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I see the clock on the wall, is already half past one. I checked again my exam paper. After I was sure all I had filled. I stood up then handed it to the examiner and left the room. I came out of the building then walked toward the gate where I made an appointment with Adz

I looked at the paper with Adz number. My heart pounding, I feel so nervous. I saw my watch, five minutes to 1. Adz must be on his way to my campus. I wonder how does Adz look like. I’m so curious. but I’m glad we finally met.

I arrived near the gate of my campus. I’m standing beside the gate. I look around me, I saw there was a group of students riding bicycles and stopped near me. They appear to be art students, because they brought drawing supplies. I stepped aside a little away from them so I not disturb them.

I stepped to the tree. I leaned against the tree while waiting for Adz. When I looked to my right, there was a guy wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up looking towards the river. I viewed from the side, I think this guy is similar to Adrian. That guy looked up, I’m shocked. That’s Adrian.

He just stared at me with smirk. He shoved his hand in his pocket. I looked down and didn’t dare to look at him. My face must be red with embarrassment because I was caught gawking at him.

But what is Adrian doing here ? Is he same as me ? Is he also waiting for someone ? Who is the great who can make Adrian waiting for ?

I lifted my face again and glanced at him. He still stares at me with smirk. Why is still looking at me ? Does he know that I’m his junior ? Should I go to him ? What if he thinks I want to get his attention like any other girl ?

I feel uneasy if he looks at me all the time. I decided, I better go to him. Besides he’s my senior. Let’s just say I greet my seniors.

I walked over to him. When I got in front of him. I feel a little tense and stuttered

“Good afternoon, senior”

He just kept quiet then walked past me and stopped in front of me. I’m dead now, I’m so embarrassed.

Why was I so stupid that I decided to go to him, now he ignores me. I feel like crying but I endure. I stood still and looked down until I heard him say

“I’m waiting for you”

I lifted my head and looked at him. He turned around and stood right in front of me. I pointed at myself

“Me ? Are you waiting for me ? You are kidding, right ? Wait, you Adz ?”

He just nodded with a grin. I was shocked and took a step back. Luckily at that time I decided to bought these flat shoes. I can’t imagine if I buy high heels and it turns out that I met Adrian. My heels must have broken because of this.

How it can be ? Why Adz is Adrian ? How could this happen ? I was lost in my thoughts until I heard he said

“How was your exam ? I don’t wanna be late. I’m afraid you are waiting for me again”

“Waiting for me again ?” Oh, that last match ? It is okay. My exams are over” I stuttered answer him.

My heart is beating faster, my hands are sweaty. I played my hand to distract myself. I don’t know what to think now. Adrian in front of me and talk to me.

“Come on, let’s eat”

He walked past me. I’m still standing there. What if another Adz come and waiting for me. There is no way Adz is Adrian. I didn’t realize until he called me

“Arianna, come on”

I turned and looked at him

“Arianna ?”

He just smirks and walks. I hurriedly followed him from behind.

We ate at a restaurant near campus. I sat across him. He looks like usual, calm and doesn’t talk too much. I was also silent because I didn’t know what to say to him. I’m still shock thinking that Adz is Adrian. I saw someone come to us with a tray of food. That lady looks like my aunt.

She put it on our table and smiled. I saw Adrian move his hand and give a signal to aunt. Aunt just smiled at the signal from Adrian then left us.

Adrian took my bowl and filled it with soup as he spoke

“Aunt Tia is deaf and she couldn’t speak. She is the owner of this restaurant. Since I was kid I often eat here. If I don’t eat on campus then I’ll eat here. When I got hurt, my parents ordered food from here for a month”

He gave me my bowl. I put down my bowl and took the spoon. I smell the food

“This food, there are traditional ingredients in it”

He nodded while taking soup for himself. I’m trying to break the silence

“I took your father’s class”

“I know. How’s the class ?”

“Fun class. I understand everything he explains. I forgot, I sat next to you once”

He looked at me with grinned. I scooped out my soup and thinking. Does he really know that I’m sitting next to him that time ?

For the rest we ate in silence. I just thought maybe he’s used to eating quietly. Both of his parents are lecturers, so naturally if they taught him to eat in silence. I better finish my soup and get out of here.

I was sipping my water when suddenly I heard sound of cellphone ringing. I saw Adrian take out his cellphone from his pocket and pick it up. I just looked at him silently

“Hello ... ”

I heard a voice from his cellphone

“Brother, Why haven’t you come to the basketball court yet ? We all are waiting for you here”

He looked at his screen and put it back in his ear

“It’s not time yet. I’m on business”

“What business ? I thought you already finish everything”

“I’m on a date”

I spit water from my mouth. Adrian dating me ?

“Dating ? Who are you dating, brother ? Take her to the basketball court. Introduce that girl to us”

Adrian looked at me and said

“Will you accompany and watch me compete on the basketball court ?”

I just nodded shyly while blushing

“I will bring her”

Adrian immediately turned off his cellphone. I’m tensed, he seemed notice it

“Don’t be nervous. Finish your meal. After this, wait for me in front of the restaurant. I want to go home to take my bicycle. I’ll pick you up here”

I just nodded and squeezed my hand. I don’t know what should I say.
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