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chapter 9

The next morning Kit wakes to see Zac still sat there “you haven't left me this whole time have you?"

He goes shy and look's down “no”

She smiles “I know” He looks confused he continues “it's weird to explain but I kinda felt you're presence”

He smiles “I meant it I'm not leaving you again”

She musters up a laugh “I believe you but you need to get a break, go take a breather freshen up and what not, you're no good for me if you're not taking care of yourself too”

Zac smiles “it's ok”

Kit smiles “stop being stubborn it's an order, I'm not going anywhere” she reaches for his hand

He takes her hand in his and kisses it “I’ll go while Elle is here” as if on cue Elle walks in “KIT!!!” she rushes over and gently hugs her

He laughs because Kit is giving him and slight dagger, “ok ok I'm going” he bends down and kisses her forehead “I'll be back soon”

Kit laughs “ok” he leaves

Elle sits beside her “you gave us all a scare”

Kit laughs, then a pained look comes over her face “I've been through worse and survived”

Elle starts to speak “shhhhhh, let's not go there, you pulled through this and we got our girl back” Elle and Kit talk for hours Elle fills her in with all Zac did for her and everything she missed in that time.

As Elle and Kit sit there chatting, Elle looks at Kit she's suddenly froze and pale staring behind her, she looks round and sees why, Elle stands “GET OUT”

Adrian stands in the doorway “No, why should I came to claim what's mine, and considering I was down as next of Kin”

She looks at Kit, watching tears prick in Kits eyes, Elle stands in front of her friend “LEAVE”

He stands there grinning, before Elle realises Kit has pulled herself out of her bed and stands in front of her like she is protecting her “Kit get back in bed! you're too weak to be up”

Kit puts her hand up to stop her “Adrian, get out, you have no right to be here, I am not yours never will be you're a thug and cheat and a joke of an excuse for man!" Adrian's blood boils without thinking he lunges forward and grabs Kit by the neck and pins her up to the wall

Elle is trying to pull him of her “GET OFF OF HER YOU SICK FUCK”.

Out of no where Zac bursts into the room seeing what's happening he grabs Adrian and grabs him back as he does Adrian's grip loosens and he drops Kit to the floor she is gasping for breath, tears streaming, she lays curled in the corner by this, he drags Adrian out and throws him to the ground “LEAVE HER THE HELL ALONE, I DONT KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU ARE!"

Adrian grins “she was my fiancé and I will get her back mark my words mate, the question is who the fuck are you!"

Zac grins “HER FIANCE”

Adrian's face drops “yeah sure mate”

Zac bites back “she is actually, and I better not catch you near her again” he turns and walks back to Kit, he walks in and Kit is in shock on the floor, Elle trying to help her up but she doesn't move, he weaves in bends down gently picks her up and sits her on the bed “It's ok baby, I promise you, he will never get near you again, not on my watch” she bursts into tears, Zac's heart shatters seeing her so fragile knowing everything that dick put her though, never again will he get near her, Zac takes her into his arms and nuzzles into him and he comforts her stroking her hair leaving tiny kisses on her head.

A few days later, they are finally releasing Kit, she's excited to be going home, as she finishes packing everything up

Zac walks in “hey, you ready”

Kit smiles at him “never been more ready”

He grabs her bags and flowers, and they take a slow walk down to the car “oh”

Zac smiles “yes I've been using you're car, hope you don't mind, and I've....kinda been staying at you're place, while I've been here” he gets bashful and looks down

Kit laughs “It's ok, honestly, I mean if we are gonna make a go of things, what's mine is yours right?” she grins and gets in the car

Zac stands there gobsmacked, he slides in the driver side “do you really mean that?"

She smiles while nodding her head “of course I do, I love you Zac, so much, I realised, that when I last told you that, I thought I was gonna die, I never wanna spend another minute without proving to you every minute how much I love and adore you” she looks pained she continues “we have only just begun, I want this badly, and I want you most, that's if you do...”

He grins up before she has the chance to finish, he sweeps in and kisses her, “I've missed this and I want it more then anything!"

She laughs “then its official, we are officially together”

He grins “I love you”

She smiles ” I love you too”, with that he drives back to Kit's house, he helps her out the car, and into the house.

Once they get inside Kit looks around and turns to Zac “is it possible that my house is cleaner now then when I left it?”

Zac laughs “well I thought since I'd been staying was only fair id cleaned too"

She smiles at him, they head into the living room and Kit gently sits down and Zac carefully sits down beside her, Kit turns to him “thank you by the way”

He looks at her “for?

She continues “getting Adrian out” Pain flashes up in her eyes

He takes her hands in his “Listen to me Kit, Elle told me about him, I understand more now.....But I swear to you as long as I'm breathing I will protect you and keep him the hell away, do you understand me”

Kit bites back the tears and nods her head, she leans in to him and he puts his arm around her pulling her closer, Kit composes herself and starts to speak “my first thing I'm doing is moving”, He looks at her stunned she carries on ” I need a complete fresh start”, he nods and agrees he would help her before going back to America.

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