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Chapter 18


“How you feeling babe”

Kit looks very ill “not the best, I’ve got doctors in an hour to get my results, I’m scared Zac”

He pulls her into him “we face whatever it is together, I wont let you get away from me again baby” he kisses her “you sure you don’t need me to come with you?"

She shakes her head "It's fine, I’m getting a cab there and back"

“Well I'll see you when you get back, I love you darling”

She smiles “I love you too” she heads out and heads to the doctors, once there she signs in and waits for her appointment.

Soon enough she is sat facing the doctor “well Miss Maisy, we have you’re results”

She nods “and?"

The doctor smiles “congratulations Miss Maisy, you’re pregnant”

Kit sits stunned, “p..p...pregnant?"

He nods “yes” she sits and takes in while the doctor sort her appointments and whatever else needed to be done, as she is in the cab on the way home, how was she going to tell Zac.

As she arrives Zac greets her “you ok babe how’d it go?"

She hugs him “I think..... I need a cup of tea and we need to talk"

Panic rises in him, and once settled on the sofa, Zac speaks “Listen baby whatever it is we will get thro.....” as he talks

She just says it she had to get it out before she backs out “IM PREGNANT”

Zac quickly goes silent after a few minutes he mutters “pregnant”

“Yes I had that reaction too about 4 months”

He grins “this is the best news ever!!!"

She looks confused “you mean you’re not mad?"

He frowns “why an earth would I be mad, I love you Kit, yes It's soon, but things happen for a reason, I wouldn’t want anyone else carrying my child” she bursts into tears, he holds her “shhhh baby its ok we got this” she cuddles in to him, they talk for hours, they decide they want to move into a house and move in together and raise this baby together.


By this time they are moved in to their forever home, that they can raise their baby in, a beautiful 5 bedroom house including a master with on suit, with an open kitchen, a beautiful living area, a large garden with a pool too, Kit was a little out of her comfort zone, this wasn't her, she was happy with a little home cosy enough room to bring up a baby in, but Zac insisted she deserved the best

Today Zac was heading into the studio and Kit was going baby shopping and get the bits she needs to decorate baby's room with Elle, Zac comes into the kitchen while Kit is making breakfast, he comes up behind her planting a kiss on her shoulders, she turns “morning handsome”

He smiles “morning baby” he kisses her then kneels and kisses Kits bump “and good morning princess” their baby starts wriggling around and kicking

“I think she is saying good morning daddy” they both laugh

Zac gets up “take it easy today baby, I mean it!"

Kit laughs “Elle is going to be with me its ok” He looks concerned, “baby I promise we will be fine” she hugs him

“Hmmmm ok, but if there is anything at any point I'll have my phone on me” the door bell goes

“That will be Elle” Zac goes and lets her in

Elle comes bursting in “Good morning all, how is my sister and more importantly how's my niece!!!" Kit laughs and Zac stands looking with a raised eyebrow, she continues, she can't help herself seeing Zac panic “you ready for racing cars and cliff jumping” she winks Zac goes pale

Kit bursts out laughing “baby she is joking”

He breathes again “don't do that Elle, you will give him a heart attack!"

Elle rolls her eyes “promises promises! I've got this stop worrying!!! they are safe with me”

Zac nods ” I know but I'm allowed to worry” Zac walks over to Kit and kisses her, then her bump “I love you both and I’ll see you later” they all say goodbyes.

Later that day Kit and Elle have brought everything they need, they are packing the boot with the stuff, and Kit goes cold as a voice comes from behind her “well ,its true!"

She spins and see’s Jason standing there "what do you want!" he steps towards her, his intoxicated Elle has gone to take the trolley bac


Kit see’s red steps forward and punches him in the face “YOU CAN CALL ME WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT DONT EVER TALK ABOUT MY BABY LIKE THAT YOU WASTE OF SPACE!" He gets really angry and shoves her backward, she smacks her back against the car and bounces off, and falls to the floor.

Elle shouts across the car park “KIT, GET THE HELL AWAY FROM HER” She's running over, calling an ambulance, Jason face turns to guilt and sadness, regret and remorse “Kit I'm so..... sorry” he runs

Kit is sat there holding her stomach, in floods of tears, Elle calls Zac as they wait for an ambulance, soon enough Zac is there before the ambulance, he sprints across the car park and kneels beside Kit “baby its ok I'm here” he wraps his arms around her “what the hell happened!"

She trying to control her crying “he came out of no where Elle was putting the trolley back, he said it was our baby that....deserved to be dead not the one I lost, I punched him, and he pushed me back and I bounced of the boot”

Zac floods with anger “I'LL KILL HIM”, the ambulance turns up and gets her into the hospital.

After having a check up baby is fine and Kit is put on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy to prevent early labour, Zac decides his staying home for the time being, to make sure she does what she is told.

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