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Beyond Our Own Lies–SAMPLE

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ONLY SIX CHAPTERS AVAILABLE. REST of the story is ready for purchase on Amazon. Two men, one goal. Love and lust meet in the middle with rivalry. Will they put their hate aside for love, or will it be the other way around?

Romance / Drama
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¤Ch.1 Declan¤

This story is no longer available here and it’s now published and available as eBook through Amazon or my website, or as paperback through Amazon.

Only six chapters are available here as a preview.

“Hmph! Hold on... Fuck! That feels so…” I let out a breath, while I got all hot and dirty with the gorgeous man that convinced me to be his.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispers into my ear, all while holding my palms flat against the wall; his front grinding against my back, the soft fabric of his boxers interrupting what I can only assume will be ignited contact.

“No,” I say, “No, it’s just that I’ve never done… this.”

“Those vanilla men you have been with didn’t deserve you, handsome.”

“No, I meant I haven’t…” I pause, so I can decide if I want to let these words out. I do. “I’ve never been with a man.”

“Are you telling me that I will be the first one to take you, Nalc?” he asks while he slides his now bare cock up and down my crack, making me shiver.

“God, Charles, that feels so fucking good! I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

—Five weeks earlier—

My name is Declan Maximus. I am the son and heir to one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in Boston.

I am twenty-seven years old and I haven’t come out to my family yet. I have a girlfriend, her name is Shanira Bridge. Shanira has been my best friend since we were kids; the girl next door. The one my dad wants me to marry. so our families can merge and become even richer. Such a typical cliché.

Shanira and I became best friends and as luck would have it, my girlfriend has a girlfriend of her own. Seems neither of us is in a rush to leave the closeted life.

I had decided that it was time for me to explore what I really want, but I’m not yet ready to shout it to the world.

Shanira told me about a website for gay meetups. Hook-ups is a better description. Why did I go for a name such as Nalc? It didn’t seem stupid at first—not in my head at least—but Nalced could easily be decoded as the reverse of my first name, Declan.

The site doesn’t allow you to see the face of the person you hook up with and fake names are used to protect everyone’s identity. The actual meetings are at a club owned by the people who own the website, and a mask is required at all times. Second meetups also happen through the site as well.

I’ve been messaging with this Charles guy on the forum for a few weeks, but it wasn’t until yesterday that we started direct messaging each other. I know my initial reason for rejecting him is stupid, but it’s kind of fucked up that his name is the same as my enemy’s last name.

My laptop beeps with a notification and I see it’s a message from Charles.

CHARLES: So, you are looking for someone discreet to let loose with. Do I have that correct?

NALC: Yes, no one knows I’m... I haven’t told anyone yet.

CHARLES: But you’ve known you like men for a while right, or is this new information to you? Are you one of those experimenting guys?

“Are you ever going to do anything productive this early in the day?”

I heard my father coming into his living room where I’m chatting with Charles and browsing through the club’s website on my laptop. I don’t live with my dad, but I’m staying with him for a few weeks until my apartment’s renovation is completed.

“Jesus, dad! You startled me.” I closed the laptop the second I heard my father’s voice, “I was waiting for you. I thought your driver could take us to work so that I don’t have to drive. I want to review the presentation before the meeting with Xavier Charles and his arrogant son.”

“Grow up, Declan!” said my father, “Whatever the issue is between you two, sort it out and don’t let it ruin our business. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Father,” I respond.

Later at the office, we get set up in the conference room as I get everything ready for my presentation. My dad has been trying to convince the Charles family to do business with him for years, and they finally agreed to come and hear us out.

My thoughts draw to Charles, the guy I met on the site when suddenly, I’m interrupted.

“Daydreaming as always, Maximus? No wonder your father doesn’t trust you to run this company.”

I heard the voice and recognized it as Charles’. Arrogant, sexy, infuriating, hot as all hell, egoistic, Dominic Charles.

“Looks like I’m not the only one.” I nod my head towards his father, who is shaking hands with my dad and other members of the board. “I see you have your babysitter with you.”

“Fuck off, Maximus. Don’t you have a fake girlfriend to entertain?”

My eyes opened wide as the sea. I moved to close the door, moving right back and pushing Dominic against the wall, pinning his body within an inch of my own.

“What the fuck did you just say?”

“Come on, Maximus, you can’t think you and your friend are pulling this off, can you?”

How the hell does he know? Is he going to tell my father? Father can’t ever know I’m gay. “You better be sure of what you are saying right now, Charles,” I say, moving my body even closer to his, “I am two seconds away from rearranging your face with my fist.”

He doesn’t say anything. Instead, he looks down fixating on my lips, and if I didn’t know better, I’d say he wants to kiss me.

No! He doesn’t want to kiss me. He is a playboy; he has a woman—sometimes three—at his beck and call, daily.

“Careful, Maximus,” he murmurs while I breathe hard; my chest rising and falling through the heated moment.

“Or what, Charles?”

His tongue traces his bottom lip. I can’t concentrate on anything else and without realizing it, I get even closer to him.

“Declan, what are you… doing?”

I feel it. I feel his erection pressing against my hip, I can feel it as it grows and hardens. It feels gloriously thick and deliciously big. He can’t be hard for me, can he?

“Dominic,” I whisper his name, letting my guard down, and just as I’m about to rest my hand on the back of his neck, and pull his lips to mine, I hear my father’s voice.

“Come on, Mr. Charles. Declan has the meeting all set up.”

My father fidgets with the door handle to get it open, and before I can gather my thoughts, Dominic is already across the room, a hard expression on his face reminding me he is straight. He is a Charles… and he hates me.


CHARLES: When am I going to finally meet you?

NALC: How about next Saturday?

CHARLES: Why not today?

NALC: I have to finish some work for an egoistic asshole my company is working with.

CHARLES: Seems today is our lucky day. I had to sit down in a meeting with a mama’s boy that plays little Miss Sunshine in front of everyone but probably has a different woman in his bed every night.

NALC: Ugh! How about no more work talk? How was your week?

CHARLES: How about we resume our last conversation and I tell you all the dirty things I’m going to do to you once I have you?

This man. This dirty, bossy man can bring me to my knees with one word and I haven’t even met him.

NALC: I’d like that... you were saying something about having me on hands and knees tied to your bedposts?

I know we are supposed to meet up at the club, but a little bit of fun and teasing never hurt anyone, right?

CHARLES: Oh, that’s right, you on all fours, your legs spread out. All open and waiting for me.

NALC: I can’t wait to see you, lick your body all over. Trace each of those tattoos with my tongue, until I memorize them.

CHARLES: Stop playing like that... you tell me all that and refuse to see me until next week? You are evil.

NALC: You haven’t seen anything yet. #winkyface Got to go though. If I don’t finish this, I’ll have my head chopped and buried.

CHARLES: Whatever! Excuses... see you later, handsome.

My stranger and I finish our conversation and I try to go back and concentrate on my work. I can’t. Between thoughts of my internet stranger and what happened yesterday with Dominic, I’m hard enough to pound nails.

I haven’t stopped thinking about that moment in the conference room, especially after the asshole ignored me during yesterday’s meeting.

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