuzzles his head into her neck and breathes in her scent “you ok baby”

She smiles and turns to him “I'm better now, are you ok ?"

He smiles pulling her close to him “I'm good baby” she tip toes up to him and kisses him on the lips, he kisses her right back, lifting her up gently, she wraps herself around him, the kiss deepens he takes her back inside into the bedroom where they start tearing off each others clothes making light work of it, he makes love to her gently and slowly taking his time and savouring the moment like it was the last time.

Kit awakes the next morning, she see’s Jason getting dressed, “leaving me already”

He jumps and Kit bursts out laughing, he grins back at her “laugh it up” he rolls his eyes “and no I just have work, I'll be back tonight though”

She smiles up at him, she pulls him down to her and kisses him “I love you Jason”

He grins “I love you too baby, I’ll see you tonight ok and get some rest”

She nods “see you tonight got a surprise planned she winks

He grins form ear to ear “oh have you!"

She nods “off you pop” he leans in again kisses her then head's out, Kit drifts off back to sleep for a bit, she wakes up later then anticipated, its 2pm, and Jason finishes work at 6 he should be here for 7, she jumps up and gets ready to go shopping for her surprise.

It hits 5, and Kit has just got out the shower, she dry's her hair, does her hair and make up and slips into sexy underwear she brought earlier, and throws her pyjamas over the top, she goes down stairs and works on loads of snacks and drinks, she heads back up and sets up the bedroom with candles, all the snacks she made and drinks, and puts a pile of DVD's on the side before she knows it Jason walks through the front door “babe?" she calls out to tell him to come up stairs, he walks up and opens the door and see’s everything she has set up

He stands stunned “movie night?”

She nods “up for it?”

He smiles and goes over to her taking her into his arms “It's perfect baby” he leans down kissing her “get comfy I'm gonna change” he leaves and comes back in just his boxers and flops down next to her, he takes her into his arms, they snuggle up and watching movies eating the food, after a few hours, Kit turns to Jason "I have one more surprise for you!"

He grins “what's that then”

She jumps of the bed “be right back” she heads to the bathroom fixing herself up, she takes off the her pyjamas, she's left in lacey black and red undies, with knee high stockings, she slowly heads back to the bedroom, as she opens the door, Jason snaps his head up, his jaw drops to the floor “OH MY GOD BABY!"

She grins at him “you like?" his eyes travel up and down her body

“I love, now get over here!” she wags her finger

“I've got one thing I wanna ask first” he looks at her confused, she continues “move in with me?"

He looks shocked “of course I will, but for now can you get that sexy butt over here!!" she laughs then, she does but slowly he takes her into his arms as she straddles him, they enjoy a night full off passion and pure bliss and happy.

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