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Chapter 7

Elle and Jason stand as Zac comes in, he bursts into tears and Elle hugs him “It's ok, she is a fighter I promise you that girl will make it, she has got through worse and came out stronger”

He starts to speak “just seeing her like that... I feel so helpless.....wires and tubes everywhere.....and I cant help her.........im not even allowed to stay"

Elle speaks again handing him a set of keys “these are to her house, you're welcome to stay there she only lives about 15 minutes away, at least your close and can come back when visiting times come”

He takes the keys “are you sure she wont mind?"

Elle looks at him “she loves you Zac any fool could see that, she wouldn't mind I promise, if anything that may also help you feel closer to her I only live 10 minutes down the road so if you need anything you're welcome to drop me a message Jason is welcome to stay there with you too” He smiles at her through the tears and hugs her “thank you Elle for believing in me”

She smiles and nods "lets go"

Zac arrives at Kits house and steps inside, he takes a look around it has a kind of of rustic, cosy feel to it, it feels like a home, he walks further in, he turns to Jason “I'm gonna go grab a shower and get some shut eye”

Jason nods "Elle said something about a spare room I'll take that one" They part Zac grabs a shower and heads into Kit's room, he looks around taking in every detail, he lays his head down on the pillow he goes to hug the one next to him just so he could have her scent near him again as he does he feels something under the pillow, he plucks it out and looks at it, It was a photo of them to smiling and messing around, he knew in this moment that she still loved him and that she did care, he cuddles up the pillow tucking the photo next to him and he takes a deep breath into her pillow savouring her sweet scent, not long after his cried himself to sleep.

Zac goes in and out sitting with her, reading story's, singing and talking to her, cleaning her up daily careful not to catch her tubes, every week he buys her flowers and replaces them with new ones, brushes through her hair everyday, he takes leave from his gigs and everything so he could be there for when she wakes up because right now to him she came first and the most important thing to him.

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