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What if a beautiful woman was chased by a handsome man on her campus. Arianna had never been in love until Adrian came to her life and gave love to her. Adrian was attracted to her when he saw Arianna for the first time playing online games and decided to pursue her. Starting from the chase through online games until they meet in real life on campus. How they live their love and life

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I entered my dorm room, I saw my roommate had not returned. I sit at my desk and take out the laptop from my bag. I turn on my laptop and enter my online game.

I was in the middle on the game until I didn’t realized my laptop suddenly died. Damn, I’m killing my enemy. I look back and see Dea, my roommate, the closest friend to me looking at me with a look of innocence.

“I-I ... was cooking rice. I don’t know what happened.”

I took a deep breath and then stood up and walked towards my electricity meter. Dea followed me

“Arianna, Do you know what you did ?”

I opened the meter, it turned out that the button only had to be raised. I turn up the button and the lights come back on. I closed the meter box and pinch her cheeks.

“You’re annoying. I’m in the middle of a game and you’re cooking rice. You know that cooking rice requires a lot of power”

Dea just shrugged her shoulders acting stupid. I shook my head to see her act. Me and her both in the same department but I was surprised by Dea, sometimes her stupidity makes me stunned. Ho could she be that lucky to enter our department, our major is difficult.

I sat back in my chair and turned on my laptop. Ughh, why won’t it turn on ? I starting to panic. I open the machine. Damn, because the blackout caused the engine to break. I have to go to the repair shop. I put my laptop in my bag and said to Dea

“My laptop is broken. I have to go to the service center”

She came to me “Can I come with you ?” She looked at me with a look pretending to be invited. I rolled my eyes

“Because of you now I have to fix my laptop” She just grinned

“Let’s go now”

She immediately took her bag and we walked out of our dorm. Dea can be annoying sometimes but I love her. Between me, Dea, Lea and Abby, I’m her bestfriend. She is friendly, her face is cute and sometimes her stupid behavior makes the atmosphere fun.

In the parking lot, I took the helmet off the motorcycle and put it on her head, we heard a noice near the noticeboard. We looked at each other, curious then walked over to there.

There are already many students gathered. I saw they were looking at the poster

“Oh God, Master Adrian will play basketball with the other seniors. I have to watch him play ” said a girl next to me.

Dea pulled me back, out of the crowd and whispered to me

“Arianna, we have to watch Master play”

I patted her on the shoulder

“You’re crazy. My computer is broken and I have to fix it because exams are soon and I have to study” I scowl at her.

She looked at me with an annoyed look

“You promised me”

I just pulled her hand back to the motorcycle

“Let’s go. I’m afraid the service center will soon close.”

When we got there, luckily the place was not closed. We immediately went inside. While waiting for my laptop to be repaired. I took her to sit on the bench next to the door

“Come on Arianna. You have to come with us to watch Master”

“You’ve been bothering me all the time. You know I have to study”

“I also have to study but when else we see Master Playing. You know all the girls on our campus love Master. You too”

I looked away pretending not to hear what she said

Adrian the most handsome guy on campus. Who doesn’t like him. He is smart, Handsome and women are crazy about him. I admit I like him but I was only able to like him in silence. He is a senior at my campus. Sometimes I wish he recognized me. But it seems impossible because he is so busy, I rarely even see him on campus.

I heard the door opened. We looked at the door, a beautiful girl comes inside. Alexa, the most beautiful girl on campus walking together with her best friend inside. As usual she looks fashionable, attractive and extraordinary beautiful. A lot of guys on my campus adore her.

Dea came closer to me and whispere covering her mouth

“Arianna, that’s alexa. What’s the matter she’s came here ?”

I pretended to focus my gaze towards the counter. I hope my laptop is finished soon. I’m not comfortable in the same room with Alexa. I feel she and her friend glanced at me in a whisper.

“Miss, your laptop is finished”

The salesperson voice startled me. I hurriedly stood up and headed for the counter.

“Thank you ”

I turned around and gave signal to Dea to get out of there.

“Dea, this week it’s your turn to buy groceries for our room. I forgot that I had a promise to kill my enemy with someone in my online game”

Dea looked at me while sulking

“You’re annoying. Can’t you accompany me ?”

“You already damaged my laptop and earlier you the one who want to come with me” I stick my tongue out while giving her the keys.

I turned around and waved my hand at her. I hear she’s scream “You’re annoying”

I smiled while walking.

Not far from the service center I saw an internet cafe. I see my wristwatch, it’s about four o’clock. I hurriedly went inside and looked for an empty place. I logged in and luckily the madman was still waiting for me in the game

I thought you didn’t come out of fear

No way. Let’s begin. No need for small talk

I focus on playing my game without caring about my surroundings. I didn’t feel it for two hours until the notification comes out on my computer screen. I rushed to finish my match.

I win. I took the prize

You win. Hey, what’s your name. You’re so good

Someone chatted me at the game. I didn’t reply then logged out of my game and headed to the cashier to pay.

When I returned to the dorm, I saw everyone had gathered. It seems that today all are busy with campus activities. i put my bag on my desk then took a shower and hurried to bed. Tomorrow morning I have to go to the library early in the morning. I don’t want to risk running out of my seat because I’m late.

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