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Chapter 27

Later that night, she’s put the girls to bed, and Elle decides to stay with her, half her face bruised and tender and swollen, she sits with an ice pack, Elle sits next to her friend “oh Kit”

Kit bursts in to tears and Elle takes her in to her embrace "I cant believe either of them”

Elle nods ” I know babe, Zac shouldn't have come here to start with especially as intoxicated as he was, as for Jason he should of known better”

Kit nods “what if the girls had seen that!"

Elle looks as though she is about to cry "I know, what happens now?"

Kit shakes her head, “I don't know, they had to take photos of my injury's as well, hopefully that's enough for them to see what damage they caused” Kit curls up on the sofa and falls in to a deep sleep.

About 11 there’s a knock at the door, Elle gets up opening it up, Jason is standing there with his head down, Elle moves aside for him to come in “where is she?"

Elle looks towards the sofa “leave her be she sleeping”

Jason nods he goes in to her and gasps at her face “oh my god”

Elle looks at him “she asked you to stop Jay”

Jason hangs his head, “I know I saw him hurting her, and I just saw red, I just wanted to protect her and the girls, I feel awful”

He gently caresses her face “I'm so sorry baby”

Kit wakes up with a jump, Jason jumps back “I'm sorry!" Kit lets out a breath, she then jumps up throwing her arms around him, his shocked at her reaction but pulls her in to his arms, as he pulls back she is crying “baby what’s wrong” he wipes her tears away with his thumb

“I shouldn’t have gone out there, I could smell the alcohol”

Jason instantly wraps his arms around her “shhhhhhhh” she cries in to his chest “don't you dare blame yourself for his actions, he had you up against that wall and I flipped so I am sorry” He hugs her until she is calm once again.

The following week, Kit is sat in the kitchen on the laptop, Jason comes in “what you doing baby”

Kit slams the laptop shut as she realises, Jason is there “umm what you hiding”

Kit grins, “it’s a surprise, will you have the girls today?"

Jason looks at her suspiciously and nods “surrre..."

Kit jumps up kissing him “don't worry all will be revealed tonight!!" he smiles as Kit grabs her bits and head out the door.

A few hours later Kit comes back through the front door, both girls run up to her giving her hugs and kisses “Ella do you remember what me an you talked about the other day, the very special thing we were doing for daddy”

Ella nods grinning, Jason stands there looking confused, Kit hands Ella an envelope “you can give it to daddy sweet heart”

Ella goes over to Jason handing him the envelope Ella is grinning in excitement, Jason nervously takes it and Ella sits there grinning as Kit stands there watching, Jason carefully opens the letter and begins to read, as he does tears start to spring from his eyes “OH MY GOD ARE YOU FOR REAL!!" Kit smiles, as Ella is giggling, “you want me to legally adopt Ella”

Kit smiles nodding “we both do”, Jason gets excited giving Ella cuddles “but what about you know who”

Kit looks at Ella “go play in you're play room sweetie” Ella runs off with a spring in her step and Kit goes over to Jason “I spoke to a solicitor, because Zac hasn't bothered with her in over 2 years, and with what happened last week, and the fact you have been there since the start it was an easy case, all you have to do is sign and I’ll send it off, you will officially and legally be Ella’s dad”

Jason is balling his eyes “she is already my daughter, but this means so much to me Kit, you don't even know, thank you”, she leans in kissing him.

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