Written in the stars

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Chapter 6

Kit gets to the arena they get in and find their seats, she hated this but seeing her best friends excitement she wanted to stick this out for her benefit, within the half hour the show starts, Zac walks out on stage and Kit's heart stops, she's in flight or fight mode, but she is stuck to the spot he looks as handsome as ever, but he hurt her badly, he scans the crowd, obviously looking for her, but thankfully on her part doesn't notice her, it's not until the end of the concert when they are wrapping up he starts to talk still scanning, then he spots her, he lights up.

“Ladies and gents I just want to take this opportunity to sing a new song no one has heard before, I wrote it for a special beautiful woman who stole my heart” everyone awwwws, he carry's on “but sadly I hurt her pretty bad folks, I'm a fool, and I want to win her heart again” Everyone cheers, Kit is frozen (what the hell is playing at!) he sings the song its called “written in the stars” I'll give it to him its a beautiful, but she don't know if she can forgive him, he stands looking at her, holding out his hand for hers, She turns and runs as fast as possible, straight out the arena doors, out into the pouring rain, panting with tears pouring off her face, she doesn't realise, Zac has been chasing her the whole time “You got away once Kit not again!"

Kit freezes in her tracks with her back to him “I love you Kit, Louise is an ex from a long time ago, she kissed me, and you probably didn't stay long enough to see me push her off me, I'd move heaven and hell, To prove how much I love you and how much you mean to me, you're all I ever think about, I cant be without you, I'm not you're ex, I wont let you walk away again”

Kit turns to face him “You didn't give me a choice, did you Zac, I love you so damn much that it hurts” she breaks down in tears more, Zac takes a step forward towards he reaches out to her, she turns on her heel and runs, he Shouts “KIT!" as she realises what's happening a car hits her out of no where, and tosses her in the air like a rag doll she hits the ground with an almighty thud, Zac runs over to her, and drops down beside her “Kit please wake up” his crying, Kit comes to for a brief moment “I...Love...you...Za” he screams for someone to call an ambulance as he cradles her.

The paramedics arrive quickly, and rushing her straight into hospital, and Zac doesn't leave her side not once, Until the doctors take her in to resus where he is told to wait outside.

He sits outside with Elle and Jason, Elle is crying with her head in her hands and Jason is sat like his about to cry, Zac paces back and fourth, he doesn't know what to do with himself, after an hour a doctor finally comes in “you all in here for Kit Maisy” they all nod “any of you family?" then before Zac can say thing

Elle speaks up “she has no one else its just us, she lost her parents at a young age there is no one else”

The doctor reply's with “well I'm afraid I cant talk to anyone but family” just as he finishes the sentence, Zac jumps in “I'm her fiancé!" Both Elle and Jason look at each other a little shocked

The doctor then turns to them “is this true” both Elle and Jason look up and say “yes”, the doctor looks back over at Zac “very well, you're fiancé, suffered very very serious injury's, its still remarkable she is still alive”

Zac speaks “that's my girl hold on baby, I'm here”

The doctor continues “she is currently in a induced coma until some of her breaks start to heal and other injury's heal, as she could suffer a lot if she was awake in the amount of pain she would be in, we not sure how long this could be, and if she will wake up, but we are gonna try our up most best to keep you're fiancé alive and on the mend”

Zac chokes on his tears, both Elle and Jason go in for a group hug, Zac turns to the doctor once more “can I see her?"

He nods “but I'm afraid it's got to be only you, she is currently in ICU, we will keep you posted with everything, and I'm sorry but for now its down to her on getting better”

Zac nods “thank you doctor”

Zac heads slowly into Kits room, and a gasp as he covers his mouth trying not to scream with the pain he was feeling right now and the shock of the state she was in, he walks in and sees her laid there on the bed, wires everywhere, a tube down her throat, her pale skin, A cut across the side of her head, she was covered in bruises covered her body from head to toe, he slowly walks closer to her side, and sits in the chair, and takes in the site before him, one of her arms are in a cast, and both her legs were too, she looked so broken, and he felt hopeless he wasn't able to help, all he could do was watch and hope that she fights this, he gently takes her hand rubbing his thumb against her knuckles, and starts to talk to her “Oh baby, Please be ok, I said I wasn't gonna lose you again and I meant it, I should of come after you that day, I'm such an idiot I hope you forgive me, I love you so so much baby and I will spend the rest of life proving that, god knows how long you're gonna be like this, I'm just praying that you come out of it, I cant lose you for good this time, it will honestly kill me too, Please come back to me my sweet girl”

He kisses her hand gently a gently rests it back on the bed and sits back in the chair, A couple of hours pass, the doctor passes through “I'm afraid visiting hours are nearly over, if it was any other ward you could of stayed but because its ICU you cant I'm afraid, but we have you” Zac nods he asks about the times and gets up plants a kiss on her forehead and heads back to the family room.

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