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Chapter 24

After a few hours Ella is down for a nap and Jason is getting ready to leave, Kit shows him to the door but before he opens the door, he crashes his lips against hers, Kit is stunned but that big old spark they had was once there again, she found herself wrapping her arms around him, leaning in to the kiss, he wraps his arms around her waist, the pull between the both was massive, he pulls back “I’m sorry” then walks out, she stands confused. After the shock wore off

Kit grabs her phone and punches in a message to Jason “don’t contact me again Jason, I thought you’d changed but you still run away, you gave me hope that a future was possible for us, and you do this, I’m sick of yours and Zac’s petty games both of you can get lost, to think I still love you!!!! now I see I’m just an idiot”.

Later on Kit is strolling round the park with Ella in the buggy as she sits there babbling away to herself, Kit gets a new text, “hey Kit, where are you I need to talk to you ASAP, Zac” she hits reply and tells him to meet her here.

Half hour later Zac appears, “thanks for seeing me”

Kit just nods “what’s up anyway?" He looks nervous, she cuts in before he can say anything “if its about mystery lady I already know”

He hangs his head “you know about her?"

Kit nods “I’m not stupid I saw you sneaking her out, but from that face I can tell it wasn’t that so get on with it”

Zac looks hurt and guilty “I’m going on tour for a year...."

Kit looks stunned for a second “fine, good luck with it, lets hope you find time to fit at least a video call in with you’re daughter here and there” she gets up to walk.


Kit turns back “save you’re breath I’m used to men letting me down, but I wont let Ella be let down, just at least video call her when you can, because clearly you’re music career comes before, our child” she walks off. He stands there feeling awful. Music was his life and so was Ella and Kit, and he had just dealt a double blow.

Once Kit gets home Jason is outside “you can get lost as well” before walking in and slamming the door in his face

“Kit please” she takes Ella out of her pram and heads to feed her dinner and bath her, soon she is curled up with her little girl watching a film, once it hit 9pm, Ella is asleep in her arms she heads, up stairs, putting Ella in bed then getting into her own. She cry’s herself to sleep.

The next week has gone in a flash and Zac is gone, as Kit settles in for the evening she catches up with her programmes curled on the sofa, A knock at the door startles her, she gets up heading to the door, she rolls her eyes seeing Jason standing there “please go away Jason, I’m done with you and I’m done with Zac, I’m sick of being let down constantly its like you two have some sick and twisted plan on how to ruin me and you both exceed in doing it and now Zac is now too busy to even bother with his daughter, you two can mess with me but don’t you dare mess with my little girl!" she breaks in to tears

Jason takes a step forward hugging her “hey I wasn’t abandoning you the other day!"

She looks up confused “what do you mean you just kissed me and left Jason, that hurt so much, then the blow of Zac leaving for a tour all year”

He hangs his head “I really wasn’t, I love you Kit, more then anything, I went to get these” he hands her over documents.

Kits jaw dropped, “the baby wasn’t yours either?"

Jason shakes his head "I did sleep with her but once and the dates didn’t add up, I went back over to get things sorted and....”

Kit looks worried “and?"

he looks down “Zac wanted you back so bad he and Louise came up with a plan, that they falsified the other DNA results so that you’d believe it, they took pictures when we went out on night outs, and I couldn’t remember those nights well, but I know I didn’t sleep with her then, I love you Kit and I have for so long, the first day Zac introduced us, I was already smitten, I meant it when I said I wanted to marry you that has never changed, I’d marry you tomorrow give then chance, you mean the world to me, so does Ella, you both so important to me”

Kits legs go and Jason grabs hold of her, she leans on him “he lied to me and did all that, just to get me back” Jason nods, “oh god, I’m so sorry Jason, I put you through hell...” she bursts into tears

He helps her inside sitting on the sofa cuddling her “shhhh, you wasn’t to know, you thought I’d done the ultimate betrayal by cheating, but I didn’t”

She hugs him “please forgive me” they stay cuddled up for a bit before

Jason speaks “did you mean it?"

She looks at him “mean what?"

He looks shy “the last thing you said in that text?"

Kit smiles “yes, Jason I’ve felt things with you I never felt with anyone and it will never change” he smiles, kisses her head and takes her back in his arms.

The weekend comes round, Kit is getting ready to take Ella to Elle’s for the weekend, but before they go Zac was video calling to talk to Ella "hello baby girl” Ella looks at the phone “dadada”

Zac smiles, but after a bit, Ella wanders off, Kit picks up the phone “well good luck bye Zac” she goes to hang up

“KIT WAIT” she picks up the phone “please can we sort this, everything?”

Kit snorts then burst in to laughter, “you must be joking, Jason told me, about you're little stunt you know”

Zac goes pale “what?"

Kit smiles “oh yeah, I've seen the real DNA test, you played a dirty life changing game there, you disgust me, to go to those lows, and for what, I hope it was worth it, As far as things go, You can see Ella whenever, as for us, we have nothing at all, you are nothing to me” tears prick in his eyes by this time, and she hangs up. She puts Ella in the car, and heads over to Elle’s, she gets there dropping her off making sure she has everything then heads back home.

Jason standing outside with a huge bouquet of flowers, she rolls her eyes laughing. They head inside.

“what are these for”

He grins “just because” they spend the evening pigging out watching movies enjoying a baby free night.

It starts to get late, she stands picking something up from the side handing them to him “you're gonna need these”

He takes them looking confused “keys?"

She nods “well we are gonna need you around the house from time to time”

He grins “really?" She nods.

He jumps up and hugs her, she looks up at him, he looks down at her, brushing her hair from her eyes, he leans in and kisses her, she wraps her arms around his neck, he picks her up and she wraps her legs around him he pulls back leaning his head again hers “I've missed you so much Kit”

She smiles back “I've missed you too, and the me I was with you ,I should of never doubted you ever, although if I didn't I wouldn't have Ella, and I wouldn't change that”

He smiles “lets not think about the past, clean slate?"

She nods “New slate”, she leans in kissing him again, he carry's her up to bed, he makes love to her, over and over.

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