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Chapter 22

On her way out Jason is walking in, she try's to walk past him “KIT WAIT” she freezes “are you ok, why are you crying ?" Zac hears Jason from indoors and comes out, as he does Jason turns to Zac and Kit walks straight out as quick as she can

“What do you want Jason?"

“Sorry mate just needed to continue our conversation from the other day”

Zac looks at him “maybe some other time away from the house”,

Jason nods “understood” he turns and leaves he try's to see if he can see her but can't.

Kit just walks and walks, she finds herself in the park on bench, she sits and takes in everything around her, she sits there for hours, she doesn't know what to do, she thought he loved her he’d only just said he couldn't wait to be his wife, she thinks for a little while, she thinks to herself for a bit and decides, she is going to end it (I think I’ll go stay with Elle for a little while if she will have her and Ella, until I get a place sorted) she rings her and explains everything and how she is feeling, Elle tells her she is always welcome her and Ella that she and Ella can have the spare room for as long as she needs, she heads home to get stuff packed, as she goes in, she heads upstairs, and pulls out her suitcases.

Zac walks in “why are you packing!?"

Kit stops and turns to him “Me and Ella are going to stay at Elle's until I can find a new home for me and her, It's over Zac I'm sorry but this isn't going to work, don't worry I’ll still bring Ella home to see you too when you're free”

He looks gob smacked “you're ending it, and you're taking my little girl from me! I don't think so”

Kit turns back continuing her packing "don't decide to care now", she heads down stairs packing her and Ella's stuff into the car locking the door making sure Zac couldn't remove any of it, she heads back in doors, he starts to shout “WHY THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THIS, BECAUSE I SAID I DIDNT WANNA MARRY YOU!!!!"

Kits face drops and tears burn her eyes “so you didn't” her heart shatters

Zac gets all muddled up “I didn't mean it like that”

She moves past him “you did, you didn't say it like that the first time, but you have now, so thank you, And no I'm not taking Ella away from you, I’ll bring her back every day to see you, I'm not gonna deprive her of her father” She shoves past him, he never meant what he just said, it just came out like that and its made things worse, she picks up Ella and lets Zac say goodbyes she puts her in the car, and gets in the drivers seat “please Kit lets talk”

again Jason is back watching Kit packing hers and Ella stuff into the car wondering what's going on he steps in “what's happening!"

Kit shakes her head "It's over, turns out you're precious friend didn't wanna marry me after all" and pulls away, as she drives, she cant help but feel rejected and hurt by him. Jason stand's in shock.

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