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Chapter 8


As Zac enters the room the doctor standing there, Zac has panic in his eyes “What's wrong?”

The doctor looks back at him “nothing at all we have done more x-rays all the breaks she suffered have healed pretty much, as you can see we have removed the casts, and we also wanted you to know we are bringing her out of the coma today, once we do she will not regain consciousness straight away, then it will be down to her, this is the last hurdle she has to over come”

Zac takes a deep breath “ok thank you so much doctor”

As the doctor does what he need's to before he leaves he says “we are moving her to a proper ward today”

Zac nods “does that mean I can stay with her the whole time?”

The doctor nods “if that's what you wish"

After 4 hours Zac is sitting at Kit's bedside, holding her hand.

True to his word he doesn't leave her side the whole time, it's a week in she still hasn't woke yet, Zac stays by her side today Elle and Jason appear behind him, Elle freezes up “oh my god”

Zac spins “Hey guys, El she is ok, we just have to wait for her to wake”

Elle nods “Thank you Zac”

Zac looks at her confused, Elle continues “for being there for her, you've done so much for her the last few weeks especially when no one else could be here with her, not only would she appreciate it, but so do I, I didn't think a lot of you after everything that happened, but I've seen for myself how deeply you love her Zac never give up on her, because to be honest I don't think she truly ever gave up on you, after what that asshole did to her...”

Elle starts to well up “I never forgave myself for everything he put her through and I didn't see any of it or stop it...” Elle takes a deep breath as Zac looks at her confused. Elle speaks again “what did she tell you about her ex?”

Zac thinks carefully “just that he cheated on her with a friend of hers...”

Elle nods... “right”

Zac looks at her thinking carefully “is there more?"

Elle nods, “its not exactly my place to say anything BUT, she trusted you, I can see why, I'm only gonna tell because I want to be able to see why you having her trust is a big deal”

He swallows a lump in his throat and a uneasy feeling hits him “ok...”

Elle takes a deep breath, “Well she was with Adrian for the about 6 years, and as you know they were engaged, but behind closed doors, he was....physically, emotionally abusing her and manipulating her, he’d been beating her, day in and day out, I mean I'm not as stupid as I look I had a feeling something was going on she used to come to me bruised and sometimes bleeding, and she used the old cliché she just fell over and what not, I spoke to her told her to get out, she wouldn't listen to me I tried so hard”.

Elle starts to cry, Jason hugs her, both of them in shock of what they were hearing, Elle continues “her last straw was seeing her in bed with one of out mutual friends turns out it was going on for a while, this all ended last year, that's why she went to America for a break and to come back and start over, then she met you and I had my best friend back you gave her back to me, you lit her back up, gave her spark back, then what happened with her and that other girl happened, it set her back like she wasn't good enough and that proved it to her, like she shouldn't trust anyone, but I've known you a little while I can see you're good for her, just don't let me regret it”

Zac is dumbfounded holding back tears he hugs Elle “thank you for telling me”.

Elle nods ” I've got to get to work please call me as soon as there is any news” he nods and her and Jason take there leave.

It's the following day late in the night, Kits eyes flutter open, she takes in her surroundings looking from side to side adjusting to the light and her surrounding's, what happened she thought to herself, am I in hospital, where's Zac?? all she wanted was Zac, she tilts her head slowly to the side Zac is there asleep at her side, holding on to her hand, in a raspy broken voice she talks “z....z....z.....Zac” he doesn't wake “z....Zac” she gently squeezes his hand, “Zac!"

His eyes snap open and looks straight at her “KIT!"

She smiles a little “Zac...I'm...sorry”

He stands up at her side, gently pushing her hair out of her face “don't you dare apologise, I'll be back in a second I need to get the doctor” she nods and he ducks out the room

A few minutes later he arrives back doctor at his side “Ahhh Miss Maisy glad to have you back with us!" she try's to sit up, the doctor says “don't try to sit up just yet, you've been out a while and been through a lot, you need to get you're baring's, I'll just do some checks and we can sit you up!"

She nods “how long have I been out” the doctor explains she's been out a couple of moths that she need time to heal, he does his checks and helps her sit up, as his leaving he says “we gonna keep you in for obs for the next 4 days, but if all is well you're ready to be discharged” he smiles then exits.

As the doctor did his checks, Zac rang Elle to let her know she was now awake she says she is coming up the next morning.

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