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Chapter 16


Kit rolls out of bed and heads in to the kitchen makes a coffee. and sits on the sofa turns on the tv BREAKING NEWS, ZAC SAMPSON NOT FATHER TO LOUISES BABY!!! Kit sits the jaw dropped, not even sure what to say, Jason comes in “What's going on?"

Kit points at the TV, Jason looks over and he sits down next to her stunned, he turns to her his stomach drops and he thinks for a minute to himself (what if she wants him back after this, what if I lose her) Kit stares at him knowing exacting what his thinking and says “babe look at me”

He looks at her biting his lip, she stands and straddles him and looks him in the face “don't even go there, I love you so much Jason, this doesn't change anything at all, He still fucked up, he still hurt me, all I want is you and our future”

He pulls her in and cuddles her “sorry”

She looks at him “sorry for what?"

Jason looks down “doubting it and thinking the worst” she cups his face and leans in and kisses him, she switches the TV off, he pulls her top off, and kisses her neck to her chest ,she swings her head back, he squeezes his naked body to hers, he rolls her over so his on top of her, he gently makes love to her.

The next day both of them are up and ready for work eating breakfast in the kitchen, Jason turns to Kit, “baby”

Kit turns to him “hmmmmm?"

He comes up behind her wrapping his arms around her “I've got a surprise for you tonight, we are gonna go out for the night”

Kit smiles “looking forward to it, Ill see you tonight baby I love you”

She turns and kisses him “bye baby see you tonight, I love you too” she heads out the door.

She gets into work and Elle greets her “hey girl, how's things?"

Kit smiles at her “great actually better then ever”

Elle smiles “that's great, good to see you happy babe, we should have a night out soon, why don't we Saturday? can Jason spare you?"

Kit laughs “yes that fine hun"

As Kit gets home she gets ready for her evening out with Jason, as she is doing her hair she hears Jason come in and call out “baby I'm home, I'll jump in the shower and we can head out!!"

She shouts back that its ok, she finishes getting ready and heads down to wait for him, he comes down “you look beautiful baby you ready?"

She smiles “lets go” they head out the door, after a little drive they end up at a quiet little restaurant, they sit and enjoy their meal, as they bring dessert out they bring out Champaign too, as they hand her the glass she looks down, and there is a sparkling diamond ring at the bottom of the glass, Kit gasps, and as she turns back round Jason is on one knee

“Kit I love you so so much, you are the most incredible woman I've ever met, when you meet someone you know they are the one, and I feel that with you, I want you to be the one I fall asleep, wake up to, mother our children, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I know it seems soon, but I don't want another minute without you by my side as my wife, so Kit Maisy will you marry me?"

Kit is crying she nods and throws her arms around him “YES”, everyone in there starts to cheer he gets up fishes out the ring sliding it on her finger, he picks her up and kisses her passionately, they pay the bill, where they celebrate just the two of them for the rest of the night.

Saturday night rolls around and Kit is finished getting ready, she heads down the stairs to wait for the cab, Jason pulls her to him “you look incredible baby, go out and enjoy you're night, I love you so much”

She grins at him “I love you too enjoy you're evening”

He kisses her hard “if you need picking up just ring me I'll be there” she nods and waves goodbye as she gets in the cab.

She is soon at the club with Elle, they head inside and start with shots, as the night goes on they are both dancing in the middle of the dancefloor having a great time, then she see’s him “HEY BEAUTIFUL”

She rolls her eyes “GO AWAY ZAC” she turns her back to walk and he grabs her hand, as she pulls away his hand freezes over the engagement ring, he lifts up her hand to look, she yanks her hand away and walks off, he follows her “CAN WE TALK PLEASE!"

Kit rolls her eyes again “NO LEAVE ME ALONE” she try's to get away so when she thinks his not looking he heads towards the front for a breather as she goes she sends a text to Jason for him to pick her up because Zac is here.

A few seconds later Zac appear behind her “please can we talk Kit”

Kit spins around “NO, I'm sorry you're baby thing didn't work out for you, but you don't get to rule me anymore, you still hurt me Zac so please just stop”

He looks her dead in the eyes “Jason isn't who you think he is, his lying to you, I don't want you hurt Kit please!...And you're engaged ? to him?"

Jason turns up and stands at her side “I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE HER ALONE ZAC!"

Jason pulls her to leave with him, Zac shouts out after her “HIS CHEATING ON YOU,I HAVE PROOF!" Kit stops dead and Jason is still trying to pull her away

She spins round “wha.....what” Kit's hand drops to her side, she walks back to Zac, he looks at her, she can sense there is some truth to this at least it may be a possibility, Zac was never able to lie to her at least that is what she thought, Zac turns to her “do you trust me” he holds out his hand, she nods, but doesn't take it, Zac looks at Jason “believe me mate this involves you too”

Kit cuts in “ok we do this at my place Zac I'll send you the address, we will meet you there you get you're proof, god help me if this is lie"

he nods “ok see you there, I promise you it isn't”.

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