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Inside, I was looking for my roommate. I saw Dea waving her hand at me, they are in the second row. I went there and I saw Lea’s boyfriend, Joe was there too. Joe apparently helped secure a chair for me.

Because today is the competition between the language department and our department, that’s why many people come to watch. Moreover Adrian will be competing. No wonder the seats are fully occupied today.

“Baby, I’ll go to the locker room. I want to warm up with everyone” Said Joe to Lea.

Joe stands up and gives me his chair “Thanks Joe for your help”

Joe nodded as he walked down to the locker room.

“Where have you been ? Why you just came ?” Said Dea with a frown.

I handed over the groceries to her without speaking. Dea, Abby and Lea immediately opened it. Lea opened the snack while saying

“You were so kind to buy us this much, you also buy my favorite”

In my heart I said if only you know Adrian who bought it. Dea scrambled grocery bags then asked me “Why you didn’t buy my favorite ? while pouting

I pretended to pull the grocery bag “Then I’ll take it back”

Dea grinned and said “No. You’re so kind to buy us this snacks”

I stuck out my tongue at her.

I heard a crowd near the entrance. I got up from my chair to look from afar. Apparently Adrian just entered the room. No wonder the situation turned out like that. I saw him standing there silently but his gaze looked at me. I hid behind Dea’s body. I’m embarrassed to see him.

“Come back to your seats”

I heard the coach shout. I looked back at Adrian. He still stares at me. I smile a little. I saw smirk on the corner of his lips. He saw me one last time then turned to the locker room.

I didn’t realize if I held my breath until Adrian left the room. Dea shook my shoulder

“Arianna, What’s wrong with you ? Are you okay ? She looks worried.

“I’m fine” I sat back and looked around me.

While eating her snack Abby told us to come closer. I moved closer to her and she whispered to us

“You know ... Because of Adrian, that’s why a lot of people come today. All the beautiful girl from our campus come here to watch him play. You see there .. ” Abby points behind me and covered her mouth and said

“Alexa, the most beautiful girl on our campus just came”

Dea replied “Exactly. All I know is she and Adrian very close. As I recall in the campus forum, it was mentioned that they had a duet at a campus event. You also know that in the gossip column, it’s written that Adrian and Alexa are a good match. Maybe Adrian stared at Alexa earlier. She is sitting behind us, remember ?”

I interrupted “Maybe Adrian looked at me” I pointed myself

Dea, Abby and Lea suddenly burst into laughter. I looked at them in confusion

“I don’t understand the problem if he looked at me”

Lea replied “Do you know in the comment column what people think of you ?”

Dea while chewing her snack replied “I know. The say that Adrian and Arianna are the deadliest couple”

I gaped at our chat. I’m getting pissed off. How people can think like that. I put my hand on my chest. Suddenly I heard Lea say

“I heard from Joe that Adrian just recovered from an accident”

I patted my forehead, how did I forget ? He had an accident. If now he plays, what about his head. I suddenly became anxious thinking about it.

I saw the players were already on the field. There is Adrian and his team. I saw Brandon was also there with the team from the language department. I raised an eyebrow and asked Lea

“Can Brandon play basketball ?”

“You are such a fool, Arianna. Brandon is the smartest student in the language department. If in our department there is Adrian. In the language department Brandon is the champion. I had heard rumors that some time ago Brandon had challenged Adrian to play basketball. I don’t know what they were fighting for, but the results are predictable. Brandon lost to Adrian”

I glanced at Adrian. I saw him chatting with two people from his team. I’m guessing it’s Terry and Gale. I looked at Brandon. He looked at Adrian with a hateful face. Adrian doesn’t seem to care about Brandon. He keeps on chatting with his friends and team.

The match was very exciting. I was fascinated to see Adrian playing basketball. This is my first time watching him play especially after earlier I had lunch and chat with him. Now is end of the first half, I see Adrian sitting on the bench. He seems to whispering in his friend’s ear.

Lea said “Right what Joe said. Adrian will only play one round. He’s giving the reserves a chance to play because it’s the seniors match before they graduate”

I was just silent and looked at Adrian.

When the second half started, I saw Adrian still sitting on the bench, wiping his sweat with his towel. Not long after that he suddenly stood up and walked on the edge of the field. He walked towards the audience seats. I’m starting to panic. God, don’t let him do what I think.

He walks towards me. I started tense and trembling. It seems that what I fear will happen. I heard behind me people were busy talking about Adrian. It’s because this is the first time he go to the audience seats.

Unfortunately I sat on the edge of the second row near the stairs. I saw him slowly climbing the stairs. His gaze towards me. When he arrived in front of me, I reflexively covered my mouth with my hand. He knelt down and holding my hand then staring directly into my eyes.

“After the game ends, I will go with my team. So maybe tonight I won’t be able to online”

My heart beats fast, I’m shivering and my body is tense. He turned to Dea, who sat next to me then said to her

“There is an empty seat next to you. Can you shift ?”

Dea was shocked to be admonished by Adrian. She immediately shifted her body. When the bench was empty, Adrian immediately stood up and walked next to me and sat down. His face was innocent as if nothing had happened. He looked back at the ongoing match.
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