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Chapter 29

“I'm so sorry to just show up like this, I really am, I think you’ve guessed by now, I'm Zac’s wife”

Kit cuts in “listen, I'm not sure if Zac sent you or what not but I really don't think you being here is a good idea”

Lacey holds her head down “I know, I just had to meet you, guess to see if it was real, Sounds silly, but from the way you look there is a chance you didn't know about me either?"

Kit shakes her head “no I found out through media a few days a go actually, It was very much a shock, but it explained a lot”

Lacey looks up “how so?"

Kit grips the mug in her hand with both hands, “why he couldn't be bothered with our Daughter Ella.. why he shut her out like she was nothing"

Lacey snaps her head up “you have a daughter with him!"

Kit jaw pops open “he didn't tell you that part, looks like I wasn't the only one in the dark” Lacey bursts in to tears, Kit feels awful she gets up and cuddles her “hey, listen if I’d of known he was married with kids, I wouldn't”

Lacey smiles “It's fine Kit I get it, I know you didn't know either, It was a shock to find out about you to, and now you have a daughter to him too, but he kept me and the kids out of the media and kept that private, most have been shocked we even exist”

Kit looks remorseful nodding “yeah Ella, she is a wonderful little girl, I was angry at him for disappearing for two years skipped out on her birthday's too, then swanned in when her felt like it”

Lacey looks at her in shock “he did that?"

Kit nods, “yeah”

Lacey shakes her head, “well we also have 3 daughters together too”

Kit lets the tears spill over “I'm so sorry...the article said 4"

Lacey shakes her head “don't you dare apologise! yeah but it's 3, his the scumbag in this” they talk everything over that's happened over the last few years, for a good few hours, Lacey explains she filed for divorce, and that he had also ghosted her kids to, all three of his kids, her eldest is 6 Emily, her second Olivia who's 5, and the youngest is 3 Abby, this made Kit feel sick the same age as Ella, but they spoke about it all together, Later that evening the door goes and Jason walks in.

“HEY BABY IM HOME” Jason enters the living room, and looks over at the woman in his home with his wife, and feels a little uncomfortable and sickness rises

Kit stands “hey baby” she walks over and kisses him, and Lacey stands “babe this is...Lacey Sampson, Zac’s wife”

Jason’s nods “OH”

Lacey looks down “I'm sorry to intrude on you guys”

Kit smiles “It's fine honestly, we can get back to what we was talking about?"

Lacey smiles “if its not a problem?"

Jason smiles “no of course not I'm sorry just didn't expect this is all, Nice to meet you, I'm Kits husband” they greet and get back to talking and they fill Jason in on everything, Kit discusses if she wanted her girls to meet their sister, they decided they will do play dates and stuff like that, to make sure they are at least in each others life even if they don't know they are sisters at first. Later that evening, after a hell of a lot of talking and discussing.

Lacey takes her leave, Kit heads back in and drops down to the sofa, Jason comes in sitting next to her pulling her to him “you ok baby?”

She smiles “yeah? don't get me wrong it was a shock but even still, Ella has 3 other sisters”

Jason nods, she leans in kissing him “I'm ok I promise”

Jason smiles at her “I know you're strong baby”.

They then enjoy the rest of the kid free weekend. And one Elle drops the kids home the explain everything that had happened with Lacey.

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