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Chapter 19


Kit is getting fed up with being in the house, she gets out of bed and heads to find Zac, but cant find him which was nothing new he seem to disappear a lot, in fact he did that since the beginning but she always put it down to touring, and work, she heads to the kitchen and see’s a note on the side “just popped out for food shopping, if you're reading this you should probably be in bed! I love you baby I wont be long” she wanders to the baby's nursery, looking in everything pastel pink, and so tiny, she was keeping the baby in her room tell she got older but everything is getting real and close, the door goes, she wonders who it is, Elle is working and Zac has his keys, she slowly heads down, opens the door Jason is standing there, she goes to shut the door.


She pulls the door open “”ok two things what the hell do you want and second how did you get my address?" she stands waiting for a reply

Jason has flowers “I wanted to say sorry, that wasn't me, and the fact I put you're baby in danger, was a disgusting, I am ashamed of myself, you didn't deserve that, neither did an innocent baby, I brought you these I know it wont make up for the pain I've caused” she rolls her eyes, all of a sudden a water hits the floor, she looks down to the puddle at her feet, “oh no, no no no ”

Jason looks at her “what's wrong?”

Kit looks at him “you need to leave!” a contraction hits “AHHHHHHHH NO NO NO!"

The penny drops and Jason realises what happening, “we need to get you to hospital!"

She shakes her head ” I DONT WANT YOU, I NEED ZAC NOW!” he pulls his phone out to call him but a voice comes from behind him


Kit is crying “ZAC” he rushes to her side he puts his arms around her then see’s the puddle “THE BABYS COMING!"

Zac starts to panic “ok lets get you to the car!" he wraps his arms around her and helps her into the car "I'll be back in a second, I need to lock up and get you're hospital bag, ok hold on baby” he kisses her and rushes back in the house as he locks up “you need to leave Jason and throw the flowers away while you're at it, stay the hell away from her and my daughter do you hear me” Zac rushes back to the car and drives off to the hospital.

Once they have checked in and Kit is comfortable in the bed, the doctor checks her “you're little one will be here soon” Zac smiles at Kit, he gets up and pats a cold flannel to her head another contraction hits, Zac holds her hand as she grips it hard

“I love you Zac”

He smiles “I love you too baby you got this” eventually its time to push, he stands by her side “come on baby!!!" she is screaming with each push she looks at him, with nothing but love, he puts his arm around her back after pushing for 15 minutes, their beautiful baby is born, they put the baby on Kits chest “hello little one” she kisses her baby's head, her new born with bright green eyes and thick black hair looking a double of Zac and Zac watches in admiration for her, his beautiful girls.

The doctor take baby to weight her and wrap her. They hand her to Zac his so careful, he leans in and kisses Kit “I'm so proud of you baby” he then leans in an kisses his daughter on the top of her head “I will spend the rest of my life protecting you and you're mummy, we love you so much baby girl”.

Half hour later, Zac dresses his little girl and takes her to Kit, he hands her over gently, she takes a double look at her baby grow “Mummy, Daddy wants to ask you a very special question” she looks at Zac he smiles “open her baby grow” she pops it open and on her vest “MUMMY WILL YOU MARRY MY DADDY!"

Kit starts to cry as she turns back round Zac is on one knee, Kit Gasps, he smiles up at her “so what you say baby make an honest man out of me, do me the honour of becoming my wife?" She bursts into tears

“YES!!” the nurses and doctors in the room cheer, Zac stands sliding a ring on her finger, he carefully leans in cradling both of his girls, kissing Kit.

Zac talks again “I'm so happy you've made me a happy man twice in one day, you made me a dad, and you're future husband, you mean everything to me Kit and this little one, I love you so much and never stopped, I never thought in a million years, I'd have you back let alone you being the mother of my children, we have been through a lot but I wouldn't change any of it, you girls are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way” Kit is crying Zac wipes her tears and kisses her on the forehead.


As Kit is sat on the sofa with her little girl in her arms “babe”

He turns to her “what's up?”

She smiles “I've thought of a perfect name for her ,if you agree to it too of course, I want to honour Elle, for everything she has done for us and for me”

Zac smiles “of course what was you thinking ?"

She looks at her little girl “Ella”

He grins “I love it” she smiles stroking her daughters hair “Ella Amy Harmony Sampson”

He looks at his girls proud as punch, “actually also you can say no, but the magazine want to cover her birth, of her, maybe that would be a great way to announce it? give all my fans the first look at our precious girl, and to announce our engagement?” she mulls for a few minutes, “yeah I guess that would be pretty special”, she smiles, ” I'll get it all booked in”, Zac had it set for a week, they would come to the house run an interview, and take some photos to go with the article. But Kit wasn't that great with the idea. She was a private person this whole in the "public eye" stuff really wasn't for her

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