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Me, Dea, Abby and Lea walked out of the basketball court. They did silent treatment on me. Their gazes seemed to show what happened earlier in the basketball court. I stopped then crossed my arms on my chest. I frowned and looked at all of them

“Come on, ask what you want to ask !”

Dea walked over to me then shook my hand

“Are you dating Adrian ? When did it start ? Why didn’t you tell us ?” She shouted excitedly.

I brushed her hand “I don’t even know I’m dating him. I just talked to him only a few hours ago”

Lea embraced Abby and looked at me while raising her eyebrows

“What I saw earlier wasn’t a few hours, both of you look like you’ve have been together for at least half a year”

I saw a bench near where we were standing. I walked over and sat there. I looked at them irritably

“Half year, your ass. We just met after I finished my exam. How come half a year ? All of you know me. When have I ever lie to you ?”

Dea sat beside me. She embraced me while pursed her lips

“So tell us the real story”

Abby and Lea nodded together and sat across from me

“This is the story ... When I was log into my online game ... ”

I told from the beginning how I can met with Adrian, starting from the game until we met earlier.

“We had lunch earlier and he took me to a basketball game then met all of you there. The rest you know what the story is”

I told them at length. They were silent listening my story.

“Wow, Adrian is an expert. He got you before you knew it”

Dea elbowed my waist

“Did Adrian know that you also like him ?”

I stood up then looked at them while putting my hand on my waist

“In the game I married him. I’m sure he knows how I feel about him”

Suddenly I patted my forehead

“Oh God, I forgot. Shouldn’t I have met him earlier to discuss video copyright issues ? Why did I forget ? Sorry guys, I have to go”

I wave at them and left. They just saw me dumbfounded.

At night, I completely couldn’t close my eyes. I cupped my cheeks, it’s still warm. Every time I remember what happened today. If I remember how Adrian has slipped his hand on my waist and held my hand. My cheeks immediately flushed. Does this mean that now we are officially dating ?

Suddenly I saw Dea past my bed. I sat down and said to her

“What’s wrong with you ? It’s already 1 pm. Why haven’t you slept yet ?”

She turned around, I saw her holding her stomach. I just went straight to her

“Why you holding your stomach ?”

She squatted and still holding her stomach. She looks in pain. I immediately turned on the lights and woke up Abby and Lea then tell them

“Wake up. Dea got stomachache. We have to take her to the hospital”

Abby and Lea are shocked. While yawning, they got off from the bed then put on their jackets and carried Dea. I put on my jacket and took my purse then walked out behind them.

I held Dea’s IV pole while Abby and Lea carried her to the treatment room. Tonight Dea has to stay in the hospital until the IV runs out before she can go home. When we got to the room, I helped straighten the IV while Abby and Lea helped Dea get on the bed.

I took the hot water flask and filled it outside. When I returned, I saw Abby and Lea were back sleeping on the couch in the room. I sat next to Dea’s bed. I saw Dea was sleeping too maybe because of the IV so she was sleepy.

I’m sure she needs it. I put my hand beside her bed, I tried to sleep while sitting up. I have to try to sleep if I don’t want to be sick.

I open my eyes and massage my shoulders. It feels bad sleeping sitting up. I see Dea is awake, she sits looking at me guiltily

“Forgive me. I made you all worry”

I took her hand and held it to soothing her. I saw her sharply

“Tell me. What did you eat yesterday ?”

She pulled her hand from mine then rubbed her stomach

“This must be because I ate the food that Adrian brought. It’s true that commoners can’t eat divine food”

I shook my head in disbelief at her behavior. I snorted

“You have a stomachache not because you eating the food that Adrian gave. You must have been taking diet pills, right ?”

Dea immediately silent didn’t say anything. She looked surprised to be caught lying.

“Don’t do it again. Last night you scared us to death” I scolded her.

She just looked down and regretted her actions

“Yes I know. I won’t do it again” She said in a low voice.

I hugged her then I messed up her hair

“You are annoying”

She stuck out her tongue at me. I looked at the clock, it’s already 7 o’clock. I took Dea’s cellphone and I told her while grinning

“Can I borrow for a moment ?”

She just looked at me with smirks. I stood up and took her cellphone out of the room. When I reached the door, I saw Adrian was standing in front of our room.

I was shocked and stood still. He just stared at me from outside the door. I grin and walk up to him

“I was just about to send you a message. I borrowed Dea’s cellphone. I want to tell you that this morning I could not be with you to the library because I have to be with Dea here”

He just nodded then said

“I’m waiting for you here”

I nodded then went back inside. I saw Dea looking at me with an innocent gaze I put her cellphone on the table and sat on the chair next to her bed.

Soon the doctor came to check her

“You can go home. Don’t eat unhealthy food if you don’t want to come back here again” Said the doctor kindly.

Dea just nodded. I left the room and saw Adrian sitting on the bench in front of our room. When he saw me out, he immediately stood up

“What’s wrong ?”

“Dea can go home. I have to take care of her administration at the cashier.”

“I’ll go with you”

He took my hand and held my hand. We walked to the cashier holding hands.
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