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Chapter 23

A few weeks later she keeps her promise she took Ella over every day to see him, he kept trying to get Kit back, but he had hurt her badly, she didn’t want to know.

Ella has just turned 6 months old and Kit She decides she is going to move into her own place with Ella and she does, she buys a little 2 bedroom house that is a perfect for her and her growing daughter, a few weeks after Kit left, it hit all magazines about their sudden split, it broke her but he said he didn’t want to marry her, now she want to just concentrate on Ella.

It hits 7pm she puts Ella to bed, and her door goes, she answers it “what are you doing here?"

Zac is there, turns to her “I just wanted to make sure everything is good with the new house and that”

She nods “its great thank you, listen if you wanted to see Ella, I’ve just put her to bed”

He turns “oh ok, but I was here to see you too”

She looks confused “why?"

He looks at her “to talk, we never got to talk Kit”

She keeps the tears back hearing pain in his voice “we have nothing to say to each other, we remain civil for Ella, because I still want you in her life because she deserves to have her dad around, but that's it” he looks pained, she starts to cry “I cant do this I'll see you tomorrow” she heads back in shutting the door.


Kit prepares the house for Ella's party, she cant believe her daughter is turning one, she has grown so quick, Kit stands in the kitchen as Ella crawls in and sits on the floor by her mum “MAMAMA!" holding her arms out for Kit to pick her up, she does, “my beautiful little birthday girl, mama loves you so much baby” her daughter squeals in her arms hugging her ,she smiles down at her daughter, she turns the music up dancing with her daughter around the kitchen as her daughter giggles away.

The door rings, she heads to the front door opening it, Ella instantly says “DADADA” as Zac stands there “hello birthday princess” Kit hands her over, while she finishes birthday prep and gets ready, then she heads down to get Ella in her party dress and Zac lets all the guests in, soon enough the party is in full swing, once the music is up and everyone is partying and having fun, Zac walks in seeing Kit dancing with their little girl in her arms, he see’s how happy they are Kit smiling again at their daughter giggles, but it saddens him a little that he doesn't have this everyday, there's another knock on the door, Its Jason, since the first time everyone has made a amends and Ella see’s him as her uncle.

Kit heads to the door with Ella in her arms, when she opens the door, Ella squeals “JAJAJAJAJAJA!" Kit and Jason burst out laughing, he takes Ella and swings her around

“how's this little birthday girl doing” Ella is giggling away, Kit smiles as she watches them and they all head back in, he places Ella down and she crawls back in to everyone else

Jason turns to Kit and kisses her on the cheek “I brought her a little something I hope she likes it”

Kit smiles “thanks Jay, she will I'm sure” they head in to the party.

Once it hits the evening everyone is leaving but Zac and Jason stay to help clean up, Kit has taken Ella upstairs for a bath and to put her to bed, as she heads back down, she finds the house nearly clean “thanks guys, thank you for being here today, I think Ella had a lot fun!" she smiles and heads in the kitchen, and puts away all the left over food, she leans against the side taking a deep breath

Jason heads in “you ok?"

Kit smiles over at him “of course, been a long day”

He nods “you did a great job though!"

She smile's “thanks Jay, for everything I'm glad we got things good again”

Jason smiles “me too” he felt the same thing she does, what ever they had was far from over, and he didn't want it over as much as she didn't

Zac appears behind them, slightly annoyed but trying not to show it “not interrupting anything am I?"

Kit looks at him “no, Jay was just saying I did a great job today with the party”

He nods “you did, OUR little girl loved every minute”.

Kit looks at him raising an eyebrow, “sorry is something wrong, am I missing something?"

Zac shakes his head “well I'm gonna get going, let you get some rest, Jason do you want a ride?"

Jason darts his head at him “no thanks, I'm gonna help Kit tidy up a bit more before I go”

Kit looks back and fourth between them “It's ok Jay if you wanna go now you can?"

Jason looks back at her “its fine, honestly I wanna help”

Zac stands there like a vein was gonna burst “ok fine, thanks for today, and for making Ella's birthday great too” he walks out in a huff.

Kit stands there “what the hell was that about?"

Jason looks at her “I think his jealous”

Kit laughs “I highly doubt it, I know he was dating someone else”

Jason hangs his head “you knew?"

She smiles “of course I'm not stupid, he was acting weird one night, so I dropped Ella there early one day, and I saw her sneaking out” Jason looks sad, Kit looks at him “what's wrong?"

He looks down at her “doesn't that upset you ?"

Kit sighs “not really, I mean I will always love him, but he suddenly didn't know if he wanted to marry me and things wasn't right from the start, I wasn't truly happy with him, that hurt me more then anything, I didn't wanna be stuck in some marriage he wasn't even sure he wanted in the first place, and staying with him for Ella's sake wasn't fair for any of us especially Ella” she knows her feelings for Jason were stronger then anything else

Jason nods “I understand, what do you say, I’ll pop out get us a take out and some wine we can chill out for the night?"

Kit thinks for a bit “you know what why not” she smiles up at him

“ok I’ll be back soon” he heads out as Kit finishes cleaning then melts onto the sofa.

After 45 minutes Jason returns, “I come baring gifts!!!" she smiles at him, he sets the take away on the table, takes the bottle of wine out still chill, he grabs two glasses and sits down next to Kit, they tuck in and watch some movies, after a while, Kit falls asleep, Jason cant help but look at her in awe, she looked as beautiful as ever, tired but beautiful, and he still loved her so much, he suddenly thrown from his thoughts, when she starts to punch out in her sleep crying like she was struggling, he moves over, pulling her to him, holding her tight, stroking her hair, she screams “GET OFF ME ADRIAN...PLEASE DONT !!"

Tears spring to his eyes, he knows her nightmares have come back again, he remembered the first time it happened, it scared him to death, she only had them when she was stressed or had a lot on her mind, he instantly calms her “SHHHHH, Kit its ok, I'm here, no one can hurt you ever again!!" she instantly relaxes into him

Kit still asleep whispers, “Jay don't let him get me or Ella!"

He holds her tighter kissing her on the head “He wont, I promise” he stays awake for a while longer making sure she was ok and eventually falls asleep

Kit wakes up in the morning, to Ella crying, she sits up, Jason peaceful beside her sleeping soundly, she deep down missed this, she grabs a cover and lays him down covering him up, and heads up to get Ella, she heads in to the kitchen gives Ella her breakfast, then she makes breakfast for herself and then some for Jason, as she heads in to the front room, Ella is sat next to Jay staring at him “JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA!!!" Kit stands there but bursts out laughing at the site before her, he starts to come too “well good morning Ella!" he smiles at her, he sits up switching the tv on to Ella's favourite programme.

Kit hands over Jason's breakfast, he smiles up to her “thank you” she smiles and nods, she cant help but smile at Ella cuddled up to Jason and wondered what would of happened if she hadn't lost their baby, but not for a second does she regret Ella, she was the best thing to ever happen to her, but as she watches them, she knows deep down she misses Jason a lot more than she ever cared to admit, she walks over and plops down next to Ella, so Ella is sat between, her and Jason, she smiles over at him, and he grins back, he eats his breakfast as Ella watches in fascination her programme, she eventually gets bored and wanders off to play with her toys Kit watches her, not believing her luck of the most wonderful joyful little girl. But Jason is watching Kit, wishing this was his family, he missed her so much, he knew he needed to tell her and take that chance.

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