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I was messing up my closet while Dea, Abby and Lea entered our room. They looked at me with a strange look.

“What are you doing, Arianna ?” Dea walked towards me.

I put my finger on my chin “Are you not busy ? What if all of you accompany me to buy clothes now ? ”

The three of them looked at each other. Lea raised an eyebrow when she looked at me

“Why do you need to buy new clothes ? I remember the last time I took you out to buy clothes, you were very upset”

“Do you want to accompany me or not ? I have an interview tomorrow after exam” I quickly change the subject

They all nodded in agreement. I hurriedly took my bag then pushed all of them out of the room.

In the shop, I looked at Lea “Lea, Your taste is good. You usually like to buy clothes. Can you help me choose what clothes are suitable for me ?”

Lea nodded and chose the clothes on the shelf then handed to me “Try to use this one”

I took the clothes from Lea’s hand then walked to the changing room. Lea is crazy, I thought. I dress myself in front of the mirror. She gave me a red dress. That dress is laced along my knee but the dress is to revealing in my opinion.

I must be out of my mind if I wear this dress to meet Adz. I slowly opened the curtains. I see they all waiting for me with great expectation.

“You’re so beautiful, Arianna. I never saw you wearing a dress like this” Dea said with unbelievable face.

I walked slowly out of the changing room with my hand over my chest. I feel very uncomfortable wearing this dress.

In front of them, I dress myself in front of the mirror. They all looked incredulous and stared at me in awe

“You are very beautiful, Arianna” Abby looked at me

“Let’s take a photo. We rarely see Arianna wearing a dress like this” Lea takes a selfie.

I’m still covering my chest when Lea doing selfies. I frowned and said

“Could you please find a more polite dress ? I want an interview not selling myself”

Lea stomp her feet and pout. She walked towards the shelf, stand there for a while then took other clothes. She handed it to me

“This is what you want, Innocent girl”

“Thank you” I gave fake smile as I took the clothes and ran to the changing room.

I’m satisfied with this dress. The top is covered and the length exceeds my knees. Lea yawned looking bored at me

“Why you chose this dress ? Your body is good. You should have bought the dress I chose earlier?”

While paying at the cashier I told her “I told you I want to do an interview. I want to look polite”

Dea suddenly joined “Since when did you care about your appearance for the interview ?”

I ignored her then turned my gaze towards the shoe rack “I need heels but it seems I have to choose the flat one”

I walked to the shoe rack while taking one flat shoe. I checked it and tried them on.

I heard Dea whisper to Abby and Lea “Are you realize that this time Arianna is weird ? Usually she was never fuss when she wants to do an interview. This time is was different. I don’t know what kind of interview she will attend”

While looking at the mirror I said “Dea, you’re so annoying”

She approached me then hugged me and tickled me, we laughed together. I enjoy shopping with them. Although sometimes the three of them like to tease me, they always help me. I have to lie to them this time. I don’t want them know about my relationship with Adz. I know how they would react if I said that I would meet a friend from my online game.

We came out of the shop while carrying my purchase. I was joking with Abby until I saw there was Alexa and her friend in front of the shop. She looked at me with a sneer. I just smiled at her then passed from her.

I don’t understand her. I feel that I have no problem with her. She even won the most beautiful women contest on campus. At that time, someone had sent my photo to the contest. I don’t know who sent it. It seems that the photo was taken secretly because the results are blurry.

I didn’t expect that the photo make me runner up in the contest. Since then my name has been discussed by other students plus because my major is mostly guy, makes everything even worse.

I never liked being the center of attention especially being chased by guy. Sometimes I’m tired of rejecting them. If Alexa thinks I like it, she really should take that feeling away. I realized Aleza much prettier than me and I know that many guy fall in love with her and crazy about her.

“Why for this exam we have to wear skirt ?” said Dea

We walked side by side towards our college building. Abby put her hand on my waist. Today weather is sunny and we still have time to take a leisurely stroll towards our class.

Lea says “Because today we have to support Arianna. She had to do an interview after the exam and this afternoon there will be a basketball match between seniors on campus. This time the match was between our department and the language department. You know, my boyfriend said that Adrian would play too. So we have to come to the match to support them”

We nodded in agreement. Lea suddenly stopped and looked at me then spoke firmly

“After the interview, you have to go straight back to campus. You have to come with us to the match. You’re Adrian’s fan too, right ?”

I nodded and embraced her “Okay, darling. After the interview, I will meet you directly at the basketball court”

Abby and Dea laugh at our actions. We reached our building and waved before we headed to our classroom. In front of my class, I took a breath preparing myself. I walked in and took my seat. I heard behind me, someone whisper

“Look at Arianna. Today she is beautiful as always. Looks like she’s wearing makeup. Does she need to wear makeup for the exam ?”

I ignored and pull out my pencil case. I heard someone answer

“She didn’t have to overdo it. She is always beautiful. Do you know that she’s smart ? I want to be her boyfriend”

I exhale and hoped that the exam would start soon so I don’t have to listen comments like that. Soon I heard the bell ring. I saw examiners enter the room and distribute exam papers. I didn’t pay attention to the others. I immediately focused on my exam paper.
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