Written in the stars

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Chapter 32

It’s the day before their official move day, but today she was the one moving fresh start with her girls, the last week or so had been the hardest to pretend everything was normal trying not to breakdown and staying strong for the girls, she confided in Elle as always and Elle called Tilly and they came down to help her get everything packed and moved before Jason got back, she kept all the girls off today so they could see the new house they were so excited, Tilly went on with the girls and Elle and Kit got everything moved, all that was left was everything of Jason’s and things that could be replaced, Elle goes on ahead and Kit takes one more look, she stands in the kitchen finishing up her letter, leaving her engagement and wedding ring on top of it, collects the last bags and heads out with tears in her eyes but they were tears of relief.

Later that night Jason arrives home “HELLO MY FAV GIRLS!!!" he walks around and see’s stuff is gone all the girls and Kit’s belongings and heads to the kitchen his stomach sinks when he see’s Kit’s wedding ring and engagement ring on the side with a letter and a envelope next to it. He walks over shaking, pushing the rings to the side and picking up the letter behind them divorce papers


Where do I begin, well if you haven’t guessed I’ve moved out with the girls, I know about Lacey all the lies secrets and why you both have been distant and weird the last year, about Abby being yours, and the fact you two have been having an affair for the last year...you broke my heart again in fact I would go as far as to say you have shattered it, how could you? but you know what it’s ok, I thought this was the best way I did not want to upset our girls, If you was not happy, you could of told me, spoke to me? I had my suspicions, although it still hurt just as much to have it confirmed, we ain’t getting any younger Jay, if she makes you happy you should be with her and you’re daughter, you can still see our girls whenever you want we can be civil, but we just wasn’t meant to be Jay, too many things have happened and life got in the way, for now, I just want to be the best mum the girls deserve, as for you go where you’re life is supposed to be.

Love always

Kit x

Jason stands looking dumbfounded, he picks up the envelope next to it and opens it, gingerly pulling out the papers, across the top, DIVORCE PAPERS, he chokes on his sob “no no no” he grabs his keys heading out to his car and driving to the new place, once he arrives, its about 9pm, everything is silent he heads to the front door knocking, Elle swings open the door “Jason?"

He has puffy red eyes and is shaking, “where is she, please” Elle shuts the door and heads off to get Kit, the door reopens and Kit steps out, he throws his arms around her but she doesn’t return it, his arms drop to his side, “please don’t do this, can we please talk!"

Kit walks past him and heads to her rose swing in the back and takes a seat, Jason follows and plops down beside her, she turns to him “before you start lying J, please for once just tell me the truth”

He bites down on his lip looking down with tear filled eyes “I am so sorry”

Kit nods her head “I thought so... why?"

He looks up at her, “none of this was supposed to play out like this...”

Kit smiles to herself “J, do you love her?" he is taken back by this but stays silent, Kit rolls her eyes “It’s ok honestly I just want the truth Jason...." after a long exhale, he nods, Kit lets out a nod “ok, then go be with her”.

He can’t understand why she being so weird with it not screaming at him hating him, she shakes her head “Listen I’ve learned over all these years Jay, Life is way too short, some things are meant to be, some things are not, I don’t regret you or Zac because I have 3 beautiful incredible girls who are my world, they are all I need in this life, maybe love isn’t written on the cards for me but that’s ok, I can kick ass at being a mum, but if you are lucky enough to love someone that deep then you should grab it with both hands, we haven’t been right in a long while J, we live and we learn, I am not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt, but we couldn’t stay together for the sake of the kids being miserable, its not fair on us and certainly not them, I want them to fall in love one day, and not be scared of it because of what they have watched from their parents”

Jay is sat crying he stands up taking her in to his arms “I will always love you Kit, I will support you whenever you need it and the girls, I’m not going to lie I am upset you are not screaming at me”

She laughs and he smiles “what would be the point, it may change between us but you will never stop being the girls dad”

The door swings open and Ella runs out “daddy!"

Jason swings round “hey sweetheart”

She jumps up in to his arms “you coming in daddy!" they sit her down and explain that daddy wont be living with them no more, but they will always see each other, she gets upset but she soon, gets past the tears, she looks up at Kit “can daddy come read us to sleep, please mummy!!"

Kit grins “of course he can sweetheart” Jason turns to Kit and mouths “thank you” she smiles and nods, and heads inside, Kit stays outside on the swing exhaling

Elle comes out, plopping down next to her handing her a glass of wine “you ok?"

Kit turns and smiles “of course” Elle puts her arm around her best friend hugging her tight “who needs a man, when you have a best friend?"

Kit giggles, “always, men may come and go, but you’re best friend is for life!"

Elle laughs “DAMN STRAIGHT!"


Ella is now 9, Bethany is 7, and Harley recently turned 5, Jason got married to Lacey 2 years after his and Kits divorce, he still spends time with the girls always and dotes on them as he always did, the girls all still saw each other and still remained best friends they had their play dates and still enjoyed each others company.

As for Kit and Zac wiped the slate clean and tried things again, with everything out in the open they married last year, they couldn’t be happier, he always quotes the song he wrote her from the beginning, that they were “written in the stars” he sings it to her on a regular basis to make sure she never forgets, they may have had a rough start and things kept changing but one thing didn’t change and that was their love for each other, they all live a happy family life and Kit is currently pregnant with her 4th and Zac’s second a baby boy, and Ella has a bond with her dad again. Zac also prioritised his family over music to.

Elle was now married and expecting her 2nd baby, of course her little girl Amy is besties with Ella taking after their mums.

Aiden was never seen again thankfully for Kit’s sake, she never thought she was destined for love, but it was right under her nose the whole time, things got in the way but in the end they always found a way to be together in the end, for their honey moon, they took the girls to America and stayed in the places where Zac had found his muse, and she first met her best friends music idol.. which Elle never let's her forget... They crossed paths for a reason, and had everything thrown their way..... but they always found a way back in to love and back to each other........ because that is what fate and destiny is you are meant for a certain direction and a certain path, and regardless of what is thrown you're way or how many obstacle's are there that throw you off, you will always find you're way back to where you should be............ It's Written In The Stars.......

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