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Chapter 28


Kit is in the kitchen, Jason is at work, and Ella is at nursery, Bethany is down for a nap, Kit hears the door goes, she heads to it, picking up the letter’s that are dropped on the mat, she goes through them, and the letter they have been waiting for has arrived, she opens it scanning it, Ella has now legally and officially been adopted by Jason, they even gave Ella his surname, she is now Ella Amy Harmony Williams, Kit is extremely excited, and Can not wait for Jason to come home so she can show him.

A couple of hours later, Kit sets up for dinner, another knock at the door, Kim rolls her eyes, she knew Jason wasn’t due back for a couple of hours because he always picks Ella up from Nursery , she heads to the door and opens it, as she does she see’s Zac as he goes to talk, she flinches she doesn’t know why, but she does..... Zac see’s that, a sad look comes over his face “Kit I’m really really sorry, my behaviour has been unforgivable, I know...that Jason has officially.... adopted Ella too, I don’t want a fight, I just wanted to say, that was the best decision, and that I agree with it not that I have any right to have an opinion because I haven't been there but he has, I was no good for her or you, Jason has been great with her and I see how much he loves and adores her like a real dad should and I can see Ella idolises him and loves him just as much”

Kit is seriously confused right now “what’s you’re angle Zac, you were trying to punch you’re way in before, now you’re happy for us, excuse me if I find that hard to believe”

He looks down again “I don’t expect you to forgive me or believe me Kit, I did go for 2 years, I cant be a dad to her a dad full stop, but I have seen Jason with her, he loves her and treats her like a good dad should”

Kit stops him, “Zac seriously what the hell has got in to you”, there is almost a lot of guilt and fear, struck through him, he looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him there and then, “because you’re going to hate me more than you already do right now, and when you do, I'm sorry to you and Ella, I have to go!" he runs off, Kit stands there confused.

2 hours later

Jason come’s in, “hey baby”

Ella shouts too “MUMMY!!" Ella runs in arms wide open, Kit sweeps her little girl up snuggling in to her

“How was you’re day sweet girl?"

Ella laughs “good"

Kit kisses her and then puts her down and Ella hands her a picture “aww thank you baby I love it”

Ella runs off to play with her sister, Kit drops down on the sofa, Jason steps forward “what’s wrong baby?"

Kit looks up “Zac came over earlier”

Jason looks like his about to pop a vain “HE WHAT” Kit puts her hand up, she explains what he said and how he left it, Jason’s face drops “you haven’t seen it have you”

Kit looks scared “seen what” Jason pulls out his phone pulls up an article and hands it to her Kit reads in horror “you knew?"

Jason shakes his head, “God no!! I was just as surprised as you are now I saw it earlier, but wanted to wait to get home to talk to you first, and by what he said, it must be true” Kit goes pale, and runs to the toilet to throw up.

Kit makes her way back to the front room, sitting on the sofa putting her head between her legs taking deep breaths, she looks up after 5 minutes “that explains why he didn’t want to marry me” Kit chokes back on her tears, Jason sits beside her pulling her in to his arms “he has a whole other family, his married for Christ sake! how did I fall for that, from the start, how was it so well hidden considering his in the public eye..... the whole time he had a wife and 4 kids sitting at home tucked away, by the looks of it no one knew hence the huge headline, he had me fooled" Jason wraps her up in his arms, letting her cry it out.

A few days later Ella runs in to the front room “MUMMY!!"

Kit turns round “yes baby what’s wrong?!"

Ella grins “I made you this mummy” Ella hands Kit takes the picture out of her hand, she looks at it, its her, Jay, Ella and Bethany

“Aww baby I love it thank you sweetheart! that will take pride on the fridge for everyone to see what a talented little artist my little girl is" Ella grins up at her mum and cuddles her “why don't you got sort what you wanna take to auntie Elle’s?" Ella jumps up and down excited and runs out up stairs, a few hours later, Elle comes to pick both girls up for a weekend of Auntie time, she waves them off and heads back in doors, She cleans the house from top to bottom, she is interrupted by a knock at the door, she heads to the door, as she opens it and older lady stands there looking up set, Kit looks at her confused “I'm sorry can I help you”

The woman stars at her for a few seconds “Kit?"

Kit swallows the lump in her throat “who are you?"

The lady puts her hands up “I mean no harm, I promise...I’m Lacey Sampson...."

Kit turns pale, knowing that Zac's wife is standing in front of her “I really don't think you should be here, sorry, and I don't know how you got my address!”

Kit goes to shut the door, but Lacey calls out “WAIT PLEASE!“, Kit hesitates and opens the door again, Lacey continues to talk again, “please....can we talk..." Kit thinks for a bit before surrendering and moving aside to let her in, she heads in offering her a coffee, then they take a seat in the front room and Lacey is the first to talk.

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