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I pushed the library door, I entered with unsteady steps. I see the library is still quiet. I’m looking for a corner. I want to be alone. I take out my laptop from my bag. I don’t want to study and I don’t want to play games either. After last night’s incident, I was afraid to log into the game again.

I’m sure all the players in the game will bully me and I’m not ready for it all. I don’t know what to do. I just clicked my mouse until I see the video Adz has sent. With that video we won the video contest. I played the video. I just stared at the screen blankly. I still can’t believe what happened last night. Why Adz suddenly disappeared ?

My tears flowed while watching that video. When I realized that, I hurriedly wiped my tears on my cheeks. Oh God ... What happened ? Why suddenly I’m like this ? Usually I’m not like this. Why do suddenly I feel messy ? I feel very sad and my heart aches. I flinch, am I in love ? Do I fall in love with Adz ?

But I’ve never met him and now he’s gone. I also don’t know why and what he was doing until that important night he disappeared.

I close my laptop and put it back in my nag. Being at the library doesn’t help me. I better go back to my dorm.

It’s been three days, every day all I do is go to class and when it’s finished I go straight to my room and be on my bed with my laptop in my lap watched the video Adz sent.

Dea, Abby and Lea seemed know I was upset. They never bothered me at all. I’m happy to be friends with them. They always respect my privacy. They know I’ll definitely tell them when it’s time.

When I was watching the video, I heard our room phone ringing. Today my roommate still hasn’t come back. I had to lift it. I put my laptop on my bed. With lazy steps I got out of my bed and picked up the phone

“Hello ...”

“Hello, can I talk to miss Arianna ?”

“Who is this ? Yes, I’m Arianna”

“Hello Arianna. My name is Susan, the secretary of the game company where you play. At that time you sent a video for the video contest right ?”

“Yes, you are right”

“We want to buy your copyright video to display in the game. Are you willing ?”

“Sorry, can I think about it first ? Because I don’t do it alone. I do it with my team”

“When can you tell your decision ?”

“Three more days. I have to discuss it with my team”

“OK. I’ll get back to you in three days”

I hang up the phone and jump for joy. I hurriedly took my laptop on top of my bed and put it on my desk. I took my chair, sit and took a deep breath. I have to log into the game. Hopefully Adz, Terry or Gale is online. I have to discuss this video issue with one of them.

I point my cursor and type my game account. I can’t back down anymore. What has to happen let it happen. When I got into the game. There is a private message directly in

Arie, meet me now at the usual place

I get tensed. Adz sent me a message. He’s online. When I was directing my cursor to the place where I usually meet him, suddenly another private message from Gale came in

Sis-in-law, forgive me

I stopped then started typing

Hi Gale, How are you ? Why are you apologizing ? Because yesterday’s match ? I’m fine

I deserve to die. You better just kill me

What happened to you ? Don’t make dramas like this

I’m sorry sis-in-law. Yesterday you got angry with many players because of me. Forgive me. I made my brother unable to come to the match

Just told me Gale ... Quickly

That night bro and I came home from a business meeting. I’m the one who drove the car. There is a truck on the right of the road. I didn’t see it. I almost hit the truck. Luckily bro turned the wheel so we just hit a tree

My breath catches, I tremble when reading Gale story

But both of you are fine right ? The proof is both of you can still be online

When we hit the tree, bro was unconscious. He had to be rushed to the hospital and he was unconscious for two days

I was shocked, I covered my mouth with my hand. I immediately panicked. Adz accident ? He disappeared because of accident ? I’m pissed off with Gale. Why he’s just telling me now.

I’m sorry sis-in-law

I have to meet Adz now

I immediately moved my cursor to go to where I and Adz used to chat. When my players are there, I see Adz was waiting for me there

Why are you still playing. You’re still sick. Computer radiation can damage your brain

I’m fine. Forgive me

How did you suddenly send me a message ? How do you know I’m online ?

I just happened online

How’s your head ? It is okay now ? Sorry I haven’t logged in for a few days. Tomorrow there is an exam. I was not online because I was busy studying

I know

How do you know ? Anyway ... I just got a call from our game company. They wants to buy our video copyright. I’m online because I wanted to discuss this with you

The situation is difficult

What’s so hard ?

That’s why we have to meet to talk about it. When do you have time ?

You mean meet ?

Yes. How about tomorrow ?

After I finish my exam ?


Do you live here too ?

I know your campus. I’m waiting for you near the gate of your campus

What time you finish ?

at 12 o’clock

We met there at 1 o’clock. This is my phone number Adz typed his phone number

I took my book and wrote it down

Sorry, I don’t have a cellphone. My cellphone is lost

It’s okay. Just write down my number

I have to go

OK, Wife

I immediately logged out of the game. My face flushed, my heart was beating fast. Adz wants to meet me. Is this real ? I pinched my arm. Ouch, it hurts. This is not a dream. I scream with joy. I jump and dance. Luckily no one was in the room. They can think I’m weird when they looking at me like this.
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