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Adrian insisted to take us back to the dorm. I sat in the passenger seat while Dea, Abby and Lea sat in the back of the car. I heard Abby whisper to Lea

“Why did Adrian suddenly come to the hospital ? How does he know if Dea is sick ?”

Lea covered her mouth with her hands and whispered softly

“I forgot to tell you, earlier at 5 Joe called me. I told her that Dea is sick and we are staying with her in the hospital. Then Joe called me again, he says Adrian heard our conversation and when he found out Arianna was in the hospital, he said he would immediately pick up Arianna.”

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier, Lea ? I can dress up first” said Abby

Lea snorts and says “Adrian only cares for Arianna”

Dea whispered “She must be very ha-..”

I hurriedly cut her “I’m happy ... I’m happy ... Satisfied ?” I glanced sharply at them.

I’m so embarrassed. They tease me too much. How can they do this in front of Adrian ?. They giggled in the back seat.

“You all haven’t had breakfast yet ?”

Lea said “Senior, thanks for your offer. We don’t feel comfortable bothering you”

While holding the steering wheel, Adrian said with calm

“Take it easy. We’re friends now”

My face immediately flushed. Adrian is very good at sarcastic. I see smirk on the corner of his lips.

We arrived in front of the dorm. The others had gotten out of the car. I just opened my seat belt when I saw Adrian had opened the door for me. I started to get nervous and got out of the car. Abby and Lea embraced Dea, then Lea said to Adrian

“Senior, thank you very much for all your help. We went up first”

Suddenly Abby looked at me and said “You also have to say thanks to Adrian. We’ll give you five minutes to say it”

She winked with a giggle then they all left us.

Adrian straightened his clothes then looked at me and said

“Don’t you need to prepare your self ?”

I wrinkled my brows and looked at him confused

“Why do I have to prepare myself?”

Adrian chuckled and said “Didn’t your friend say that you only have 5 minutes to talk to with me?”

I tuck a strand of hair up to my ears

“They are just kidding”

Adrian clears his throat

"“Sorry I take their words seriously”

“I better get on now. Be careful and thank you”

He just nodded and stared at me. I turned and walked towards my dorm. When I reached the door, I turned around and looked at him. He was still staring at me, I wave my hand and went inside.

I wake up after smelling the food. Because last night i couldn’t sleep in the hospital, Dea and the others let me sleep. They know I’m exhausted. I get up from the bed and see Abby is taking out food from plastic

“What did you buy ?”

“I want to eat fried rice. I bought you too”

I hugged her from behind

“Thank you ... ”

I sat at the table together with Lea, while Abby still brought out the food. I saw Dea was in front of her computer screen. Dea suddenly shouted

“Guys, come here quickly. Now there’s a sale. Help me choose the dress”

She waved her hand for us to come to her. While Abby and Lea were busy looking at the computer screen, I took the food at the table and opened it. After waking up earlier, I was very hungry. When I wanted to eat, suddenly the phone in my room rang.

I saw Abby and Lea were busy with Dea. I got up from the chair and picked up the phone

“Hello .. ”

“Arie, are you awake ?”

I stuttered while held the phone tightly

“Y-Yess ... I just woke up.”

“Are you going to study to the library today ?”

“Hmm ... I don’t think so. It must be full by now”

“I will take you to go somewhere”

“OK .. ”

I hang up and go back to the table to continue my meal. After finished I shower and get ready. When I got down, I saw Adrian was waiting for me in front of the dorm with his bicycle. I walked towards him. He took my bag and put it in his bicycle basket. He got on his bike and turned his head

“Come on ...”

I stay still then sat on the bicycle. Along the way I saw there were still many people looked at us in disbelief. Especially girls, they looked at me with deathly gaze. They don’t seem to accept that Adrian and I dating now. But I shouldn’t care. Adrian wants it so do I, so why think of anyone else. I put my hand around his waist and hugged him tightly. I like to smell his scent, his scent calms me down.

“This is not the direction to the library”

I pointed towards the building.

“We’re going off campus. Hold on tight to me ”

Adrian puts his bike in the parking lot. He took me to a building, the location is not too far from campus. The building is huge and it seems to have just been renovated. He took my hand into the building.

Inside I see there are only chairs, I remembered the waiting room on my campus. Adrian led me to the elevator. He pressed the button, after the door opened we entered. We got to the second floor. When the elevator door opened I saw there only one glass door that was locked. Adrian inserts the PIN and the door opens.

I see many desks and computers. Adrian continued led me inside until we arrived at the brown door. He took the key from his pocket and opened the door.

“This is your office ?” I said curiously.

He didn’t answered my question instead he took the ac remote on the table and turned on the ac. I see the room is painted white. There is a couch overlooking his desk and a bookshelf. On the table was a large monitor.

He stood by his desk and said calmly to me

“This is my office. Because today is Sunday, nobody comes to work. You can sit there” he pointing at the couch.

I nodded then walked to the couch and sat down

“Please suit yourself”

He went to his desk and sat there. I open my bag and take out my book.
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