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Chapter 17

Kit paces her living room, Jason is sat down “how could you believe this Kit seriously”

She shakes her head “if you have Jason say it now please, I cant take any more humiliation, or hurt”

He shakes his head “I haven't I promise you” there is a knock at the door, Kit opens it and moves aside for Zac to come in, they head in to the living room, Kit sits in a chair away from them both

Kit speaks “get this over with” Zac pushes a load of photos over the table all time stamped and dated, photos from ages ago and some from pretty recent Kits heart stops, pictures of him and Louise getting pretty friendly and heated ,her legs go from under her and Zac catches her quickly, he helps her sit


Kit laughs “you must be kidding, no wonder you wanted to marry me so quick” tears start to stream from her face, Zac speaks again “that's not all”

Kit goes pale “what else could there be”

Zac pulls out a document and hands it to her, she pulls it out the envelope and starts reading, tears drip down her face, she stands slides the engagement ring off and throws both straight at Jason's head “LOUISES BABY IS YOURS”

She runs out of the flat, Zac runs after her “KIT WAIT PLEASE”. She runs as fast as she can nothing stops her. Zac stays on her as much as he possibly can.

After she cant run no more she ducks in to an alley way, and try's to catch her breath, and sits on the floor, Zac peaks down, and see’s her sitting down he sits down beside her “I'm sorry”

She smiles “It's not you're fault Zac, I'm glad you did, I'm sorry that I ever actually got with him, or that this all caused the loss of us”

Zac frowns “you should know Kit I never slept with Louise”

Kit smiles “you don't owe me nothing Zac, I reacted badly, I should start listening to reasons”

He shakes his head “I owe you everything Kit, I shouldn't have met her to begin with, it turned out she drugged me, but I slept, nothing happened but she needed it to look like that”

Kit frowns, “I'm so sorry Zac, what a mess”

He smiles “tell me about it”

She leans her head on his shoulder “Thank you”

He turns to her “For?"

“Saving me from making the biggest mistake of my life" she get's up “I'm going for drink.....you coming?" she holds out to help him up, he smiles and takes it and stands, they head down to a little bar that are playing music, they head in they have a few drinks, as the night rounds up a slower song comes on “an acoustic version of love you till the end comes on” he holds he hand out “dance with me?"

She laughs and raises an eyebrow “really?" he nods, she takes his hand, he pulls her to the floor he wraps his arms around her waist, and she wraps hers round his neck and they move slowly, through the song he twirls her around and he pulls her back to him, she felt stupid, everything she felt for him come flooding back she couldn't do this back and fourth it felt wrong and harsh, she try's to bat those feelings away, he always loved her and always will, he was just happy to feel her so close to him again he missed her so much and felt lost without her, she rests her head on his chest, she felt like she was home.


Kit sits at home, Jason moved back to America to be with his child well as far as she knew, Zac permanently moved to London.

Kit is startled by a knock at the door, she opens it Zac stand there bouquet of flowers “My name is Zac Sampson, pleased to meet you”

She looks confused, but laughs in surprise “what are you doing Zac Sampson”

He grins “I want to start fresh erase the last few months start again clean slate”

She smiles “well in that case Zac pleasure to meet you, I'm Kit Maisy, I would offer you to come in but my mum always taught me not to invite strangers in to my house” she winks at him

He laughs “Wise woman you're mum, clearly you're mother taught you well!! in that case I'd like to invite you Miss Maisy on a date tonight?"

She mockingly thinks “hmmm I don't know”

He laughs “don't go breaking my heart now Miss I'm not sure I could survive”

She laughs “in that case, how could I say no then”

He grins “I’ll pick you up 7 tonight?"

She smiles “I'll see you then stranger" he hands her the flowers and heads off, she heads back in side and puts the flowers in a vase, she smiles to herself

7PM exactly the door goes, she opens it “Miss Maisy, you look as beautiful as ever”

“Thank you Sampson, you're not too bad yourself”

he holds his arm out “shall we”, she nods and picks up her bag and takes his arm, they head out in to the night.

By 1am, they are at her front door again “thank you for tonight Zac”

“It was my pleasure” he stands looking at her for a minute, she throws her self in to his arms, his a little stunned but holds her to him kissing her back, he pushes her through the open door, shutting the door with his foot, pushing her up against the wall not breaking the kiss, they strip each other of their clothes, as they make their way up the stairs and he makes love to her. She wakes up in the night again, she throws on his shirt and heads down stairs to her balcony, she loved this view at night, everything with Zac felt right but then it did with Jason too, She still loved him that much she knew, she doesn't think she ever stopped and truthfully, but she also loved Jason, she goes off with her thought's as she leans on the balcony, she doesn't know how long she's been standing there.

Zac comes out she turns to him “you ok ?"

She smiles up at him “I am” she leans up and kisses him she turns her back to him and leans on the balcony “you know I've missed you, and truthfully I don't think I truly stopped, this has probably been a messy and confusing couple of years” he pulls her back into his arms, holding her in his embrace

“I've missed you too Kit, I just want you to know if you want something to happen between us again, that if you want to take it slow we will” he kisses the top of her head

She smiles and nods "I'd like that” he moves and takes her hand he lays back on the deck chair and pulls her down between his leg so her back rests on his stomach and he just holds her there why they watch the world pass.

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