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Chapter 5

The next morning Kit turns her phone on, 50 missed calls, 7 voicemails, 60 odd messages, she deleted the missed calls and all 60 messages, she brings the phone to her ear to listen to the voicemails, 1st on “Kit please answer I’m on my way to the hotel, please pick up”

2nd “Jason told me you’re flying back to London, please please don’t get on that flight”

3rd “I’ve missed you by half hour, please come back to me” she could hear the pain in his voice, she deleted them all she couldn’t bring herself to listen to anymore and throws her phone on the side, and grabs a bottle of wine out the fridge and heads up stairs and flops back onto the bed, and drinks the pain away even if it was temporary fix.


Jason lets himself into Zac's place, he walks in the smell is horrendous, he walks further in and sees Zac passed out on the sofa, with empty whiskey bottles and half eaten take out containers scattered everywhere, he walks straight in drawing the curtains, which got an instant reaction from Zac “close the damn curtains!"

Jason walks straight over to him “NO, NO MORE ZAC, 2 WEEKS IS LONG ENOUGH!!!" Zac rolls over and covers his head, Jason starts cleaning around him and heads in the kitchen, he sees Zac's phone on the side.

Over in London, Elle was in a similar position to Jason, she’d come in to the same state as Zac was, She heads back down stairs to Kit's kitchen, while she waits for Kit to come out the shower she just ordered her in to, she sees Kit's phone flash alive, she sees a message from Zac's number but it isn't signed by him, Elle picks up the phone to read it

“Hey Kit, I really hope you're well, and I'm hoping you're not in the condition Zac is in, his in pretty bad shape, I really wish you guys could sort this, Jason xx"

Elle raises an eyebrow and instantly hits reply "Hi Jason this is Elle Kit's best friend, I'm afraid she is in bad shape too, she really loves him you know and after her ex fiancé doing what he did this was like a double blow, I had to convince her to get out of bed, she stunk of alcohol, I'm really worried about her"

Sent, a few seconds later the phone pings again "Maybe we need to give them a nudge in the right direction, he loves her I can see that, his lost without her"

Elle hits reply "yeah but what can we do, this is my number message me on mine we can work something out, I hear her getting out the shower wanna delete these before she comes down"

Back in America, Jason texts Elle's number "I have an idea, but it may be more work on you're side, so Zac has a gig in London in About 3 weeks, if I tell him she will be there, maybe that's a nudge enough, but I'm sure it will take some persuading on you're part to get her there, I'll send you 2 tickets too?"

10 minutes later his phone pings "Leave it with me, we can do this"

Jason smiles and starts to put his plan in action, Zac appears from behind him, he turns to him “guess what” Zac just looks at him, Jason rolls his eyes “you have a gig in 3 weeks don't forget it”

Zac starts to reply “I'm really not up to it”

Jason smiles “well do you wanna know where it is first”

Zac takes the bait “Where” he looks slightly intrigued because he knew Jason wouldn't bring it up for nothing

“London” suddenly a little life came back to eyes but left just as quick

“And... it's not like I will see her is it?"

Jason grins, Zac gives him puzzled look, Jason starts to speak “Actually she will be”

That's all it took for Zac to come back to life “How do you know?”

Jason looks at him “with a little help from a new friend, I know she will be there trust me” Zac hugs his friend and runs off to his studio.

Back in London Elle London she starts to put her side of the plan in action “SO GUESS WHAT!"

Kit looks at her “What Elle?"

Elle starts to bounce around with excitement “I WON TICKETS, TO ZAC SAMPSONS CONCERT IN 3 WEEKS”

Kit's face drops “well have fun”

Elle laughs “yes WE will, you're coming too!"

Kit laughs “you must be joking!"

Elle starts giving her a puppy eyed look “please, its not like his gonna know you're there!!! and you know I've loved his music since forever!!!"

Kit ponders over the thought for a little while “Fine” Kit walks out the kitchen heading for the living room

Elle drops a text to Jason “Its on :P”... few seconds later her phone pings “great we will see you then!!"

The next 3 weeks fly's by and Kit is getting is getting ready, it's pouring with rain, she really didn't want to go and have to face him, and what's worse the seats she won were right near the stage, Elle forgot to mention that bit, tell it was too late for her to pull out, she was dreading this with every part of her being, Elle comes in with a glass of wine handing it to her “it will be fine!!!, there's gonna be thousands of people”, Kit rolls her eyes and downs the wine and a beep comes from outside the cab was here they head down run through the rain and jump in the car.

Zac was preparing for going on stage he was gonna see her again, he was excited and couldn't wait to get on stage just so he could again he was lost without her and missed her so much.

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