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Chapter 20

It's the day of the shoot and Kit feels nervous, Zac smiles “you ok?"

She looks up “just nervous this is new to me”

He hugs her I'm here every step baby. The door goes, and everyone from the magazine comes in soon they are buzzing around hair make up wardrobe, and soon they were set up for the interview, they ask all the questions soon they are having all different photos taken. Kit felt really out of her comfort zone this wasn't for her, she wishes she didn't go through all this now

Once it ends and they have left Kit crashes down on the sofa, Zac sits next to her “you did amazing cant wait to see the finished product”

She smiles “me too” they curl up with their little girl in their arms and enjoy the rest of the night as a family.

A few days later the first look at the magazine is sent to them they lay it on the side and look at their article in big bold letters, "WELCOME BABY ELLA AMY HARMONY SAMPSON, PROUD PARENTS ZAC SAMPSON AND KIT MAISY SHARE BABY'S BIRTH AND SURPRISE ENGAGMENT!" Kit looks at the pictures the perfect family all 3 of them in different photos, a picture of Zac proposing too, with Ella's baby grows, and her engagement ring, Zac comes up behind her “look at my beautiful girls” he nuzzles his head into her neck “it looks amazing doesn't it”, There's a note attached to the cover of the mag to explain its going to be out tomorrow, “tomorrow everyone will know our little girl and that we are getting married” she smiles up at him still unsure of everything.

A few days pass, and Zac had to pop to the studio, its just Kit and Ella home, as she finishes her breakfast Ella starts to cry “I'm coming baby mummy's coming” she rushes over to Ella and gently scoops her up, she heads in to the living room, and feeds her after she finishes, she puts her on her shoulder tapping her back for her to bring up wind, there's a knock at the door, she pulls her self up, cradling Ella in her arms, she opens the door, she rolls her eyes “what do you want Jason”

“Wow” he looks stunned “Kit she is beautiful, congratulations to you and Zac, I still haven't had the chance to apologise for how I've been”

Kit cuts in “It doesn't matter Jason, listen I need to get Ella in, is that all you needed” she still has explosions worth of feelings for Jason and she is really second guessing about Zac, she felt she really doesn't belong in his world, she wasn't happy and he could tell, he hangs his head “are you ok?"

She looks up "I'm fine is there something you needed" he could tell she wasn't happy here or with him but he didn't push her "actually I need to speak to Zac, its pretty important”

She rolls her eyes, “come in and wait” she walks off and sits back on the sofa laying Ella against her chest rubbing her back, Jason watches her intently, knowing she was sad and how beautiful she looked to him but he try's to shake the feeling, and how well being a mum suited her

Kit whips her phone out at the side pocket with one hand, she send a text to Zac "when you coming back, Jason is here in our living room adamant he wants to talk to you, I'm starting to freak out a little, his just staring at me xx", after a few minutes her phone pings off, new message Zac "WAIT WHAT, IM ON MY WAY BABY HOLD TIGHT!" after 10 minutes.

She cant sit there much longer, she stands “Zac will be back any minute, I'm gonna go upstairs and change Ella" as she walks out and about to head up the stairs

He grabs her arm “WAIT” she stops

“Jason please get you're hand off me please” he doesn't move, and Ella starts to cry feeling her mother's fear, the door opens, Zac see’s Kit froze in place she feel's the feeling's she has for him and the spark that is still there and Ella crying in her arms, she starts to soothe her

“You ok baby” she just nods, he see’s tears in her eyes, she climbs the stairs quickly and he hears the door shut, he walks in the living room “what the hell do you want” that's the last thing kit could hear before she changes Ella and puts her down for a nap, she sits on her bed, taking deep breaths, she notices a bruise appear around her wrist, as Zac walks in she quickly covers her arm.

He see’s her doing it “what's that?"

She shakes her head “It's nothing” she smiles up at him

“Babe what you hiding?" he kneels down next to her lifting her sleeve, anger flashes across his face “he did this didn't he that's why you looked petrified when I first come in?" she bursts in to tears as all the emotions come to her and he wraps her up in his arms “It's ok baby, I’ll always keep you and Ella safe, I promise you that, my girls are my world, I cant wait to call you Mrs Sampson”

She smiles up at him thinking maybe there was hope for them yet “lets set a date then?"

His jaw drops, “wait what?!" he hesitates, for a fair couple of minutes, she knew something was wrong now and something was different, and that he didn't want this or her after all, he thinks something up on the spot "you've just had a baby! let's give it some time shall we”

She looks a little confused and hurt... “don't you want to marry me..” tears spring to her eyes

“Babe I didn't say that” she looks at him again

She gets up “don't worry about it, forget it silly idea after all”

He looks at her “babe wait!"

She walks out, she goes in and sits in the shower, letting the water run over her, he seem to be weird when I ask to set a date he actually hesitated, he actually had to think about it, ( I thought he would be jumping over the idea) but the disappearing acts the way his been off with her, she starts to cry, after a little while she finishes up in the shower, stepping out and getting dressed.

On cue Ella starts crying, she heads straight into her room, gently rocking her daughter “how about we go see auntie Elle hur?" she gets Ella dressed and herself packs her change bag, she slides Ella into her buggy and covers her in her blanket, Zac appears “babe where you off too?"

She doesn't even turn back “we are going to visit Auntie Elle aren't we baby girl” she heads straight past Zac, he looks wounded he knows he fucked up and hurt her like he was putting off marrying her but that's all he wants at least he thought but he knew something in her had changed. She heads back past him “Lets say goodbye to daddy shall we” Zac walks over and leans down kissing his daughter, he stands then leans to kiss Kit but she moves her head, to him it was a dagger to his heart, as he watches her leave.

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