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Everyone here instead of watching the match now turning their attention to me and Adrian. They looked at us in disbelief, startled and started gossiping. I hear behind me they whisper

“Arianna is amazing. She can make Adrian like her. I thought he was in the audience seat because he wanted to meet Alexa. My guess was wrong”

“You know, many have seen before the match Adrian and Arianna were riding a bicycle together”

“Maybe their relationship is long but they are keeping it from us”

“Alexa must be broken heart now, she saw both of them together. She really hopes to be Adrian’s girlfriend”

“I envy Arianna”

“She’s beautiful and very lucky to get Adrian”

I was silent while playing my fingers to hear their comments. Now everyone knows between me and him. There was no turning back. I just need to strengthen my faith. I also like Adrian and I don’t mind if I have to hear a lot of their comments because of our relationship. Adrian doesn’t care about it, so why should I be afraid and ashamed.

I see our major team’s suddenly weakens. I saw Brandon strengthen his attack. He seems want to win this match. I get tensed, I turned to Adrian and asked”How this happened ? What if we lose ?”

Adrian seems unfazed. He moves closer to me then whispered “Once our team back in focus. They will definitely return to their original game”

I saw the person who was talking to Adrian before was holding the ball looking at his friend and said

“Where is brother ?”

His friend just pointed his finger at us. I saw his friend looked shocked to see both of us.

Adrian move closer to me again and whisper

“Would you like to meet Terry and Gale ?”

“Were those two who just spoke at the arena ?” Adrian nods

“Do they know that I’m Arie ?”


“OK. I want to meet them”

I heard the whistle sound, time out. I heard Dea complaining

“The score between our team and the language team are the same. What if we lose ?”

I pat my forehead and said to Adrian

“Adrian, sorry ... I forgot to introduce you. These are Dea, Abby and Lea. They are my roommates and they are my best friends”

Adrian waved at them with a smile then said “Hello”

Dea suddenly covered her mouth with her hand, Abby immediately looked down in shame and Lea cupped her hands on her cheeks. They was surprised to be greeted by Adrian. I rolled my eyes, they were to much. Luckily I wasn’t like that when Adrian first greeted me.

One thing I like while hanging out with them. Whenever something happened, they never forced me to explain directly to them. they were never quick judge me either. I know how curious they are now but they cover it up and try to be normal in front of me and Adrian.

I heard a long whistle, the game is over. Like what Adrian said earlier, when our team was not focused on me and Adrian, the game back to normal. As expected our team won the match even by a narrow score. Gale, Terry and Joe are good at playing basketball. They saved the team after Adrian didn’t play in the second half.

I whispered to Dea and the others

“Wait me here. I’m going to the field for a bit”

They just nodded. I turned to Adrian and nodded. We got up and walked towards the field. During that time he was holding my hand tightly as if he wanted to announce to everyone about our relationship.

On the field, both teams are still there. They were unwinding after finishing playing. I saw Brandon looking at us from afar. I saw him staring at us with hatred and disgust. His face look pissed off, as if he could not believe what he was seeing now.

I know he likes me but I don’t like him. I like Adrian. I’m sure he gets what I mean now by seeing us together.

I see Terry and Gale talking until when we got close to them, Gale patted Terry on shoulder and his eyes pointed towards us. Terry turned around and started teasing us

“Wow brother ... Finally you are now out of the single life”

Adrian just grinned while looking at them. The whole team suddenly surrounded us. I didn’t realize I was holding Adrian’s hand tightly because I was nervous. Adrian put his other hand behind my back to calm me down.

“Hello everyone ... I’m Arianna”

“We know you. Telling us ... Who’s chasing who?”

I heard someone interrupted

“You don’t need to ask again. All of you haven’t seen it before ? The match isn’t over yet, but brother went straight to the audience seats. He can’t stay away from our juniors now”

I looked down embarrassed listen to their chat. I heard Adrian whisper

“Arianna, tell them”

I raised my face and saw Adrian raise his eyebrows while looking at Terry and Gale. I understand what he means. I smiled and said

“Seniors, I forgot something to say. I’m ... Arie”

Gale and Terry looked at each other in surprise. Then Gale said

“Damn ... Are you serious ? Are you really Arie ? Surely this is fate”

He turned his attention to Adrian

“Brother ... you are chasing her behind our backs”

Joe suddenly cuts “It doesn’t matter who chases whom. The important thing is that we win and brother already has a girlfriend. so we have to celebrate it tonight, right junior ?”

I smiled slightly, suddenly Adrian said

“She didn’t come. I will accompany all of you to celebrate”

I heard someone said “No brother. This time you’re not the center of the attention. This time you’re only half. Our attention now is junior”

“OK. I will not against all of you. You can ask herself”

I smiled nervously while saying

“Senior, sorry .. I can’t. My roommate is waiting for me there”

I pointed towards Dea and the others.

“I’m sorry ... I have to go now. I’ve been leaving them for too long”

They nodded in understanding. When I wanted to let go of Adrian’s hand, he didn’t let go of my hand instead said

“What time do you go to the library tomorrow ?”

I stuttered and said “At 7 o’clock”

“Save me a chair” He said sternly. His eyes stare at me. I nodded and he let go of his hand

“OK. I’ll save a chair for you”

When I turned around and just half way to my roommate, Adrian slipped his hand on my waist. His body was very close to me, he whispered in my ear

“I’m serious, Arie. Save a chair for me”

My face flushed and smiled shyly, my heart was beating fast, suddenly I felt butterfly in my stomach. Adrian is really something.


He let go of my waist. I immediately ran to my roommate.
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