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I stood in front of the restaurant looking around. Maybe because it’s hidden so I never saw this place. I thought about what happened earlier. I didn’t think Adz was Adrian. Honestly, I’m happy also scared.

Adrian is dream guy on my campus. With his handsome looks, his cold yet mysterious nature caught the attention of every girls including me. And now here I am eating and talking to him. I can’t imagine how my roommates would react if they knew all of that.

I saw Adrian riding his bicycle towards me. Ouchh, he’s so attractive, even only riding a bicycle. He stopped in front of me, while holding his bicycle handlebar he turned towards me

“Come up”

I gasped and took a step back. I stuttered

“I’m with you ? Together ?” While pointing at his bicycle.

He seemed unfazed. He just nodded and smirked. I felt my back shiver and squeezed my hand.

“I-I ... It’s not that I don’t want to. But what if the others saw us together ?”

“What’s the problem ?”

“I’m afraid they will think that you and I are ... ”

I make love codes with my hands.

“I’m afraid that they will think we really a couple”

“Since when we were not like that ?”

I turned my body. Adrian is really annoying. He liked teasing me not in game or now. I’m sure my face now must be red like a tomato. I crossed my arms in my chest, I tried to hold back my nervousness. Adrian’s answer really stunned me. Since when we were not like that ? I certainly want to be his girlfriend but since when we were related like that ?

If both of us walk to the basketball court, more people will see us. But if I hitchhiked him, then will get to the basketball court sooner and less people will see us.

“Don’t think too much, let’s go up” He’s voice startled me.

I smiled shyly.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m good at riding a bicycle. I will not drop you. Your face is pale, like a person who wants to die”

I pouted at his joke and sat on his bike.

I forgot if I met him wearing a skirt. Now I ride in the bike with him make my skirt fly. I tried to hold my skirt by putting my bag on my lap. Riding a bicycle made the situation even more uncomfortable. I have to hold on to him.

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve piggybacked on a man who isn’t my father. My feelings were mixed into one between happy, enthusiastic, panicked, nervous and scared.

Halfway there, Adrian stopped at a food shop. He made me hold his bike while he entered the shop

“Wait for me a moment here”

To be with him, I have to strengthen my mentality. When he walked into the shop. It seems girls are aware of his presence which made it worse when they knew that Adrian was with me.

They looked at me with annoyance, jealousy, amazement and disbelief. Adrian was a most wanted guy on campus. Someone who has never been close to any girl. Today he piggybacks on a girl and that’s me. Oh God, if you could bury me to the bottom of the earth.

He handed me the grocery bag then he took a can of drink and opened it. He gave it to me. I looked at him confused

“I’m not thirsty”

“Your stomach is hot after eating the soup” He raised his eyebrows and forced me to get the can. I have no choice, I took it and drank it. I saw a lot of girls looking at us. Actually more like looking at Adrian.

Especially when he took the can from my hand and drank it too. What was he doing made the atmosphere even hotter. I saw many girls looked at him in disbelief. Some seemed to be on the verge of tears.

Adrian doesn’t seem to care about that. He held his bike and asked me to get on again. On the way I just realized, he didn’t buy the snack on purpose. He seemed notice that I wasn’t comfortable hitching a ride on him because I was wearing a skirt.

I smile, he apparently cares for me even though he is quiet. He shows more by deed than by word.

“Put your hand around my waist. The road started to climb” He is screaming

I was shocked and confused. What should I do ? I slowly slipped my hand around his waist. I like this feeling. My face was flushed, my heart was pounding. I can smell his scent from behind.

Along the way I thought, so what if he is Adrian ? I like him. For me he is more like Adz. He had dared to confess his feelings and show it in public. Then why should I be afraid ? I have to be brave.

I got off the bike. I’m waiting for him in front of the parking lot while he parked his bike. There are times when I have to face a situation. But here, when everyone’s here. It seems it takes more courage for me to be able to do it. Adrian already locked his bike and walking towards me.

When he arrived in front of me. I hurriedly told him

“I had to find my roommate first. Tonight we meet at the game. See you later”

I’m not waiting for him chance to answer. I waved and went straight inside. He didn’t chase me but just stood there staring at me with his hand in his pocket.

It’s not that I don’t want to linger with him. If people see the two of us. I can’timagine being the center of attention. I can be embarrassed.

I admit that I was very happy today but I’m trying to look normal, especially there will be my roommate. If they see something strange from me, I guarantee they will immediately force me to tell them. They know I won’t hide anything from them.

Being near him made me feel different. I’ve never experienced this. Maybe this is called falling in love.

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